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The Year of Our Lord 1929

Diocese Events

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unknownFrères Joséphites Founded
12 JanDiocese of Luni, Sarzana e Brugnato, Italy Name ChangedDiocese of Luni o La Spezia, Sarzana e Brugnato, Italy Name Changed
25 JanDiocese of São Carlos do Pinhal, Brazil (Jaboticabal, Barretos, Bebedouro, Pitangueiras, Viradouro, Monte Alto, Monte Azul, Tayassù, Tayuva, Olympia, Collina, Cajoby, Irupy, Piranjy, Guaracy, and Severino) Territory LostDiocese of Jaboticabal, Sao Paulo, Brazil Erected
25 JanDiocese of São Carlos do Pinhal, Brazil (Rio Preto, Ibirá, Santa Adélia, Tabapuã, Mirassol, Nova Granada, Monte Aprazível, Tanabi, Ariranha, Catanduva, Potirendaba, Inácio Uchoa, Cedral, José Bonifácio, and Fernando Prestes) Territory LostDiocese of Rio Preto, Sao Paulo, Brazil Erected
25 JanArchdiocese of Beirut {Bairut} (Armenian), Lebanon Erected
8 FebVicariate Apostolic of Siwantze [Chongli-Xiwanzi], China (Feng-cJieng, Leang-TcJieng, Kining, and Tao4in) Territory LostVicariate Apostolic of Tsining [Jining], China Erected
8 FebVicariate Apostolic of Brazzaville, Congo (Haute Sangha) Territory LostPrefecture Apostolic of Oubangui Chari, Central African Republic Territory Added
15 FebArchdiocese of Calcutta, India (Remaining part of Sikkim)
Vicariate Apostolic of Tatsienlu, China (English Bhutan (Kalimpong) and part of Sikkim)
Territory LostMission "Sui Iuris" of Sikkim, India Erected
20 FebVicariate Apostolic of Cape of Good Hope, Eastern District {Capo de Buona Speranza, Distretto Orientale}, South Africa (Queenstown, Cathcart, Stutterheim, Tarka, Hofmeyr, Glen Grey, Stockenström, Maraisburg, and part of St Mark’s) Territory LostMission "Sui Iuris" of Queenstown, South Africa Erected
20 FebVicariate Apostolic of Swatow [Shantou], China (Kaying, Taipu, Pingyun, Hingning, Lungchun, Chenping, Hoping, Linping, and Chongloh (except Chong-San)) Territory LostPrefecture Apostolic of Kaying [Meixian], China Erected
21 FebVicariate Apostolic of Wuhu [Wuhu], China (Anhing, Hohfei, Hwoshan, Kweichich, Linan, Lukiang, Shucheng, Susung, Taihu, Tungcheng, Tungliu, Tsienshan, Tsiupu, Wanglciang, and Yingshan) Territory LostVicariate Apostolic of Anking [Anqing], China Erected
21 FebVicariate Apostolic of Wuhu [Wuhu], China (Chuantsiao, Chuchow, Chuy i Fengtai, Fengyang, Hwaiynan, HwoMu, Kwoyang, Laian, Lingpi, Mengchen, Fochow, Sowchow, Buchow, Szechow, Taiho, Tienchang, Tingyuan, Wuho, Yingchow, and Yingshang) Territory LostVicariate Apostolic of Pengpu [Bengbu], China Erected
1 MarTerritorial Prelature of Porto Velho, Rondonia, Brazil
Diocese of São Luíz de Cáceres, Mato Grosso, Brazil
Territory LostTerritorial Prelature of Guajará-Mirim, Rondonia, Brazil (Guaporé and Mamoré in Matto Grosso) Erected
1 MarDiocese of Montes Claros, Brazil
Diocese of Uberaba, Brazil
Territory LostTerritorial Prelature of Paracatu, Brazil (Paracatu, João Pinheiro, and Sâo Româo (except Afonso Arinos)) Erected
11 MarDelegation to Egypt, Arabia, Eritrea and Ethiopia (Abyssiniae)
Nunciature to Syria (Palestine, TransJordan, and island of Cyprus)
Name ChangedDelegation to Egypt, Arabia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Palestine, TransJordan, and Island of Cyprus Name Changed
17 MarPrefecture Apostolic of Hpyeng-yang, Korea (North) Name ChangedPrefecture Apostolic of Peng-yang, Korea (North) Name Changed
18 MarVicariate Apostolic of Chengtingfu [Zhengding], China (ChaosJiien, Ningtsing, Lungping, Paisiang, Lincheng, and Kaoyi) Territory LostPrefecture Apostolic of Chaohsien [Zhaoxian], China Erected
21 MarArchdiocese of New York, New York, USA (Bahama islands) Territory LostPrefecture Apostolic of Bahama, Bahamas, Antilles Erected
22 MarArchdiocese of Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil Territory LostTerritorial Prelature of Diamantino, Mato Grosso, Brazil Erected
30 MarPrefecture Apostolic of Sapporo, Japan ElevatedVicariate Apostolic of Sapporo, Japan Elevated
