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The Year of Our Lord 1801

and 19th Century

Bishop Events

January to April

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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
unknown64.7Resigned[Matthieu Asselin]Bishop of [Pas-de-Calais (Constitutional), France]Bishop Emeritus
69.0ResignedEmmanuel-François de Bausset-RoquefortBishop of Fréjus, FranceBishop Emeritus
71.8ResignedJoseph-Vincent de BeniBishop of Carpentras, FranceBishop Emeritus
84.2DiedOrazio BerarducciBishop of Bitonto, Italy
69.0AppointedStefano BorgiaPrefect of the Congregation of the IndexCardinal, Prefect of the Congregation for Propagation of the Faith
59.4Selected[Antoine Bouchier]Bishop of [Dordogne (Constitutional), France]
70.5Resigned[Antoine Butaud-Dupoux]Bishop of [Allier (Constitutional), France]Bishop Emeritus
61.4Resigned[Jean Danglars]Bishop of [Lot (Constitutional), France]Bishop Emeritus
BornAidan DevereuxVicar Apostolic of Cape of Good Hope, Eastern District {Capo de Buona Speranza, Distretto Orientale}, South Africa
44.2Resigned[Charles-François Dorlodot]Bishop of [Mayenne (Constitutional), France]Bishop Emeritus
68.8Resigned[Jean-Baptiste Flavigny]Bishop of [Haute-Saône (Constitutional), France]Bishop Emeritus
73.5Resigned[André Garnier]Bishop of [Hautes-Alpes (Constitutional), France]Bishop Emeritus
22.2Ordained PriestMateo José González RubioPriestAuxiliary Bishop of Popayán, Colombia
23.9Ordained DeaconRobert GradwellDeacon of Northern District, England, Great BritainCoadjutor Vicar Apostolic of London District, England, Great Britain
BornJoseph Gregory Hagi (Hadjian)Bishop of Erzerum (Garin) (Armenian)
60.0ResignedClaude Le CozBishop of [Ille-et-Vilaine (Constitutional), France]Archbishop of Besançon, France
62.8Resigned[Jacques-André-Simon Le Fessier]Bishop of [Orne (Constitutional), France]Bishop Emeritus
77.0Resigned[Charles Le Masle]Bishop of [Morbihan (Constitutional), France]Bishop Emeritus
71.6Selected[François-Louis Lemercier]Bishop of [Ariège (Constitutional), France]Bishop Emeritus
73.8DiedLudwik Józef de MathyAuxiliary Bishop of Poznań, Poland
52.6Resigned[Jean Antoine Maudru]Bishop of [Vosges (Constitutional), France]Bishop Emeritus
58.0Resigned[François Xavier Moise]Bishop of [Jura (Constitutional), France]Bishop Emeritus
67.9Resigned[Jean-Guillaume Molinier]Bishop of [Hautes-Pyrénées (Constitutional), France]Bishop Emeritus
59.1Resigned[Joseph Monin], O. Praem. †Bishop of [Ardennes (Constitutional), France]Bishop Emeritus
51.8CeasedFranz Xaver von NeveuApostolic Administrator of Besançon, FranceBishop of Basel, Switzerland
59.2Resigned[François Nicolas]Bishop of [Meurthe (Constitutional), France]Bishop Emeritus
37.7ResignedAntonio Maria OdescalchiApostolic Nuncio to Florence (Tuscany), ItalyBishop of Jesi, Italy
65.6DiedGeorges PołubińskiAuxiliary Bishop of Vilnius, Lithuania
46.3Selected[Thomas-Juste Poullard]Bishop of [Saône-et-Loire (Constitutional), France]Bishop Emeritus
53.4ResignedClaude-François-Marie Primat, C.O. †Bishop of [Rhône-et-Loire (Constitutional), France]Archbishop of Toulouse, France
25.0Ordained PriestJosé Manuel Eufrasio de Quiroga SarmientoPriestBishop of San Juan de Cuyo, Argentina
63.1ResignedHenri ReymondBishop of [Isère (Constitutional), France]Bishop of Dijon, France
67.2Resigned[Jean-Baptiste Royer]Bishop of [Paris (Constitutional), France]Bishop Emeritus
54.1ResignedClaude-Marie Ruffo de LaricBishop of Saint-Flour, FranceBishop Emeritus
