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The Year of Our Lord 1882

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October to December

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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
1 Oct52.8Ordained BishopFrancesco Paolo Cardona AlbiniTitular Bishop of Nemesi
46.0Ordained BishopEugenio ClariBishop of Amelia, ItalyBishop of Viterbo e Tuscania, Italy
63.7DiedChristophore CosandeyBishop of Lausanne et Genève, Switzerland
45.1Ordained BishopTiberio DuranteBishop of Potenza e Marsico Nuovo, Italy
60.1Ordained BishopGiovanni Andrea MiottiBishop of Parma, ItalyBishop of Parma (-Fontevivo), Italy
44.8Ordained BishopAntonio ScottiTitular Bishop of SareptaBishop Emeritus of Alife, Italy
2 Oct64.8AppointedAntonio BrigantiTitular Archbishop of Apamea in SyriaBishop Emeritus of Orvieto, Italy
64.8ResignedAntonio BrigantiBishop of Orvieto, ItalyBishop Emeritus
5 OctBornAristides de Araújo PortoBishop of Montes Claros, Brazil
6 OctBornBruno Wolnik, S.J. †Prefect Emeritus of Lusaka, Zambia
8 Oct23.4Ordained PriestAntonio LambertiPriestBishop of Conversano, Italy
25.6Ordained PriestBernard Nicholas WardPriest of Westminster, England, Great BritainBishop of Brentwood, England, Great Britain
10 Oct73.9DiedGiuseppe GiagiaArchbishop Emeritus of Cipro (Maronite), Cyprus
16.6ProfessedJuan María Riera (Riesa), O.P. †Member of Order of Friars PreachersBishop of Guayaquil, Ecuador
11 OctBornJohn Francis D’AltonCardinal, Archbishop of Armagh, Ireland
86.9DiedFrançois LacroixBishop Emeritus of Bayonne, FranceBishop
14 OctBornGustave-Joseph Deswazières, M.E.P. †Bishop of Beihai [Pakhoi], China
BornFrancis O’Rourke, S.M.A. †Vicar Apostolic of Costa di Benin, Nigeria
15 Oct65.9Ordained BishopSimon AichnerTitular Bishop of Sebaste in CiliciaBishop Emeritus of Brixen {Bressanone}, Italy
59.3Ordained BishopJuan Nepomuceno Rueda RuedaTitular Bishop of Sebastopolis in ArmeniaBishop Emeritus of Antioquía, Colombia
16 OctBornJoseph Fan Heng-nfanBishop of Jining [Tsining], China
BornPetrus LeggeBishop of Meißen (Meissen), Germany
18 Oct58.4Ordained BishopJohn William BewickBishop of Hexham and Newcastle, England, Great Britain
59.7AppointedMario MocenniCardinal, Substitute (Sostituto) of the Secretariat of State
20 Oct23.3Ordained PriestFrederick William KeatingPriestArchbishop of Liverpool, England, Great Britain
22 Oct73.8DiedGiovanni Maria FiliaBishop of Alghero, Italy
22.3Ordained PriestAdam SengerPriest of Bamberg, GermanyAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus
25 OctBornAndré-Damien-Ferdinand JullienCardinal, Dean Emeritus of the Roman Rota
26 Oct35.3AppointedCamillo Siciliano di RendeApostolic Nuncio to FranceCardinal, Archbishop of Benevento, Italy
27 OctBornFranziskus Xaver Hennemann, S.A.C. †Vicar Apostolic Emeritus of Cape Town, South Africa
28 Oct24.5Ordained PriestJosef Damian SchmittPriest of Fulda, GermanyBishop
29 OctBornBl. Narciso de Esténaga y EchevarríaPrelate of Ciudad Real, Spain
