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The Year of Our Lord 1411

Bishop Events

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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
unknownDiedAndrea Bishop of Sutri, Italy
RemovedAntonio de RossiBishop of Terracina, Priverno e Sezze, ItalyBishop Emeritus
RemovedNicolň d’Assisi, O.S.B. †Bishop of Senj, CroatiaBishop Emeritus
BornGuglielmo Becchi, O.S.A. †Bishop Emeritus of Fiesole, Italy
DiedBenedetto BoccanegraBishop of Ventimiglia, Italy
51.0ResignedAntonio Caetani (Sr.)Administrator of Fiesole, ItalyCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Porto e Santa Rufina
DiedDieudonné d’EstaingBishop of Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux, France
ResignedGiovanni Archbishop of Napoli {Naples}, ItalyArchbishop Emeritus
ResignedDoimo GiudiciArchbishop of Split (Spalato), CroatiaArchbishop Emeritus
DiedPietro GuasconiBishop of Sagone (Sagona), France
DiedPaolo di JoannesBishop of Modon (Medone, Methone), Greece
BornJean Le JeuneCardinal, Bishop of Thérouanne, France
DiedPétur Nikulásson, O.P. †Bishop of Hólar, Iceland
BornJohannes Nix von HoheneckBishop Emeritus of Speyer, Germany
AppointedFilippo Ogerio, O. Carm. †Titular Archbishop of Damascus
DiedAntonio PetrucciBishop of Penne e Atri, Italy
BornSigfried Piscator, O.P. †Auxiliary Bishop of Mainz, Germany
AppointedAmbrogio RomanoBishop of Minori, Italy
BornJan RzeszowskiBishop of Kraków, Poland
BornPierre Spitznagel, O. Carm. †Auxiliary Bishop of Speyer, Germany
BornDietrich von SchönbergBishop of Naumburg, Germany
2 JanAppointedJean Arnaud, O.F.M. †Bishop of Sarlat, France
AppointedTommaso PerenduliArchbishop of Ravenna, Italy
7 JanAppointedBernhard BuloBishop of Dorpat (Tartu), Estonia
AppointedAlain de Kerazred (de la Rue)Bishop of Saint-Pol-de-Léon, FranceBishop of Saint-Brieuc, France
9 JanSelectedRudolf von PlanitzBishop of Meißen (Meissen), Germany
12 JanAppointedOgerio MorisetBishop of Aosta, ItalyBishop of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, France
11 FebAppointedAndrea MurićBishop of Albania
15 FebDiedCorrado CaraccioloCardinal, Cardinal-Priest of San Crisogono
18 FebAppointedOttobono LomellinoBishop of Aleria, France
AppointedHugues de TheissiacAdministrator of Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux, FranceBishop of Vaison, France
19 FebAppointedMonaldo MonaldeschiAdministrator of Orvieto, ItalyFormer Administrator
27 FebAppointedPierre Perricaud, O.P. †Bishop of Apt, France
8 MarDiedGuy de MalsecCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Palestrina
DiedUlrich Bishop of Lavant, Slovenia
9 MarAppointedAntonio da Zagarolo, O.F.M. †Bishop of Terracina, Priverno e Sezze, ItalyBishop of Gaeta, Italy
11 MarConfirmedRudolf von PlanitzBishop of Meißen (Meissen), Germany
20 MarAppointedBernard de ChevenonBishop of Amiens, FranceBishop of Beauvais, France
AppointedGeoffroy de Pérusse des CarsBishop of Saintes, France
21 MarAppointedPierre de GirardAdministrator of Lavaur, FranceCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Frascati
AppointedMarco , O.S.B. †Bishop of Ajaccio, France
23 MarAppointedErnst AuerBishop of Gurk, Austria
AppointedGuy de Roussillon-Bouchage, O.S.B. †Bishop of Avignon, France
AppointedKonrad von HebenstreitBishop of Freising, Germany
ResignedDegenhard von WeichsBishop-Elect of Freising, GermanyFormer Bishop-Elect
28 Mar65.2AppointedAlbrecht von WernigerodeBishop of Halberstadt, Germany
1 AprAppointedWolfhard von EhrenfelsBishop of Lavant, Slovenia
6 AprDiedLuigi AliottiBishop of Volterra, Italy
15 AprAppointedJacopo Spini (Scolari)Bishop of Volterra, Italy
18 AprAppointedGiovanni Straus, O.F.M. †Bishop of Pedena, Austria
22 AprDiedGiacomo LoredanBishop of Capodistria (Capo d’Istria)(Koper), Slovenia
MayDiedGiovanni Orsini de RivaltaBishop of Torino, Italy
30 MayAppointedAntoine de Chanac, O.S.B. †Bishop of Nemosia (Limasol), Greece
31 MayOrdained BishopRudolf von PlanitzBishop of Meißen (Meissen), Germany
6 Jun49.4AppointedAlamanno AdimariCardinal, Cardinal-Priest of Sant’Eusebio
49.4Elevated to CardinalAlamanno AdimariCardinal, Cardinal-Priest of Sant’Eusebio
