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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
May79.1RetiredPatrick Edward O’ConnorSuperior of Tokelau, Pacific (Oceania)Superior Emeritus
1 May80.2DiedAgustín García-Gasco y VicenteCardinal, Archbishop Emeritus of Valencia, Spain
90.9BeatifiedSt. Karol Józef WojtyłaPope (Roma {Rome}, Italy)
2 May72.6AppointedBrian Vincent FinniganApostolic Administrator of Toowoomba, AustraliaAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Brisbane, Australia
67.5RemovedWilliam Martin MorrisBishop of Toowoomba, AustraliaBishop Emeritus
3 May59.2AppointedFausto Feliciano Gaibor GarcíaBishop of Tulcán, Ecuador
4 May48.4AppointedJúlio Endi Akamine, S.A.C.Auxiliary Bishop of São Paulo, BrazilArchbishop of Sorocaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil
48.4AppointedJúlio Endi Akamine, S.A.C.Titular Bishop of ThagamutaArchbishop of Sorocaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil
53.0AppointedWilson Luís Angotti FilhoAuxiliary Bishop of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, BrazilBishop of Taubaté, Sao Paulo, Brazil
53.0AppointedWilson Luís Angotti FilhoTitular Bishop of TabaeBishop of Taubaté, Sao Paulo, Brazil
45.4AppointedEdgar Aristizábal QuinteroAuxiliary Bishop of Medellín, ColombiaBishop of Yopal, Colombia
45.4AppointedEdgar Aristizábal QuinteroTitular Bishop of Castra GalbaeBishop of Yopal, Colombia
72.4AppointedJanuariusz Mikołaj BolonekApostolic Nuncio to MacedoniaApostolic Nuncio Emeritus to Bulgaria
94.7DiedJacques Georges Habib HafouriArchbishop Emeritus of Hassaké-Nisibi (Syrian), Syria
53.8AppointedJosé Aparecido Hergesse, C.R.Auxiliary Bishop of Vitória, Espirito Santo, BrazilFormer Auxiliary Bishop-Elect
53.8AppointedJosé Aparecido Hergesse, C.R.Titular Bishop of AssavaFormer Auxiliary Bishop-Elect of Vitória, Espirito Santo, Brazil
55.0AppointedDimas Lara BarbosaArchbishop of Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
75.2RetiredVitório Pavanello, S.D.B.Archbishop of Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, BrazilArchbishop Emeritus
50.7AppointedHugo Alberto Torres MarínAuxiliary Bishop of Medellín, ColombiaBishop of Apartadó, Colombia
50.7AppointedHugo Alberto Torres MarínTitular Bishop of BossaBishop of Apartadó, Colombia
88.9DiedAcacio Valbuena Rodríguez, O.M.I. †Prefect Emeritus of Western Sahara {Sahara Occiental}
5 May67.0InstalledThumma BalaArchbishop of Hyderabad, India
52.7Ordained BishopMichael Jude ByrnesTitular Bishop of EgugaCoadjutor Archbishop of Agaña, Guam, Pacific (Oceania)
41.9Ordained BishopJosé Arturo Cepeda EscobedoTitular Bishop of TagaseAuxiliary Bishop of Detroit, Michigan, USA
63.5Ordained BishopDonald Francis HanchonTitular Bishop of HorreomargumAuxiliary Bishop of Detroit, Michigan, USA
6 May49.5AppointedOliver Pugoy Aro, M.S.P.Superior of Tokelau, Pacific (Oceania)Superior Emeritus
46.8InstalledFranz-Josef OverbeckBishop of Germany, MilitaryBishop of Essen, Germany
7 May50.2Ordained BishopCharles Allieu Matthew CampbellBishop of Bo, Sierra Leone
75.8RetiredGiuseppe Rocco FavaleBishop of Vallo della Lucania, ItalyBishop Emeritus
53.2AppointedCiro MinieroBishop of Vallo della Lucania, Italy
53.4Ordained BishopJuan Nsue Edjang MayéBishop of Ebebiyin, Equatorial GuineaArchbishop of Malabo, Equatorial Guinea