8 AprVicariate Apostolic of Tabora, Tanzania (Part of Uha that is East and North of Malagarazi river)
Vicariate Apostolic of Urundi, Burundi (Bugufi)
Vicariate Apostolic of Victoria-Nyanza, Tanzania (Civil province of Bukoba)
Territory LostVicariate Apostolic of Bukoba, Tanzania Erected
10 AprVicariate Apostolic of Victoria-Nyanza, Tanzania Name ChangedVicariate Apostolic of Mwanza, Tanzania Name Changed
15 AprVicariate Apostolic of Pakhoi [Beihai], China (Island of Hainan) Territory LostMission "Sui Iuris" of Hainan [Hainan], China Erected
16 AprVicariate Apostolic of Tsinanfu, China (Suimin, Loling, Yangsin, Eaifeng (or Wuti), Chanhwa, Pirihsien, Litsing, Tsingcheng, Putai, Tsitung, Changshan, Ewàntai, Tsowping, and Tzechwan) Territory LostMission "Sui Iuris" of Changtien, China Erected
25 AprDiocese of Bolivar, Ecuador (Macas) Territory Lost
1 MayDiocese of Paraguay (o Ssma Assunzione)
Prefecture Apostolic of Pilcomayo, Paraguay
Territory LostDiocese of Concepción y Chaco, Paraguay Erected
1 MayDiocese of Paraguay (o Ssma Assunzione) Territory LostDiocese of Villarrica, Paraguay Erected
1 MayDiocese of Paraguay (o Ssma Assunzione) ElevatedArchdiocese of Asunción, Paraguay Elevated
24 MayVicariate Apostolic of Sienhsien [Xianxian] (Siensien), China (Weihsien, Tsingho, Kitseh, Kuchow, Yungnien, Feisiang, Kwangping, Chengan, Hantan, and Tzechow) Territory LostPrefecture Apostolic of Yüngnien [Weixian], China Erected
24 MayVicariate Apostolic of Zanzibar, Kenya (Oltre Giuba) Territory LostVicariate Apostolic of Mogadiscio, Somalia Territory Added
25 MayVicariate Apostolic of Paotingfu, China (Yihsien, Laishui, and Kwangchang)
Vicariate Apostolic of Peking [Beijing], China (San Può)
Territory LostMission "Sui Iuris" of Yihsien [Yixian], China Erected
25 MayVicariate Apostolic of Chengchow [Zhengzhou], China (Kunghsien, Yenshihsien, Mengtsing, Loyang, Sinansien, MiencMh, Yungning, Yiyang, Sunghsien, Teng-feng, Nanyang, Schanchow, Lingyao, Wensiang, Lushi, Pingteng, and Tseyou) Territory LostPrefecture Apostolic of Loyang [Luoyang], China Erected
26 MayCardinal Titular Church of Santa Maria ad Martyres Suppressed
26 MayCardinal Titular Church of Sant’Apollinare alle Terme Neroniane-Alessandrine Established
28 MayArchdiocese of Brisbane, Australia (Southern part of Queensland, south of the twenty-fifth degree of south latitude and west of the Auburn and great Dividing Ranges) Territory LostDiocese of Toowoomba, Australia Erected
6 JunPrefecture Apostolic of Iceland {Islanda} ElevatedVicariate Apostolic of Iceland {Islanda} Elevated
7 JunDiocese of Płock, Poland (Rynia) Territory LostArchdiocese of Warszawa {Warsaw}, Poland Territory Added
7 JunArchdiocese of Poznań, Poland (Orzechowo and Pieczkowo) Territory LostArchdiocese of Gniezno, Poland Territory Added
14 JunDiocese of Trento, Italy ElevatedArchdiocese of Trento, Italy (Without suffragans) Elevated
15 JunSociété des Missions-Étrangères Approbation
21 JunDiocese of Goiás, Brazil (Spiritus Sancti in Jatahy, Spiritus Sancti in Mineiros, Spiritus Sancti in Mio Bonito and Our Lady of Sorrows in Rio Verde) Territory LostTerritorial Prelature of Jataí, Brazil Erected
24 JunNunciature to Italy Established
25 JunDiocese of Cap-Haïtien, Haïti (Hinche, Maissade, Marmelade, and St. Michel)
Archdiocese of Port-au-Prince, Haïti (Thomond)
Territory LostDiocese of Les Gonaïves, Haïti (Entire civil province of Artibonite) Territory Added
28 JunArchdiocese of Québec, Canada (Blier) Territory LostDiocese of Rimouski (St. Germain of), Québec, Canada Territory Added
3 JulDiocese of Kumbakonam, India (Mayavaram, Shiyaly, and part of Nannuam and Ghidambaram (Thanjavur))
Archdiocese of Madras, India (Part of city of Madras)
Diocese of Trichinopoly, India (Alangudi and Thirumayam)
Territory LostDiocese of São Tomé of Meliapore, India Territory Added
