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The Year of Our Lord 1824

Bishop Events

January to March

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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
unknown55.0DiedManuel Abad y QueipoFormer Bishop-Elect of Michoacán, México
35.0AppointedBasile Mansur AsmarBishop of Amadiyah (Chaldean), IraqArchbishop Emeritus of Gazireh (Gezira) (Chaldean), Turkey
32.0AppointedLaurent Thomas Choa (Sho'a)Archbishop of Kerkūk (Chaldean), Iraq
24.0Ordained PriestJean-Pierre Dalmond, C.S.Sp. †PriestPrefect of Madagascar, Madagascar
49.0DiedPacifico Deani, O.F.M. †Former Bishop-Elect of Cefalonia e Zante, Greece
36.2IncardinatedJohann Franz DrepperPriest of Paderborn, GermanyBishop
24.4Ordained PriestJerónimo Fernández y AndrésPriestBishop of Palencia, Spain
28.6Ordained DeaconFrancis MurphyDeaconBishop of Adelaide, Australia
67.0ResignedBartolomeo PaccaChamberlain (Camerlengo) of the Apostolic ChamberCardinal, Secretary of the Congregation for Universal Inquisition
73.8Ordained BishopJozef SchedyBishop of the Titular See
BornThomas SearsPrefect of Western Newfoundland (St. George’s), Canada
24.2Ordained PriestJaime José Soler y RoquerPriestBishop of Teruel, Spain
23.7Ordained PriestGrzegorz Michał SzymonowiczPriest of Lviv (Armenian), UkraineArchbishop
26.4Ordained Priest[Anton (Antonij) Zubko]Priest of Połock (Polotsk) (ROC), BelarusArchbishop
1 JanBornBernardo Antonio De Riso, O.S.B. †Bishop of Catanzaro, Italy
79.4AppointedBenedetto NaroArchpriest of the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore {Saint Mary Major Basilica}Cardinal, Prefect of the Roman Curia - Other
79.0DiedSt. Vincenzo Maria Strambi, C.P. †Bishop Emeritus of Macerata e Tolentino, Italy
2 Jan88.1DiedFilippo TrigonaBishop of Siracusa, Italy
3 JanBornGabriel Szele (Gzele)Auxiliary Bishop of Eger, Hungary
26.1Ordained DeaconJosé Vicente Ramírez de ArellanoDeaconBishop of Córdoba (Tucumán), Argentina
4 JanBornIgnacio Antonio ParraBishop of Nueva Pamplona, Colombia
BornJoseph-Clair ReyneBishop of Guadeloupe et Basse-Terre, Antilles
5 JanBornAquilino Ferreyra y ÁlvarezAuxiliary Bishop of Córdoba (Tucumán), Argentina
26.1Ordained PriestJosé Vicente Ramírez de ArellanoPriestBishop of Córdoba (Tucumán), Argentina
11 JanBornLeonardo Giannotti, O.F.M. Ref. †Bishop of Modigliana, Italy
12 JanBornFrancis Xavier KrautbauerBishop of Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
13 Jan51.0AppointedVincent BattucciArchbishop of Bar (Antivari), Montenegro
66.5AppointedErcole ConsalviCardinal, Prefect of the Congregation for Propagation of the Faith
51.8AppointedThomas PenswickCoadjutor Vicar Apostolic of Northern District, England, Great BritainVicar Apostolic
51.8AppointedThomas PenswickTitular Bishop of EuropusVicar Apostolic of Northern District, England, Great Britain
54.7AppointedGiacinto Placido Zurla, O.S.B. †Titular Archbishop of Edessa in OsrhoëneCardinal, Prefect of the Congregation for Studies
18 Jan73.4Ordained BishopJacques-Alexis JacqueminBishop of Saint-Dié, FranceBishop Emeritus
48.2Ordained BishopMarie-Joseph-François-Victor Monyer de PrillyBishop of Châlons, France
