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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
1 Nov46.9Ordained BishopTadeu Henrique (Jude) Prost, O.F.M. †Titular Bishop of FrontaAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Belém do Pará, Brazil
BornLauro TisiArchbishop of Trento, Italy
3 Nov69.7DiedFranciszek Salezy KorszyńskiAuxiliary Bishop of Włocławek (Kujawy, Kalisze), Poland
51.1AppointedBernardo Navarro Allende, O. de M. †Master General of Order of Our Lady of MercyMaster General Emeritus
54.0Ordained BishopJean-Baptiste-Étienne SauvageBishop of Annecy, FranceBishop Emeritus
BornPhilibert Tembo Nlandu, C.I.C.M.Bishop of Budjala, Congo (Dem. Rep.)
5 Nov58.7AppointedClarence Edward ElwellAuxiliary Bishop of Cleveland, Ohio, USABishop of Columbus, Ohio, USA
58.7AppointedClarence Edward ElwellTitular Bishop of ConeBishop of Columbus, Ohio, USA
BornAilton MenegussiBishop of Crateús, Ceara, Brazil
6 Nov BornPaul James MasonBishop of Great Britain, Military
7 Nov BornRicardo Ernesto Centellas GuzmánArchbishop of Sucre, Bolivia
11 Nov37.7Ordained BishopAlfonso Arteaga YepesTitular Bishop of AuzegeraBishop of Espinal, Colombia
50.6Ordained BishopCostantino Trapani, O.F.M. †Bishop of Nicosia, ItalyBishop Emeritus of Mazara del Vallo, Italy
49.9Ordained BishopMario ZanchinBishop of Fidenza, ItalyBishop Emeritus
12 Nov64.5AppointedJohn of the Cross AnyoguBishop of Enugu, Nigeria
38.3AppointedJoão (Giovanni) Gazza, S.X. †Prelate of Abaeté do Tocantins, Para, BrazilBishop Emeritus of Aversa, Italy
38.3AppointedJoão (Giovanni) Gazza, S.X. †Titular Bishop of CircesiumBishop Emeritus of Aversa, Italy
44.6AppointedCipriano Biyehima KihangireAuxiliary Bishop of Gulu, UgandaBishop Emeritus
44.6AppointedCipriano Biyehima KihangireTitular Bishop of MauraBishop Emeritus of Gulu, Uganda
34.7AppointedYves-Marie Georges René Ramousse, M.E.P.Vicar Apostolic of Phnom-Penh, CambodiaVicar Apostolic Emeritus
34.7AppointedYves-Marie Georges René Ramousse, M.E.P.Titular Bishop of PisitaVicar Apostolic Emeritus of Phnom-Penh, Cambodia
13 Nov44.2AppointedEdwin Roy Kinch, O.S.M. †Prefect of Ingwavuma, South AfricaPrefect Emeritus
14 Nov82.4DiedGaetano De CiccoBishop Emeritus of Sessa Aurunca, Italy
BornAlberto Ortega MartínApostolic Nuncio to Chile
15 Nov63.7ConfirmedIgnace Pierre XVI (Louis) BatanianPatriarch of Cilicia (Armenian), LebanonPatriarch Emeritus
50.0AppointedHenri Clément Victor DonzeBishop of Tulle, FranceBishop Emeritus of Tarbes et Lourdes, France
65.9AppointedGiovanni PiccoAuxiliary Bishop of Vercelli, ItalyAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus
65.9AppointedGiovanni PiccoTitular Bishop of AnaeaAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Vercelli, Italy
16 Nov34.6AppointedGiocondo Maria Grotti, O.S.M. †Prelate of Acre e Purus, Acre, Brazil
35.7AppointedJosé Lamartine SoaresAuxiliary Bishop of Olinda e Recife, Pernambuco, BrazilArchbishop of Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil
35.7AppointedJosé Lamartine SoaresTitular Bishop of FussalaArchbishop of Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil
17 Nov47.5AppointedJoseph Arthur CostelloAuxiliary Bishop of Newark, New Jersey, USA
47.5AppointedJoseph Arthur CostelloTitular Bishop of ChomaAuxiliary Bishop of Newark, New Jersey, USA
55.1AppointedJohn Joseph DoughertyAuxiliary Bishop of Newark, New Jersey, USAAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus
55.1AppointedJohn Joseph DoughertyTitular Bishop of CotennaAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Newark, New Jersey, USA