BornGeorges-Auguste LouisBishop Emeritus of Périgueux (-Sarlat), France
53.9Ordained BishopSymphorien Charles-Jacques Mouard (Monard), O.F.M. Cap. †Titular Bishop of Cydonia (Agia, Canea)Bishop of Lahore, Pakistan
2 Nov65.3DiedJuan José de Polo ValenzuelaBishop of Ayacucho o Huamanga (Guamanga), Peru
4 NovBornFrédéric Osterrath, O.S.B. †Abbot Emeritus of Pietersburg, South Africa
6 NovBornFrancesco Fulgenzio Lazzati, O.F.M. †Vicar Apostolic of Mogadiscio, Somalia
11 Nov61.0ResignedJosyf Sembratowicz (Sembratovyc)Archbishop of Lviv (Ukrainian), UkraineArchbishop Emeritus
15 NovBornInnocenzo Alfredo Russo, O.F.M. †Bishop Emeritus of Bovino, Italy
16 Nov22.9Ordained PriestFranz Xaver Geyer, F.S.C.J. †Priest of Sons of the Sacred Heart of JesusVicar Apostolic Emeritus of Khartoum, Sudan
BornBeniamino UbaldiBishop of Gubbio, Italy
18 NovBornJoseph-Léon CardijnCardinal, Cardinal-Deacon of San Michele Arcangelo
19 NovBornAdrien-Pierre Devals, M.E.P. †Bishop of Malacca, Singapore
20 NovBornRobert Constant Lagae, O.P. †Vicar Apostolic Emeritus of Niangara, Congo (Dem. Rep.)
73.3DiedDomenico SanguigniCardinal, Apostolic Nuncio Emeritus to Portugal
22 Nov27.4Ordained PriestGuillermo Rojas y Arrieta, C.M. †Priest of Congregation of the MissionArchbishop of Panamá
23 NovBornEdward John Galvin, S.S.C.M.E. †Bishop of Hanyang [Hanyang], China
BornPierre-Guillaume Marque, O.M.I. †Archbishop Emeritus of Colombo, Sri Lanka
25 Nov62.8DiedPeter Francis CrinnonBishop of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
26 Nov60.1InstalledCamillo Ruggeri (Ruggieri)Bishop of Fano, Italy
28 NovBornFrancesco Pietro TesauriArchbishop of Lanciano (e Ortona), Italy
30 Nov65.3Ordained BishopProsper-Marie BillèreBishop of Tarbes, France
54.2Ordained BishopEugène-Ange-Marie BouchéBishop of Saint-Brieuc (-Tréguier), France
57.7Ordained BishopGuillaume-Marie-Romain SourrieuBishop of Châlons, FranceCardinal, Archbishop of Rouen, France
1 Dec39.5AppointedCornelius O’BrienArchbishop of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
39.2AppointedMariano Rampolla del TindaroTitular Archbishop of Heraclea in EuropaCardinal, Secretary of the Congregation of the Holy Office
3 DecBornDavid Francis Hickey, S.J. †Bishop Emeritus of Belize, Belize
4 DecBornAlessandro GuidatiArchbishop Emeritus of Naxos, Andros, Tinos e Mykonos, Greece
8 DecBornMaurice-Auguste-Eugène FoinAuxiliary Bishop of Le Mans, France
39.3Ordained BishopMariano Rampolla del TindaroTitular Archbishop of Heraclea in EuropaCardinal, Secretary of the Congregation of the Holy Office
10 Dec43.6Ordained BishopLouis-Callixte Lasserre, O.F.M. Cap. †Titular Bishop of Marocco o Marruecos, Titular SeesVicar Apostolic Emeritus of Arabia, Yemen
12 DecBornLeo Peter Kierkels, C.P. †Apostolic Nuncio Emeritus to India
17 Dec43.1Ordained BishopAntonio Maria ContiniBishop of Ogliastra, ItalyBishop Emeritus of Ampurias e Tempio, Italy
32.2SelectedElias HranilovićBishop of Križevci (Kreutz) (Križevci), Croatia
18 DecBornWilhelm Finnemann, S.V.D. †Prefect of Mindoro, Philippines
