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The Year of Our Lord 1479

Bishop Events

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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
unknownBornDenis BriçonnetBishop of Saint-Malo, France
19.0Ordained PriestDietrich von BülowPriestBishop of Lebus, Germany
DiedMichel de Candie, O.P. †Bishop of Canea (Cydonia, Egée), Greece
AppointedLorenzo CapodiferroBishop of Pesaro, Italy
DiedFernando de Castilla, O.S.B. †Bishop of Granada, Spain
BornLouis d’Amboise (II)Cardinal, Bishop Emeritus of Albi, France
DiedGábor Archbishop of Kalocsa, Hungary
BornAdrien Gouffier de BoissyCardinal, Administrator of Albi, France
ResignedGebhard von HoymBishop of Halberstadt, GermanyBishop Emeritus
BornBalthasar MerklinBishop of Hildesheim, Germany
DiedPietro MinutoloBishop of Teramo, Italy
DiedZsigmond PalóczyBishop of Sirmio (Srijem; Sirmium), Croatia
DiedJohn PurcellBishop of Ferns, Ireland
BornWilliam StewartBishop of Aberdeen, Scotland, Great Britain
DiedBarthelemy UggeriBishop of Brugnato, Italy
5 Jan83.0DiedAndrzej Opaliński (z Bnina)Bishop of Poznań, Poland
8 JanAppointedCornelius Bishop of Kilmacduagh, Ireland
AppointedGiovanni Paternò, O.S.B. †Bishop of MaltaArchbishop of Palermo, Italy
15 JanAppointedJohn O’HedianBishop of Ossory, Ireland
20 Jan22.5AppointedGiovanni d’AragonaAdministrator of Badajoz, SpainCardinal, Administrator of Taranto, Italy
DiedPedro Silva y Tenorio, O.P. †Bishop of Badajoz, Spain
21 JanDiedJohann StalkoperBishop of Ratzeburg, Germany
31 Jan59.0Ordained BishopJohn MortonBishop of Ely, England, Great BritainCardinal, Archbishop of Canterbury, England, Great Britain
1 FebAppointedGyörgy Archbishop of Kalocsa, Hungary
8 FebAppointedGiovanni GattoBishop of Cefalù, Italy
AppointedBernardo Margarit, O.S.B. †Bishop of Catania, Italy
13 FebAppointedNicola di GaetaArchbishop of Naxos, Greece
18 Feb69.1DiedPaweł z GrabowaBishop of Chełm, Poland
19 Feb47.9SelectedJuan de CastroCardinal, Bishop of Agrigento (Girgenti), Italy
21 FebOrdained BishopJohn O’HedianBishop of Ossory, Ireland
5 MarAppointedGaspard de RenoBishop of Basel, Switzerland
6 Mar39.1DiedLeo von SpaurBishop of Wien, Austria
15 MarAppointedJusto Baldini, O.S.B. †Bishop of Ceuta, Spain
19 MarAppointedGiorgio DifnicoBishop of Nona (Nin), Croatia
14.7ConfirmedErnst Herzog von SachsenArchbishop of Magdeburg, Germany
20 Mar47.9ConfirmedJuan de CastroCardinal, Bishop of Agrigento (Girgenti), Italy
BornIppolito d’Este (I)Cardinal, Administrator of Eger, Hungary
21 MarOrdained BishopMarino FregenoBishop of Kammin (Camin), Germany
31 MarAppointedJohann von BerkentinBishop of Ratzeburg, Germany
2 Apr70.2DiedBerardo EroliCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina
7 AprDiedGiovanni Parella di San MartinoBishop of Ivrea, Italy
10 Apr28.2SelectedAndré d’EspinayCardinal, Archbishop of Bordeaux, France
11 AprOrdained BishopJohann von BerkentinBishop of Ratzeburg, Germany
14 AprDiedJean de BourgogneBishop of Cambrai, France
18 AprOrdained BishopNicola di GaetaArchbishop of Naxos, Greece
19 AprAppointedGeorg Antworter, O.F.M. †Auxiliary Bishop of Würzburg, Germany
AppointedGeorg Antworter, O.F.M. †Titular Bishop of Nicopolis in ArmeniaAuxiliary Bishop of Würzburg, Germany