59.0Ordained BishopJean-François de Saunhac-BelcastelBishop of Perpignan-Elne, France
54.7Ordained BishopGiacinto Placido Zurla, O.S.B. †Titular Archbishop of Edessa in OsrhoëneCardinal, Prefect of the Congregation for Studies
19 Jan36.2Ordained BishopClaude-Marie-Paul TharinBishop of Strasbourg, FranceBishop Emeritus
22 Jan80.5DiedJean Baptiste Robert van Velde de Melroy et Sart-BomalBishop Emeritus of Roermond, Netherlands
23 Jan79.4AppointedGiulio Maria della SomagliaPro-Prefect of the Congregation for Propagation of the FaithCardinal, Librarian of the Vatican Library
BornEugenio LuzziBishop of Todi, Italy
24 Jan66.6DiedErcole ConsalviCardinal, Prefect of the Congregation for Propagation of the Faith
25 Jan61.1Ordained BishopGilbert-Paul Aragonès d’OrcetBishop of Langres, France
69.6Ordained BishopLouis-Sylvestre de La ChâtreTitular Bishop of Hemeria (Himeria)
29 Jan80.2DiedAntonio José de OliveiraAuxiliary Bishop of Évora, Portugal
83.2DiedJoseph von StubenbergArchbishop of Bamberg, Germany
Feb23.9ProfessedFeliciano (Laurentius Joachim) Barbacci, O.F.M. Obs. †Member of Order of Observant Friars MinorBishop of Cortona, Italy
68.1AppointedFrancesco Guidobono CavalchiniPrefect of the Roman Curia - OtherCardinal, Priest of Roma {Rome}, Italy
2 Feb72.4DiedLuigi PandolfiCardinal, Cardinal-Priest of Santa Sabina
65.1DiedFrancesco Saverio (François-Xavier) PereiraBishop of Rieti, Italy
4 Feb48.7AppointedPietro OstiniApostolic Internuncio to AustriaCardinal, Prefect of the Congregation of the Council
5 FebBornAlfonso Capecelatro (di Castelpagano), C.O. †Cardinal, Archbishop of Capua, Italy
8 Feb54.5Ordained BishopJózsef de BelánskyBishop of Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
BornFrançois-Louis (Franz Ludwig) FleckBishop of Metz, France
38.9Ordained BishopFerenc di Paolo de Nádasdy-FogarasBishop of Vác, HungaryArchbishop of Kalocsa, Hungary
56.8Ordained BishopKonstanty Wincenty PlejewskiTitular Bishop of LaganiaAuxiliary Bishop of Płock, Poland
9 Feb66.7SelectedJakob Peregrin PaulitschBishop of Gurk, Austria
12 FebBornEmanuel Jan Schöbel, O.Cr. †Bishop of Litoměřice, Czechia
14 FebDiedNikolla MuriqiBishop of Shkodrë (Scutari), Albania
15 Feb56.2Ordained BishopCarlos de São José de Azevedo e Sousa, O.F.M. Obs. †Bishop of Guarda, Portugal
22 Feb22.6Ordained PriestRuggero Blundo, O.S.B. †Priest of Order of Saint BenedictBishop of Cefalù, Italy
23 Feb67.4Ordained BishopJacques-François BessonBishop of Metz, France
24 Feb81.3DiedVeremundo Anselmo Arias y Teixeiro, O.S.B. †Archbishop of Valencia, Spain
25 Feb28.3Ordained PriestPedro Barajas y MorenoPriestBishop of San Luis Potosí, México
26 Feb47.7SelectedJoaquim de Nossa Senhora de Nazareth Oliveira e Abreu, O.F.M. Ref. †Bishop of Coimbra, Portugal
BornSalvatore Maria Nisio, Sch. P. †Bishop Emeritus of Ariano, Italy
27 Feb41.7SelectedAnton Alojzij WolfBishop of Ljubljana, Slovenia
29 Feb63.3Ordained PriestAntonio Domenico GamberiniPriestCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina
1 MarBornLuigi BrunoBishop of Ruvo e Bitonto, Italy
2 MarBornCasimiro Herrero Pérez, O.S.A. †Bishop of Nueva Caceres, Philippines
3 Mar58.9AppointedPietro ConsiglioBishop of Termoli, ItalyArchbishop of Brindisi, Italy