27.0Ordained PriestVincenzo Sardi di RivisondoliPriestVicar Apostolic Emeritus of Constantinople, Turkey
19 Dec39.3AppointedMariano Rampolla del TindaroApostolic Nuncio to SpainCardinal, Secretary of the Congregation of the Holy Office
21 Dec23.2Ordained PriestHeinrich Döring (Doëring), S.J. †Priest of Society of JesusBishop Emeritus of Poona, India
BornLouis-Michel-François Tardy, C.S.Sp. †Vicar Apostolic of Gabon, Gabon
22 Dec49.4AppointedLuigi RotelliTitular Archbishop of PharsalusCardinal, Apostolic Nuncio to France
49.4ResignedLuigi RotelliBishop of Montefiascone, ItalyCardinal, Apostolic Nuncio to France
61.1AppointedJosyf Sembratowicz (Sembratovyc)Titular Archbishop of TheodosiopolisArchbishop Emeritus of Lviv (Ukrainian), Ukraine
22.8Ordained PriestLuís Silva LezaetaPriest of Santiago de ChileBishop of Antofagasta, Chile
22.9Ordained PriestRobert William Spence, O.P. †Priest of Order of Friars PreachersArchbishop of Adelaide, Australia
44.3AppointedDaniele Tempesta, O.F.M. Ref. †Auxiliary Bishop of Aquino, Sora, e Pontecorvo, ItalyBishop of Troia, Italy
44.3AppointedDaniele Tempesta, O.F.M. Ref. †Titular Bishop of SuraBishop of Troia, Italy
46.0AppointedVincenzo VannutelliApostolic Internuncio to BrazilCardinal, Prefect of the Congregation of Ceremonies
47.7AppointedMarie-Joseph (Maxime Justin Félix) Verdier, SS.CC. †Titular Bishop of MegaraVicar Apostolic Emeritus of Tahiti {Isole Tahiti}, French Polynesia, Pacific (Oceania)
23 Dec22.7Ordained PriestPedro Adán (Pietro-Adamo) Brioschi, P.I.M.E. †PriestArchbishop of Cartagena, Colombia
BornThomas Broderick, S.M.A. †Vicar Apostolic of Western Nigeria {Nigeria Occidentale}
22.5Ordained PriestFrancisco Maria Campos y AngelesPriestBishop Emeritus of Chilapa, Guerrero, México
23.8Ordained PriestGiuseppe d’AlessioPriest of Napoli {Naples}, ItalyAuxiliary Bishop
87.1DiedFrançois-Auguste-Ferdinand DonnetCardinal, Archbishop of Bordeaux, France
23.0Ordained PriestFilemón Fierro y TeránPriestBishop of Ciudad Victoria-Tamaulipas, Tamaulipas, México
26.3Ordained PriestJames John KeanePriest of Saint Paul, Minnesota, USAArchbishop of Dubuque, Iowa, USA
26.0Ordained PriestEdward John O’DeaPriest of Oregon City, Oregon, USABishop of Seattle, Washington, USA
24.9Ordained PriestLouis Sebastian WalshPriest of Boston, Massachusetts, USABishop of Portland, Maine, USA
24 Dec22.9ProfessedRobert William Spence, O.P. †Priest of Order of Friars PreachersArchbishop of Adelaide, Australia
25 DecBornFrancesco ImbertiArchbishop Emeritus of Vercelli, Italy
26 DecBornAmédée-Marie-Alexis MaisonobeBishop of Belley, France
29 DecBornJean-Marie Aubin, S.M. †Vicar Apostolic Emeritus of Southern Solomon Islands, Solomon Islands
31 Dec40.5Ordained BishopEugène-Paul Coupat, M.E.P. †Titular Bishop of ThagasteVicar Apostolic of Eastern Szechwan {Se-Ciuen Orientale}, China
44.3Ordained BishopDaniele Tempesta, O.F.M. Ref. †Titular Bishop of SuraBishop of Troia, Italy


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