67.8ResignedJean-Pierre SaurineBishop of [Landes (Constitutional), France]Bishop of Strasbourg, France
23.2Ordained PriestMariano Talavera y GarcésPriestVicar Apostolic Emeritus of Guayana, Venezuela
69.8Resigned[Pierre Thuin]Bishop of [Seine-et-Marne (Constitutional), France]Bishop Emeritus
65.3Resigned[Guillaume Tollet]Bishop of [Nièvre (Constitutional), France]Bishop Emeritus
73.0AppointedManel María Trujillo Jurado, O.F.M. Obs. †AbbotBishop Emeritus of Albarracin, Spain
65.2Resigned[Dominique-Paul Villa]Bishop of [Pyrénées-Orientales (Constitutional), France]Bishop Emeritus
4 Jan23.0Ordained PriestAntoni Melchior FijałkowskiPriestArchbishop of Warszawa {Warsaw}, Poland
75.6DiedFlorian Amand Janowski, O.S.B. †Bishop of Tarnów, Poland
69.8Ordained BishopSilvestro ScaraniTitular Bishop of DulmaAuxiliary Bishop of Ostia (-Velletri), Italy
6 Jan43.4SucceededLouis BelmasBishop of [Aude (Constitutional), France]Bishop of Cambrai, France
10 JanBornGiuseppe IannuzziBishop of Lucera, Italy
15 JanBornAntonio RanzaBishop of Piacenza, Italy
16 Jan24.0Ordained PriestJuan Fernández de Sotomayor y PicónPriest of Cartagena, ColombiaBishop
22 Jan73.0DiedAnthony CoyleBishop of Raphoe, Ireland
55.0DiedMatthew LennanBishop of Dromore, Ireland
25 Jan37.8Ordained BishopJoseph-Octave PlessisTitular Bishop of CanathaArchbishop of Québec, Canada
26 JanBornGiuseppe ChiaromanniBishop of Colle di Val d’Elsa, Italy
70.0DiedNiccolò SciarelliBishop of Colle di Val d’Elsa, Italy
63.2AppointedRaimondo Luigi VecchiettiBishop of Colle di Val d’Elsa, Italy
29 Jan48.7AppointedJohann Aloys (Algis) SchneiderVicar Apostolic of Saxonia (Saxony), Germany
30 JanAppointedJohn McElvoyCoadjutor Bishop of Raphoe, IrelandCoadjutor Bishop-Elect
AppointedJohn McElvoyTitular Bishop of NilopolisCoadjutor Bishop-Elect of Raphoe, Ireland
31 Jan82.2DiedGiovanni CarsanaArchbishop of Zadar (Zara), Croatia
1 Feb66.2DiedMiguel Álvarez CortésBishop of Quito, Ecuador
45.9Ordained BishopBinkentios CoressiArchbishop of Naxos, GreeceVicar Apostolic of Constantinople, Turkey
46.9Ordained BishopMateo Delgado y MorenoTitular Archbishop of SebasteaBishop of Badajoz, Spain
57.6Ordained BishopAntonio Luis Gaona, O.S. †Titular Bishop of Olba
45.5Ordained BishopBuenaventura Moyano RodríguezTitular Bishop of Sebastopolis in ThraciaBishop of Palencia, Spain
60.6Ordained BishopAntonio Palafox y Croy de AbreBishop of Cuenca, Spain
2 FebBornJohn Larkin, S.J. †Priest of Society of Jesus
21.8ProfessedNicola-Maria Laudisio, C.SS.R. †Member of Congregation of the Most Holy RedeemerBishop of Policastro, Italy
BornLouis Amadeus RappeBishop Emeritus of Cleveland, Ohio, USA
4 Feb88.4Died[Guillaume Besaucèle]Bishop of [Aude (Constitutional), France]
10 FebBornGiuseppe Palermo, O.E.S.A. †Titular Bishop of Porphyreon
15 Feb32.1Ordained BishopIoannes Baptistus RussinBishop of Syros (e Milos), GreeceBishop Emeritus
BornGiuseppe Luigi TrevisanatoCardinal, Patriarch of Venezia {Venice}, Italy
62.6Ordained BishopJózef Ignác de Vilt (Wilt)Bishop of Beograd (-Smederevo), SerbiaBishop of Győr (Raab), Hungary
16 FebBornJosé Julián Aranguren, O.A.R. †Archbishop of Manila, Philippines
18 Feb74.9DiedGiuseppe Maria ScarampiBishop of Vigevano, Italy
19 Feb70.0ResignedJuan Moya, O.F.M. Obs. †Bishop of Osma, SpainBishop Emeritus
21 FebBornBl. John Henry Newman, C.O. †Cardinal, Priest of Confederation of Oratorians of St. Philip Neri
22 Feb68.2DiedGiuseppe Mormile, C.R. †Titular Archbishop of Nazareth
23 Feb50.4AppointedGiuseppe Andrea AlbaniCardinal-Deacon of San Cesareo in PalatioCardinal, Librarian of the Vatican Library