35.3AppointedGiuliano della RovereCardinal-Bishop of SabinaPope (Roma {Rome}, Italy)
25 AprOrdained BishopGeorg Antworter, O.F.M. †Titular Bishop of Nicopolis in ArmeniaAuxiliary Bishop of Würzburg, Germany
28 Apr28.3ConfirmedAndré d’EspinayCardinal, Archbishop of Bordeaux, France
12 MayBornPompeo ColonnaCardinal, Administrator of Monreale, Italy
14 May22.8ResignedGiovanni d’AragonaAdministrator of Badajoz, SpainCardinal, Administrator of Taranto, Italy
21 MayAppointedDomenico Manfredi, O.S.B. †Bishop of Ivrea, Italy
26 May44.4AppointedUriel GórkaBishop of Poznań, Poland
30 MayOrdained BishopGaspard de RenoBishop of Basel, Switzerland
4 JunAppointedBonadias de NigronibusBishop of Isola, Italy
AppointedNikolaus von PentzBishop of Schwerin, Germany
7 JunAppointedGiovanni DuccoBishop of Coron (Coronea), Greece
AppointedGomes de MirandaBishop of Lamego, Portugal
16 JunAppointedPietro Strambone, O.P. †Bishop of Nocera de’ Pagani, Italy
25 JunAppointedBoldizsár Bishop of Sirmio (Srijem; Sirmium), Croatia
AppointedAntonius de MaffeisBishop of Montepeloso, Italy
AugDiedConrad de CruceBishop of Digne, France
DiedGiacomo de SanctisArchbishop of Sorrento, Italy
3 Aug57.5DiedGiacopo Antonio VenierCardinal, Bishop of Cuenca, Spain
13 Aug37.6AppointedDomenico della RovereCardinal-Priest of San ClementeCardinal, Bishop of Corneto (Tarquinia) e Montefiascone, Italy
18.2AppointedRaffaele Sansone RiarioAdministrator of Cuenca, SpainCardinal, Bishop of Ostia (-Velletri), Italy
22 Aug44.6Ordained BishopUriel GórkaBishop of Poznań, Poland
28 AugDiedJean HébertBishop of Evreux, France
2 SepDiedUlrich von Nußdorf (Nussdorfer)Bishop of Passau, Germany
3 SepDiedJean du Bellay, O.S.B. †Bishop of Poitiers, France
5 SepOrdained BishopGiovanni DuccoBishop of Coron (Coronea), Greece
10 Sep57.5DiedGiacomo Ammannati-PiccolominiCardinal, Bishop of Pavia, Italy
15 SepAppointedNicolò SandonniniBishop of Lucca, Italy
17 SepAppointedBartolomeo Averoldi, O.S.B. †Archbishop of Split (Spalato), Croatia
45.7AppointedGirolamo Basso Della RovereCardinal-Priest of San CrisogonoCardinal, Bishop of Macerata, Italy
62.7ResignedPietro FoscariAdministrator of Split (Spalato), CroatiaCardinal, Administrator of Padova {Padua}, Italy
18.3AppointedRaffaele Sansone RiarioAdministrator of Pisa, ItalyCardinal, Bishop of Ostia (-Velletri), Italy
24.5AppointedAscanio Maria SforzaCardinal, Administrator of Pavia, Italy
24 SepAppointedAntoine de GuiramandBishop of Digne, FranceBishop Emeritus
1 OctAppointedAndrzej OporowskiBishop of Przemyśl, PolandBishop of Włocławek (Kujawy, Kalisze), Poland
8 Oct40.7AppointedGiovanni Battista ZenoCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Frascati
9 OctAppointedFrancesco de PerezBishop of Teramo, ItalyArchbishop of Taranto, Italy
26 OctAppointedLawrence NevilleBishop of Ferns, Ireland
3 NovOrdained BishopBernardo Margarit, O.S.B. †Bishop of Catania, Italy
4 NovSelectedStefan z NiborkaBishop of Chelmno (Culma, Kulm), Poland
15 NovAppointedGian Andrea BocciazziBishop of Modena, Italy
22 NovAppointedRaoul du FouBishop of Evreux, France
14 DecDiedLouis d’HarcourtTitular Patriarch of Jerusalem {Gerusalemme}, PalestinePatriarch


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