3 JulDiocese of São Tomé of Meliapore, India (Awor, Cooumim, Dindigul, Madura, Malleiadipaty, Oriur, HFossa Senhora das Dores, and Muttupettaah (except for Venkatakulam)) Territory LostDiocese of Trichinopoly, India Territory Added
3 JulDiocese of São Tomé of Meliapore, India (Gur dalle, M anapal, Punnakail, Nossa Senhora des Dores de Tuticorin, and Vaipar) Territory LostDiocese of Tuticorin, India Territory Added
3 JulDiocese of São Tomé of Meliapore, India (Boitakana, Bändel, and Ginsutah) Territory LostArchdiocese of Calcutta, India Territory Added
3 JulDiocese of São Tomé of Meliapore, India (Nossa Senhora da Piedade in the city of Daccha, Hashnabad, Tesgonge, and Nagory) Territory LostDiocese of Dacca, Bangladesh Territory Added
3 JulDiocese of São Tomé of Meliapore, India (Shibpur) Territory LostDiocese of Chittagong, Bangladesh Territory Added
3 JulDiocese of São Tomé of Meliapore, India (Assumpçao, Goraçao de Jesus, S. Joâo, Befugio, and Rayapuram) Territory LostArchdiocese of Madras, India Territory Added
10 JulVicariate Apostolic of Suifu [Yibin], China (Tachow, Mingshan, PuMañg, Tanning, Hungya, KiaMang, Omei, Opien, YungMng, and Lushan) Territory LostPrefecture Apostolic of Yachow, China Erected
13 JulPrefecture Apostolic of Lihsien, China ElevatedVicariate Apostolic of Ankwo [Anguo], China Elevated
13 JulPaulist Fathers Decretum Laudis
17 JulApostolic Administration of Debreczen, Hungary Erected
17 JulApostolic Administration of Mérk, Hungary Erected
18 JulVicariate Apostolic of Western Nigeria {Nigeria Occidentale} (Area north of the rivers Niger and Benoue)
Prefecture Apostolic of Eastern Nigeria {Nigeria Orientale}
Name ChangedPrefecture Apostolic of Northern Nigeria {Nigeria Settentrionale} Name Changed
18 JulVicariate Apostolic of Foochow [Fuzhou], China (Siiaowu, Kwangteseh, and Tainingi Kienning) Territory LostMission "Sui Iuris" of Shaowu [Shaowu], China Erected
18 JulVicariate Apostolic of Hankow [Hankou], China (Hwangchow, Kishui, Kichow, Hwangtsi, Hwangmei, Lotien, Macheng, and Hwangan) Territory LostMission "Sui Iuris" of Hwangchow, China Erected
2 AugVicariate Apostolic of Chengtu [Chengdu], China (ShunMng, Sichong, Pengchow, Yinshan, Yochih, Linshui, Kwangan, Shehung, PongJcy, Suining, Lochih, and Anyo) Territory LostVicariate Apostolic of Shunking [Nanchong], China Erected
2 AugVicariate Apostolic of Chungking [Chongqing], China (Wanhsien, Sinning, Suiting, Chuhshien, Tachu, Liangshan, Tienkiang, ChungcJiow, SMhchu, and Fengtu) Territory LostVicariate Apostolic of Wanhsien [Wanxian], China Erected
2 AugVicariate Apostolic of Jehol [Jinzhou], China
Vicariate Apostolic of Moukden, China
Territory LostPrefecture Apostolic of Szepingkai, China (Tao-ciang-tao) Erected
2 AugVicariate Apostolic of Brazzaville, Congo (Boundaries adjusted)
Vicariate Apostolic of Loango, Congo (Boundaries adjusted)
Territory Added
14 SepDiocese of Padova {Padua}, Italy (Battutilo, Cazzago, and Ballò) Territory LostDiocese of Treviso, Italy Territory Added
22 NovVicariate Apostolic of Yünnanfu, China (Sze-mao, Ning-erh, Mo-kiang, King-hu, Yuan-mang, Sin-ping, Lan-tsang, Chen-yuan, King-tung, Mien-ning, Teng-chung, Pao-shan, Yung- Ping, Chen-Jcang, Lung-ling, Ta-U, Siang-yun, Jerh-yuan, Feng-y, Teng-chwan, Ping-chwan, Yun-lung, Mi-tu, Li-Mang, ...) Territory LostMission "Sui Iuris" of Tali [Dali], China Erected
27 NovNunciature to Ireland Established
4 DecVicariate Apostolic of Upper Nile {Nilo Superiore}, Uganda (Dstrict of Lira (or Langó) and part of Karamojo) Territory LostPrefecture Apostolic of Nilo Equatoriale, Uganda Territory Added
20 DecDiocese of Arequipa, Peru
Vicariate Apostolic of Tarapacá, Chile
Territory LostDiocese of Iquique, Chile Erected
20 DecDiocese of Siedlce, Poland (Beguty and Tàbor) Territory LostArchdiocese of Warszawa {Warsaw}, Poland Territory Added
26 DecVicariate Apostolic of Upper Congo {Congo Superiore}, Congo (Dem. Rep.) (Kivu) Territory LostVicariate Apostolic of Kivu, Congo (Dem. Rep.) Erected


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