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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
JulDiedJohannes Bodenhoffer, O.P. †Auxiliary Bishop of Merseburg, Germany
1 JulOrdained BishopGeorg von NeideckBishop of Trento, Italy
4 Jul27.5AppointedFrançois Guillaume de Castelnau de Clermont-LudèveArchbishop of Auch, FranceCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Frascati
5 Jul48.7AppointedAdolf von Anhalt-ZerbstCoadjutor Bishop of Merseburg, GermanyBishop
9 Jul77.3ResignedOliviero CarafaAdministrator of Caiazzo, ItalyCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia (e Velletri)
AppointedRobert CockburnBishop of Ross (Rosemarkie, Fortrose), Scotland, Great BritainBishop of Dunkeld, Scotland, Great Britain
AppointedDietrich Huls, O.F.M. †Auxiliary Bishop of Bremen (and Hamburg), GermanyAuxiliary Bishop of Schwerin, Germany
AppointedDietrich Huls, O.F.M. †Titular Bishop of Sebaste in CiliciaAuxiliary Bishop of Schwerin, Germany
AppointedVincius de MaffeiBishop of Caiazzo, Italy
15 Jul62.5AppointedGuillaume BriçonnetCardinal, Archbishop of Narbonne, France
17 JulDiedRoger LeyburnBishop of Carlisle, England, Great Britain
Aug36.5AppointedGaleotto Franciotti della RovereAdministrator of Vicenza, ItalyCardinal, Bishop of Lucca, Italy
3 Aug50.9AppointedBernardino López de Carvajal y SandeCardinal-Bishop of AlbanoCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia (e Velletri)
46.2AppointedRaffaele Sansoni RiarioCardinal-Bishop of SabinaCardinal, Bishop of Ostia (-Velletri), Italy
4 AugAppointedLuca Matteo Caracciolo, O. Carm. †Bishop of Lesina, Italy
32.5AppointedAlfonso de Fonseca y UlloaArchbishop of Santiago de Compostela, SpainArchbishop of Toledo, Spain
AppointedVincenzo MaffeiBishop of Coron (Coronea), GreeceBishop of Segni, Italy
AppointedLuigi de Viterbo GentiliBishop of Segni, Italy
5 AugDiedNicolò Maria d’EsteBishop of Adria, Italy
8 AugDiedJuan GálvezBishop of Terracina, Priverno e Sezze, Italy
18 AugAppointedPietro Isvalies (Isuali)Cardinal, Cardinal-Priest of Santa Pudenziana
20 Aug77.4AppointedOliviero CarafaAdministrator of Terracina, Priverno e Sezze, ItalyCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia (e Velletri)
21 AugAppointedDiego Titular Bishop of Callipolis
22 Aug64.6Ordained BishopWilhelm WestfalBishop of Lübeck, Germany
27 Aug43.6AppointedChristopher BainbridgeBishop of Durham, England, Great BritainCardinal, Archbishop of York, England, Great Britain
AppointedPaolo Emilio BruniBishop of Nepi e Sutri, Italy
AppointedBeltrame CostabiliBishop of Adria, Italy
Sep32.9AppointedLuigi d’AragonaAdministrator of Orense, SpainCardinal, Administrator of Nardò, Italy
1 Sep73.6DiedGirolamo Basso Della RovereCardinal, Bishop of Recanati, Italy
3 Sep44.6DiedThomas SavageArchbishop of York, England, Great Britain
10 Sep75.6DiedLuis Juan del MilàCardinal, Bishop of Lérida, Spain
22.6AppointedPaweł Algimunt HolszańskiBishop of Lutsk (Łuck), UkraineBishop of Vilnius, Lithuania
AppointedClaude de HussonBishop of Poitiers, France
66.6DiedAntonio Gentile PallaviciniCardinal, Bishop of Orense, Spain
31.6AppointedWojciech RadziwiłłBishop of Vilnius, Lithuania
46.3InstalledRaffaele Sansoni RiarioCardinal-Bishop of SabinaCardinal, Bishop of Ostia (-Velletri), Italy
11 Sep34.6AppointedSisto Gara della Rovere (Franciotti)Administrator of Lucca, ItalyCardinal, Bishop of Padova {Padua}, Italy
34.6AppointedSisto Gara della Rovere (Franciotti)Administrator of Vicenza, ItalyCardinal, Bishop of Padova {Padua}, Italy