50.4Elevated to CardinalGiuseppe Andrea AlbaniCardinal, Librarian of the Vatican Library
42.3AppointedGaetano Maria AvarnaAuxiliary Bishop of Messina, ItalyBishop of Nicosia, Italy
42.3AppointedGaetano Maria AvarnaTitular Bishop of Zama MajorBishop of Nicosia, Italy
50.5AppointedPedro Inocencio BejaranoBishop of Sigüenza, Spain
53.0AppointedAntonio Bergosa y JordánBishop of Antequera, Oaxaca, MéxicoArchbishop of Tarragona, Spain
45.4Elevated to CardinalCesare BrancadoroCardinal, Archbishop of Fermo, Italy
37.0Elevated to CardinalMarino Carafa di Belvedere
59.8AppointedLorenzo CaleppiTitular Archbishop of NisibisCardinal, Apostolic Nuncio Emeritus to Portugal
60.3Elevated to CardinalCarlo Francesco Maria Caselli, O.S.M. †In PectoreCardinal, Bishop of Parma, Italy
67.9Elevated to CardinalFilippo CasoniCardinal, Secretary Emeritus of the Secretariat of State
67.9ResignedFilippo CasoniApostolic Nuncio to SpainCardinal, Secretary Emeritus of the Secretariat of State
59.0Elevated to CardinalGiovanni CastiglioneIn PectoreCardinal, Bishop of Osimo e Cingoli, Italy
64.7Elevated to CardinalCarlo CrivelliIn PectoreCardinal, Cardinal-Priest of Santa Susanna
54.2AppointedGirolamo della PortaCardinal-Priest of Santa Maria in ViaCardinal, Prefect of the Roman Curia - Other
54.2Elevated to CardinalGirolamo della PortaCardinal, Prefect of the Roman Curia - Other
54.0Elevated to CardinalMichele Di PietroIn PectoreCardinal, Major Penitentiary of the Apostolic Penitentiary
62.0Elevated to CardinalCharles Erskine of KellieIn PectoreCardinal, Deacon of Roma {Rome}, Italy
64.5Elevated to CardinalGiuseppe FirraoCardinal, Secretary of the Congregation of Bishops and Regulars
52.5AppointedGiulio GabrielliCardinal-Priest of San Tommaso in ParioneCardinal, Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation of the Council
52.5Elevated to CardinalGiulio GabrielliCardinal, Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation of the Council
37.3AppointedAngelo Pietro (Andelo Petar) GalliBishop of Hvar (Lesina), Croatia
53.9Elevated to CardinalGiovanni Filippo Gallarati ScottiCardinal, Cardinal-Priest of San Lorenzo in Lucina
53.7AppointedJosé Antonio GarnicaBishop of Osma, Spain
61.3Elevated to CardinalAlphonse-Hubert de Latier de BayaneIn PectoreCardinal, Priest
45.0Elevated to CardinalLorenzo LittaIn PectoreCardinal, Prefect of the Congregation for Residence of Bishops
74.0Elevated to CardinalFrancesco Maria LocatelliIn PectoreCardinal, Bishop
56.8Elevated to CardinalMichelangelo Luchi, O.S.B. †In PectoreCardinal, Priest
73.4AppointedFrancesco ManticaCardinal, Cardinal-Priest of Santa Prisca
73.4Elevated to CardinalFrancesco ManticaCardinal, Cardinal-Priest of Santa Prisca
71.5AppointedValentino MastrozziCardinal, Cardinal-Priest of San Lorenzo in Panisperna
71.5Elevated to CardinalValentino MastrozziCardinal, Cardinal-Priest of San Lorenzo in Panisperna
45.6ConfirmedBuenaventura Moyano RodríguezBishop of Palencia, Spain
44.1Elevated to CardinalBartolomeo PaccaCardinal, Secretary of the Congregation for Universal Inquisition
44.1ResignedBartolomeo PaccaApostolic Nuncio to PortugalCardinal, Secretary of the Congregation for Universal Inquisition
50.4Elevated to CardinalLuigi Ruffo ScillaCardinal, Archbishop of Napoli {Naples}, Italy
53.2AppointedPietro Luigi RusconiAuxiliary Bishop of Cesena, Italy
53.2AppointedPietro Luigi RusconiTitular Bishop of Amathus in CyproAuxiliary Bishop of Cesena, Italy