18 Nov51.1Ordained BishopMario CagnaTitular Archbishop of Heraclea in EuropaApostolic Nuncio Emeritus to Austria
19 Nov BornMichael Wallace BanachApostolic Nuncio to Sénégal
44.0AppointedWladyslaw JedruszukAuxiliary Bishop of Pinsk, BelarusBishop of Drohiczyn, Poland
44.0AppointedWladyslaw JedruszukTitular Bishop of ClysmaBishop of Drohiczyn, Poland
46.7AppointedKazimierz Jan MajdańskiAuxiliary Bishop of Włocławek (Kujawy, Kalisze), PolandBishop Emeritus of Szczecin-Kamień, Poland
46.7AppointedKazimierz Jan MajdańskiTitular Bishop of ZorolusBishop Emeritus of Szczecin-Kamień, Poland
20 Nov BornJúlio Endi Akamine, S.A.C.Archbishop of Sorocaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil
56.1AppointedMiguel BalaguerAuxiliary Bishop of Montevideo, UruguayBishop Emeritus of Tacuarembó, Uruguay
56.1AppointedMiguel BalaguerTitular Bishop of Castellum MinusBishop Emeritus of Tacuarembó, Uruguay
21 Nov BornJosé Maria Chaves dos ReisBishop of Abaetetuba, Para, Brazil
47.7AppointedWaclaw SkomoruchaAuxiliary Bishop of Siedlce, PolandAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus
47.7AppointedWaclaw SkomoruchaTitular Bishop of ZoaraAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Siedlce, Poland
22 Nov39.1AppointedBernardo José Bueno MieleAuxiliary Bishop of Campinas, Sao Paulo, BrazilArchbishop of Ribeirão Preto, Sao Paulo, Brazil
39.1AppointedBernardo José Bueno MieleTitular Bishop of BararusArchbishop of Ribeirão Preto, Sao Paulo, Brazil
44.8AppointedAdriano Mandarino Hypólito, O.F.M. †Auxiliary Bishop of São Salvador da Bahia, BrazilBishop Emeritus of Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
44.8AppointedAdriano Mandarino Hypólito, O.F.M. †Titular Bishop of Diospolis in ThraciaBishop Emeritus of Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
BornMiguel Olaortúa Laspra, O.S.A. †Vicar Apostolic of Iquitos, Peru
23 Nov51.1SucceededJoseph Howard HodgesBishop of Wheeling, West Virginia, USABishop of Wheeling-Charleston, West Virginia, USA
50.6AppointedJózef Benedykt KurpasAuxiliary Bishop of Katowice, PolandAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus
50.6AppointedJózef Benedykt KurpasTitular Bishop of OrisaAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Katowice, Poland
51.2AppointedJan PietraszkoAuxiliary Bishop of Kraków {Cracow}, Poland
51.2AppointedJan PietraszkoTitular Bishop of TurrisblandaAuxiliary Bishop of Kraków {Cracow}, Poland
75.0AppointedAdam SawickiApostolic Administrator of Vilnius, Lithuania
75.0AppointedAdam SawickiTitular Bishop of Turres ConcordiaeApostolic Administrator of Vilnius, Lithuania
82.9DiedJohn Joseph SwintBishop of Wheeling, West Virginia, USA
24 Nov BornDaniel Patrick Yee ParconBishop of Talibon, Philippines
50.3AppointedGerhard SchaffranAuxiliary Bishop of Görlitz, GermanyBishop Emeritus of Dresden-Meißen (Meissen), Germany
50.3AppointedGerhard SchaffranTitular Bishop of SemneaBishop Emeritus of Dresden-Meißen (Meissen), Germany
25 Nov47.8Ordained BishopSalvatore AstaTitular Archbishop of Aureliopolis in LydiaApostolic Nuncio Emeritus to Portugal
BornPeter Fang JianpingBishop of Yongping [Yüngping], China
BornAntonio SuettaBishop of Ventimiglia-San Remo, Italy
26 Nov51.6AppointedEstanislau Arnoldo Van Melis, C.P. †Prelate of São Luís de Montes Belos, Goias, BrazilBishop Emeritus of São Luís de Montes Belos, Goias, Brazil
51.6AppointedEstanislau Arnoldo Van Melis, C.P. †Titular Bishop of PolemoniumBishop Emeritus of São Luís de Montes Belos, Goias, Brazil
30 Nov BornGeovanni Mauricio Paz HurtadoBishop of Latacunga, Ecuador
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