34.6Elevated to CardinalSisto Gara della Rovere (Franciotti)Cardinal, Bishop of Padova {Padua}, Italy
34.6InstalledSisto Gara della Rovere (Franciotti)Cardinal-Priest of San Pietro in VincoliCardinal, Bishop of Padova {Padua}, Italy
62.6AppointedGabriele de’ GabrielliCardinal-Priest of Santa PrassedeCardinal, Bishop of Urbino, Italy
36.6DiedGaleotto Franciotti della RovereCardinal, Bishop of Lucca, Italy
Ordained BishopLuigi de Viterbo GentiliBishop of Segni, Italy
12 SepDiedAntoine de FeursFormer Bishop-Elect of Nevers, France
16 Sep62.7ResignedGuillaume BriçonnetArchbishop of Reims, FranceCardinal, Archbishop of Narbonne, France
52.7AppointedCarlo Domenico del CarrettoArchbishop of Reims, FranceCardinal, Bishop Emeritus of Cahors, France
17 Sep62.7AppointedGuillaume BriçonnetCardinal-Bishop of AlbanoCardinal, Archbishop of Narbonne, France
51.0AppointedBernardino López de Carvajal y SandeCardinal-Bishop of FrascatiCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia (e Velletri)
60.7AppointedFazio Giovanni SantoriAdministrator of Pamplona, SpainCardinal, Bishop of Cesena, Italy
68.7AppointedGiovanni Antonio SangiorgioCardinal-Bishop of PalestrinaCardinal, Bishop of Parma, Italy
5 OctBornDurante DurantiCardinal, Bishop of Brescia, Italy
6 Oct29.7AppointedAmanieu d’AlbretAdministrator of Lescar, FranceCardinal, Cardinal-Deacon of San Nicola in Carcere
ConfirmedHieronymus Schultz, O. Praem. †Bishop of Brandenburg, GermanyBishop of Havelberg, Germany
17 Oct27.2Ordained BishopPhilipp von der Pfalz (von Bayern)Bishop of Freising, Germany
20 OctAppointedJuan Alfocea, C.R.S.A. †Auxiliary Bishop of Zaragoza, Spain
AppointedJuan Alfocea, C.R.S.A. †Titular Bishop of SalonaAuxiliary Bishop of Zaragoza, Spain
AppointedTeseo de CupisBishop of Macerata, Italy
AppointedTeseo de CupisBishop of Recanati, ItalyBishop of Macerata, Italy
AppointedPietro DandoloBishop of Padova {Padua}, Italy
AppointedPedro López AyalaBishop of Islas Canarias {Canary Islands}, Spain
AppointedGirolamo Trevisanato, O. Cist. †Bishop of Cremona, Italy
27 OctAppointedAntonio de CaroBishop of Nardò, Italy
19.4AppointedJohann bei RheinBishop of Regensburg, Germany
AppointedGabriele SetarioBishop of Avellino e Frigento, ItalyBishop Emeritus
30 Oct65.8AppointedTamás BakóczTitular Patriarch of ConstantinopleCardinal, Archbishop of Esztergom, Hungary
25.8ResignedMarco CornaroTitular Patriarch of ConstantinopleCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Palestrina
5 Nov35.4AppointedErhard (Erardo, Everard) von der Mark (de la Marca, Marck)Bishop of Chartres, FranceCardinal, Bishop of Liège, Belgium
12 NovAppointedFabricius de CapuaBishop of Anglona, ItalyBishop Emeritus
16 NovBornFriedrich von WirsbergBishop of Würzburg, Germany
18 NovDiedMartino de Maggio (Madio da Tramonti)Bishop Emeritus of Bisceglie, Italy
19 NovAppointedAntonio LupicinoBishop of Bisceglie, ItalyBishop Emeritus
22 Nov27.8AppointedGiovanni Battista PallavicinoCardinal, Bishop of Cavaillon, France
8 DecOrdained BishopJohannes Olavinpoika (Olavi)Bishop of Åbo, Finland
12 Dec43.9Ordained BishopChristopher BainbridgeBishop of Durham, England, Great BritainCardinal, Archbishop of York, England, Great Britain
15 DecAppointedMartin Titular Bishop of Croyacen (Croacen)
22 DecAppointedDiego Ribera de ToledoBishop of Mallorca, SpainBishop of Segovia, Spain
AppointedAntonio de Rojas ManriqueArchbishop of Granada, SpainPatriarch of West Indies, Spain


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