56.2Elevated to CardinalFerdinando Maria SaluzzoCardinal, Prefect of the Roman Curia - Other
44.9Elevated to CardinalGiuseppe Maria SpinaIn PectoreCardinal, Archbishop Emeritus of Genova, Italy
59.2AppointedFrancisco Javier UtreraBishop of Cádiz, Spain
61.1Elevated to CardinalAntonio Felice ZondadariIn PectoreCardinal, Archbishop
26 Feb63.7DiedSalvator Giuseppe MammeliBishop-Elect of Alghero, Italy
27 Feb75.9DiedManuel Joaquín MorónBishop of Valladolid, Spain
28 Feb23.3Ordained PriestGiovanni Battista BelléPriestBishop of Mantova, Italy
23.0Ordained PriestMichele Basilio Clari (Clary), O.S.B.I. †Priest of Ordine Basiliano Italiano di GrottaferrataArchbishop of Bari (-Canosa), Italy
BornFrançois GrosBishop Emeritus of Tarentaise, France
BornMarie-Laurent TriocheArchbishop of Baghdad, Iraq
Mar42.3Ordained BishopGaetano Maria AvarnaTitular Bishop of Zama MajorBishop of Nicosia, Italy
1 Mar37.4Ordained BishopAngelo Pietro (Andelo Petar) GalliBishop of Hvar (Lesina), Croatia
42.1Ordained BishopAlois Jozef Krakowski von KolowratTitular Bishop of SareptaArchbishop of Praha {Prague}, Czech Republic
60.1Ordained BishopJan Jakub SzymonowiczArchbishop of Lviv (Armenian), Ukraine
2 MarBornAlessandro BarnabóCardinal, Official of the Roman Curia - Other
8 Mar52.2Ordained BishopGregory StapletonTitular Bishop of HierocaesareaVicar Apostolic of Midland District, England, Great Britain
13 MarBornGregorio De LucaArchbishop of Conza e Campagna, Italy
14 Mar66.1DiedIgnacy Błażej Franciszek KrasickiArchbishop of Gniezno, Poland
17 MarBornGiovanni-Benedetto FolicaldiBishop of Faenza, Italy
21 Mar22.9Ordained PriestAttilio FiascainiPriestBishop of Arezzo, Italy
24.7Ordained PriestJacopo MonicoPriest of Treviso, ItalyCardinal, Patriarch of Venezia {Venice}, Italy
BornJosé António Pereira BilhanoArchbishop of Évora, Portugal
23.7Ordained PriestGiovanni Battista RossiPriestBishop of Pistoia e Prato, Italy
24.0Ordained PriestLuigi UgoliniPriestBishop of Fossombrone, Italy
22 Mar59.7Ordained Bishop[Antoine Bouchier]Bishop of [Dordogne (Constitutional), France]
BornGiovanni Domenico Francesco MensiniBishop of Grosseto, Italy
25 Mar23.4Ordained DeaconAdalbert von PechmannDeacon of Passau, GermanyAuxiliary Bishop
27 Mar23.4Ordained PriestAdalbert von PechmannPriest of Passau, GermanyAuxiliary Bishop
31 Mar40.6AppointedRoque José Carpegna Díaz, O.P. †Coadjutor Vicar Apostolic of Fo-Kien, ChinaVicar Apostolic
40.6AppointedRoque José Carpegna Díaz, O.P. †Titular Bishop of ThevesteVicar Apostolic of Fo-Kien, China
54.3DiedGuglielmo StagnoAuxiliary Bishop of Messina, Italy
1 Apr49.5Selected[Louis Bertin]Bishop of [Cantal (Constitutional), France]Bishop Emeritus
BornGuillaume-Clément Masson, M.E.P. †Coadjutor Vicar Apostolic of Southern Tonking {Tonkino Meridionale}, Viet Nam
4 Apr24.0Ordained PriestAntonio PerchiaccaPriestBishop of Trivento, Italy
24.2Ordained PriestAdeodato Venturini, O.S.B. †Priest of Order of Saint BenedictBishop of Pontremoli, Italy
8 AprBornEmmanuel-Jules RavinetBishop Emeritus of Troyes, France
13 Apr68.1Died[Pierre Suzor]Bishop Emeritus of [Indre-et-Loire (Constitutional), France]
14 AprBornNicola BediniBishop of Terracina, Priverno e Sezze, Italy
16 AprBornLuigi Vannicelli CasoniCardinal, Archbishop of Ferrara, Italy
19 Apr25.5Ordained DeaconEmerik Osegovich BarlabasseveczDeaconBishop of Senj (-Modruš), Croatia
21 Apr71.3DiedAugustin-René-Louis Le MintierBishop of Tréguier, France
26 Apr50.7DiedJoaquim Ferreira de CarvalhoBishop of São Luís do Maranhão, Brazil
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