4 Mar70.6DiedJuan Antonio Zulaibar y Aldape, O.P. †Archbishop of Manila, Philippines
7 MarBornAntonio PistocchiBishop of Cassano all’Jonio, Italy
9 MarBornMichele CastelliBishop of Tinos and Mykonos, Greece
77.4DiedJean-Charles de CoucyArchbishop of Reims, France
45.9AppointedMaximos Givaid (Jouwed)Titular Bishop of UthinaTitular Patriarch of Alexandria {Alessandria} (Coptic), Egypt
48.4AppointedLudovico Micara, O.F.M. Cap. †Minister General of Order of Friars Minor CapuchinCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia (e Velletri)
10 Mar55.4SelectedJoseph Maria Johann Nepomuk von FraunbergArchbishop of Bamberg, Germany
59.9SelectedPeter PustettBishop of Eichstätt, Germany
56.6SelectedIgnatz Albert (Joseph Ignatz Alexius) von Riegg, O.E.S.A. †Bishop of Augsburg, Germany
13 Mar25.2Ordained PriestGodehard BraunPriest of Trier, GermanyAuxiliary Bishop
23.1Ordained PriestGiuseppe ChiaromanniPriestBishop of Colle di Val d’Elsa, Italy
24.2Ordained PriestJoseph-Auguste-Victorin MorlhonPriestBishop of Le Puy-en-Velay, France
23.0Ordained PriestGiuseppe Luigi TrevisanatoPriestCardinal, Patriarch of Venezia {Venice}, Italy
17 Mar47.9SelectedVíctor Damián Sáez y Sánchez MayorBishop of Tortosa, Spain
20 Mar47.5SelectedEvasio Secundo AgodinoBishop of Aosta, Italy
72.2SelectedFrançois-Marie BigexArchbishop of Chambéry, France
56.6SelectedFrancesco Gaetano Buglioni (Bullione di Monale)Bishop of Mondovi, Italy
66.6SelectedFrancesco Vincenzo LombardBishop of Susa, Italy
41.6SelectedLuigi Paolo Maria Pochettini di SerravalleBishop of Ivrea, Italy
53.9SelectedPierre-Joseph ReyBishop of Pinerolo, ItalyBishop of Annecy, France
22 Mar58.7SelectedEmanuele Maria Bellorado, O.P. †Bishop of Catanzaro, ItalyBishop of Sant’Agata de’ Goti, Italy
60.4SelectedGiovanni CorcioneBishop of Bova, Italy
65.9SelectedGiovanni Battista de Martino di Pietradoro, Sch. P. †Bishop of Alife, ItalyBishop of Telese o Cerreto Sannita, Italy
65.9SelectedGiovanni Battista de Martino di Pietradoro, Sch. P. †Bishop of Telese o Cerreto Sannita, Italy
63.1SelectedVincenzo Ferrari, O.P. †Bishop of Melfi e Rapolla, Italy
49.2SelectedFelice GrecoBishop of San Marco e Bisignano, Italy
45.0SelectedNicola-Maria Laudisio, C.SS.R. †Bishop of Policastro, Italy
60.1SelectedDesiderio Mennone, C.SS.R. †Bishop of Lacedonia, Italy
41.9SelectedAntonio MonforteBishop of Troia, Italy
66.4SelectedMichele PalmieriBishop of Monopoli, Italy
66.1SelectedGiuseppe SegnaBishop of Marsi, Italy
25 Mar60.0SelectedJuan José Cordón LeyvaBishop of Guadix, Spain
60.7InstalledAugustin Johann Joseph GruberArchbishop of Salzburg, Austria
35.2Ordained BishopJoseph Rosati, C.M. †Coadjutor Bishop of Louisiana and the Two Floridas (Saint Louis of New Orleans), USABishop of Saint Louis, Missouri, USA
27 MarBornLörinc (Vavrinec) SchlauchCardinal, Bishop of Oradea Mare {Gran Varadino, Nagyvárad}, Romania
28 Mar66.3Ordained BishopJózsef BélikBishop of Spiš, Slovakia
BornFrancesco Zunnui CasulaArchbishop of Oristano, Italy
30 Mar64.4DiedInocêncio António das Neves Portugal, O. Carm. †Bishop-Elect of Faro {Algarve}, Portugal
83.7DiedJean-François PérierBishop Emeritus of Avignon, France
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