52.6Ordained BishopJan VokálBishop of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
8 May87.1DiedGheorghe GuţiuBishop Emeritus of Cluj-Gherla (Romanian), Romania
47.3Ordained BishopTeodoro Mendes Tavares, C.S.Sp.Titular Bishop of VerbeBishop of Ponta de Pedras, Para, Brazil
41.9Ordained BishopJosé Luís Mumbiela SierraBishop of Santissima Trinità in Almaty, Kazakhstan
70.4InstalledDonald William WuerlCardinal-Priest of San Pietro in VincoliCardinal, Archbishop Emeritus of Washington, District of Columbia, USA
10 May62.9AppointedGiovanni Angelo BecciuSubstitute (Sostituto) of the Secretariat of StateCardinal, Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints
75.0RetiredIvan Cornelius DiasPrefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of PeoplesCardinal, Prefect Emeritus
65.0AppointedFernando FiloniCardinal, Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples
58.9AppointedGiuseppe PintoApostolic Nuncio to PhilippinesApostolic Nuncio to Croatia
47.3AppointedJohannes Harmannes Jozefus van den HendeBishop of Rotterdam, Netherlands
11 May44.3SelectedJoseph Huang BingzhangCoadjutor Bishop of Shantou [Swatow], China
81.2DiedAlbert Kanene ObiefunaArchbishop Emeritus of Onitsha, Nigeria
12 May88.8DiedLuigi del Gallo RoccagiovineOfficial Emeritus of the Roman Curia - Other
43.1AppointedSimon Ok Hyun-jjnAuxiliary Bishop of Gwangju, Korea (South)
43.1AppointedSimon Ok Hyun-jjnTitular Bishop of PederodianaAuxiliary Bishop of Gwangju, Korea (South)
13 May54.6Ordained BishopGiuseppe GiudiceBishop of Nocera Inferiore-Sarno, Italy
47.3AppointedJosé Lampra CàAuxiliary Bishop of Bissau, Guinea-Bissau
47.3AppointedJosé Lampra CàTitular Bishop of LeptiminusAuxiliary Bishop of Bissau, Guinea-Bissau
66.3AppointedJosé Octavio Ruiz ArenasSecretary of the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization
14 May52.6InstalledJan VokálBishop of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
65.1InstalledDieudonné WatioBishop of Bafoussam, Cameroon
15 May49.1Ordained BishopBernardin Francis MfumbusaBishop of Kondoa, Tanzania
75.6InstalledVelasio De Paolis, C.S. †Cardinal-Deacon of Gesù Buon Pastore alla MontagnolaCardinal, President Emeritus of the Prefecture for the Economic Affairs of the Holy See
17 May62.4AppointedRobert Daniel ConlonBishop of Joliet in Illinois, USA
75.0RetiredJoaquim GonçalvesBishop of Vila Real, PortugalBishop Emeritus
68.0SucceededAmândio José TomásBishop of Vila Real, Portugal
18 May63.1SucceededDarío de Jesús Monsalve MejíaArchbishop of Cali, Colombia
97.3RetiredThomas Qian Yurong (Quan Yirong)Bishop of Xuzhou [Süchow], China
72.8ResignedJuan Francisco Sarasti Jaramillo, C.I.M.Archbishop of Cali, ColombiaArchbishop Emeritus
19 May45.8Ordained BishopMalachy John GoltokBishop of Bauchi, Nigeria
20 May54.9Ordained BishopYouhanna Jihad Mtanos BattahTitular Bishop of PhaenaCurial Bishop of Antiochia {Antioch} (Syrian), Lebanon
48.8AppointedVictor Manuel FernándezRectorArchbishop of La Plata, Argentina
49.4AppointedVincent Long Van Nguyen, O.F.M. Conv.Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne, AustraliaBishop of Parramatta, Australia
49.4AppointedVincent Long Van Nguyen, O.F.M. Conv.Titular Bishop of ThalaBishop of Parramatta, Australia
63.0InstalledEmanuel Messias de OliveiraBishop of Caratinga, Minas Gerais, Brazil