61.4AppointedPierre d’AillyCardinal, Cardinal-Priest of San Crisogono
61.4Elevated to CardinalPierre d’AillyCardinal, Cardinal-Priest of San Crisogono
AppointedTommaso BrancaccioCardinal, Administrator of Tricarico, Italy
AppointedTommaso BrancaccioCardinal-Priest of Santi Giovanni e PaoloCardinal, Administrator of Tricarico, Italy
Elevated to CardinalTommaso BrancaccioCardinal, Administrator of Tricarico, Italy
AppointedGuglielmo CarboneCardinal-Priest of Santa BalbinaCardinal, Bishop of Chieti, Italy
Elevated to CardinalGuglielmo CarboneCardinal, Bishop of Chieti, Italy
AppointedLucido ContiCardinal, Cardinal-Deacon of Santa Maria in Cosmedin
Elevated to CardinalLucido ContiCardinal, Cardinal-Deacon of Santa Maria in Cosmedin
61.4AppointedBranda CastiglioneCardinal-Priest of San ClementeCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina
61.4Elevated to CardinalBranda CastiglioneCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina
61.4AppointedGilles DeschampsCardinal, Administrator of Coutances, France
61.4AppointedGilles DeschampsCardinal-PriestCardinal, Administrator of Coutances, France
61.4Elevated to CardinalGilles DeschampsCardinal, Administrator of Coutances, France
71.4AppointedJoăo Afonso EstevesCardinal-Priest of San Pietro in VincoliCardinal, Archbishop of Lisboa, Portugal
71.4Elevated to CardinalJoăo Afonso EstevesCardinal, Archbishop of Lisboa, Portugal
63.4AppointedGuillaume FillastreCardinal, Cardinal-Priest of San Marco
63.4Elevated to CardinalGuillaume FillastreCardinal, Cardinal-Priest of San Marco
Elevated to CardinalRobert HallamBishop of Salisbury, England, Great Britain
AppointedFrancesco LandoCardinal-Priest of Santa Croce in GerusalemmeCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina
Elevated to CardinalFrancesco LandoCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina
61.4AppointedAntonio PancieraCardinal-Priest of Santa SusannaCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Frascati
61.4Elevated to CardinalAntonio PancieraCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Frascati
8 JunAppointedPhilippe de LévisBishop of Agde, FranceBishop of Auch, France
16 JunAppointedCristoforo ZenoBishop of Capodistria (Capo d’Istria)(Koper), Slovenia
28 JunOrdained BishopRobert LancasterBishop of Saint Asaph, Wales, Great Britain
1 JulDiedGarsías Fernández de HerediaArchbishop of Zaragoza, Spain
8 Jul31.5AppointedHugues of LusignanAdministrator of Nicosia, CyprusPriest
15 JulAppointedAimone da RomagnanoBishop of Torino, Italy
AppointedLorenzo Venier, O.P. †Bishop of Modon (Medone, Methone), GreeceArchbishop of Zadar (Zara), Croatia
16 JulAppointedPietro da Haya, O. Carm. †Bishop of Tinos and Mykonos, Greece
2 AugDiedJacopo Spini (Scolari)Bishop of Volterra, Italy
3 AugDiedWalter von KöckritzBishop of Merseburg, Germany
27 AugAppointedStefano del BuonoBishop of Volterra, Italy
AppointedLéger Saporis d’EyraguesBishop of Gap, FranceBishop of Maguelonne, France
AppointedAlessio di Siregno, O.F.M. †Bishop of Piacenza, Italy
31 AugAppointedJean Poisson, O.E.S.A. †Auxiliary Bishop of Thérouanne, France
AppointedJean Poisson, O.E.S.A. †Bishop of Aegina Insula, GreeceAuxiliary Bishop of Thérouanne, France
7 Sep56.6DiedMikołaj KurowskiArchbishop of Gniezno, Poland
18 Sep20.7AppointedAstorgio AgnesiBishop of Mileto, ItalyArchbishop of Benevento, Italy
28 SepDiedZbyněk Zajíc z HaznburkaArchbishop of Praha {Prague}, Czechia
2 Oct70.7DiedAntonio CalviCardinal, Cardinal-Priest of San Marco
9 OctAppointedPietro RicciArchbishop of Pisa, Italy
19 OctAppointedDomenico d’Anglona, O. Cist. †Bishop of Sutri, ItalyBishop of Montefiascone, Italy
AppointedPietro da Pago, O.F.M. †Archbishop of Split (Spalato), Croatia
29 OctAppointedPietro Spínola, O.S.B. †Bishop of Savona, ItalyArchbishop of Cagliari, Italy
7 NovAppointedNikolaus LubichBishop of Merseburg, Germany
22 NovDiedJohann von EgloffsteinBishop of Würzburg, Germany
DecDiedEdoardo Michelotti, O.F.M. †Bishop of Perugia, Italy
8 DecSelectedJohann von BrunnBishop of Würzburg, Germany
9 DecDiedPere de CardonaBishop of Lérida, Spain
23 DecAppointedJón Henriksson, O.P. †Bishop of Hólar, Iceland


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