21 May81.5RetiredManuel Batakian, I.C.P.B.Eparch of Our Lady of Nareg in New York (Armenian), USAEparch Emeritus
60.7AppointedThomas Edward GullicksonApostolic Nuncio to UkraineApostolic Nuncio to Switzerland
49.8AppointedMikaël Antoine Mouradian, I.C.P.B.Eparch of Our Lady of Nareg in New York (Armenian), USAEparch of Our Lady of Nareg in Glendale (Armenian), California, USA
51.0Ordained BishopAtanáz OroszTitular Bishop of PaniumBishop of Miskolc (Hungarian), Hungary
68.4ResignedBasile TapsobaBishop of Koudougou, Burkina FasoBishop Emeritus
22 May65.5Ordained BishopTimoteo Hikmat BeylouniTitular Bishop of SabrataApostolic Exarch of Venezuela (Syrian)
52.1InstalledMiguel Ángel D’AnnibaleAuxiliary Bishop of Río Gallegos, ArgentinaBishop of San Martín, Argentina
48.5InstalledMiguel Olaortúa Laspra, O.S.A.Vicar Apostolic of Iquitos, Peru
51.2Ordained BishopInácio Saúre, I.M.C.Bishop of Tete, MozambiqueArchbishop of Nampula, Mozambique
23 May51.7AppointedDabula Anthony MpakoBishop of Queenstown, South Africa
73.2DiedJoseph Nguyên Tich DucBishop Emeritus of Ban Mê Thuột, Viet Nam
91.1DiedKarel OtčenášekBishop Emeritus of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
24 May66.0SelectedGeorge AlencherryCardinal, Major Archbishop of Ernakulam-Angamaly (Syro-Malabar), India
76.7InstalledPaolo SardiCardinal-Deacon of Santa Maria Auxiliatrice in via TuscolanaCardinal, Vice-Chamberlain Emeritus of the Apostolic Chamber
25 May66.0ConfirmedGeorge AlencherryCardinal, Major Archbishop of Ernakulam-Angamaly (Syro-Malabar), India
51.0Ordained BishopThomas Anthony DalyTitular Bishop of TabaltaBishop of Spokane, Washington, USA
90.2DiedLuigi DiligenzaArchbishop Emeritus of Capua, Italy
43.2AppointedJoão Carlos Hatoa NunesAuxiliary Bishop of Maputo, MozambiqueBishop of Chimoio, Mozambique
43.2AppointedJoão Carlos Hatoa NunesTitular Bishop of AmudarsaBishop of Chimoio, Mozambique
60.9AppointedJose Corazon Tumbagahan Tala-ocBishop of Kalibo, Philippines
26 May55.9AppointedRobert Dwayne GrussBishop of Rapid City, South Dakota, USA
47.7AppointedDonald Joseph HyingAuxiliary Bishop of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USABishop of Gary, Indiana, USA
47.7AppointedDonald Joseph HyingTitular Bishop of RegiaeBishop of Gary, Indiana, USA
27 May60.5InstalledMoses M. Costa, C.S.C.Bishop of Chittagong, BangladeshArchbishop of Chattogram, Bangladesh
48.7AppointedRaymond Kingsley WickramasingheBishop of Galle, Sri Lanka
28 May71.3AppointedDiego CauseroApostolic Nuncio to SwitzerlandApostolic Nuncio Emeritus
71.3AppointedDiego CauseroApostolic Nuncio to LiechtensteinApostolic Nuncio Emeritus to Switzerland
54.2InstalledFernando Natalio Chomalí GaribArchbishop of Concepción (Santissima Concezione), Chile
43.8Ordained BishopEvans Chinyama Chinyemba, O.M.I.Bishop of Mongu, Zambia
29 May64.5InstalledVincenzo Bertolone, S.d.P.Archbishop of Catanzaro-Squillace, Italy
78.9DiedCosmo Francesco RuppiArchbishop Emeritus of Lecce, Italy
31 May66.9AppointedCamillo Ballin, M.C.C.I.Vicar Apostolic of Northern Arabia, Kuwait
69.1AppointedPaul Hinder, O.F.M. Cap.Vicar Apostolic of Southern Arabia, Yemen
47.3Ordained BishopAgapitus Enuyehnyoh NfonTitular Bishop of UnizibiraBishop of Kumba, Cameroon
53.6InstalledJoseph Jude TysonBishop of Yakima, Washington, USA
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