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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
2 May63.9AppointedJohn Đo Văn NgânAuxiliary Bishop of Xuân Lộc, Viet NamBishop
63.9AppointedJohn Đo Văn NgânTitular Bishop of BulelianaBishop of Xuân Lộc, Viet Nam
80.8DiedGeorge Hugh NiederauerArchbishop Emeritus of San Francisco, California, USA
55.6Ordained BishopMark Steven RivitusoTitular Bishop of TuruziAuxiliary Bishop of Saint Louis, Missouri, USA
74.8DiedBarry Alexander Anthony Wood, O.M.I. †Auxiliary Bishop of Durban, South Africa
3 May54.5Ordained BishopTimothy James HarrisBishop of Townsville, Australia
4 May51.4AppointedEdgar Aristizábal QuinteroBishop of Yopal, Colombia
5 May79.0DiedAmancio Escapa Aparicio, O.C.D. †Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
6 May77.3DiedYoussef Anis Abi-Aad, Ist. del Prado †Archbishop Emeritus of Alep [Beroea, Halab] (Maronite), Syria
61.9AppointedArturo AielloBishop of Avellino, Italy
59.7InstalledGiovanni ChecchinatoBishop of San Severo, Italy
74.1AppointedJean-Clément JeanbartAdministrator of Antiochia {Antioch} (Melkite Greek), SyriaArchbishop Emeritus of Alep [Beroea, Halab] (Melkite Greek), Syria
83.3RetiredGrégoire III (Loutfi) Laham, B.S.Patriarch of Antiochia {Antioch} (Melkite Greek), SyriaPatriarch Emeritus
83.3RetiredGrégoire III (Loutfi) Laham, B.S.Bishop of Damas (Melkite Greek), SyriaPatriarch Emeritus of Antiochia {Antioch} (Melkite Greek), Syria
75.3RetiredThomas Nguyễn Văn TrâmBishop of Bà Rịa, Viet NamBishop Emeritus
65.3SucceededEmmanuel Nguyên Hong SonBishop of Bà Rịa, Viet Nam
48.2Ordained BishopOrlando Olave VillanobaBishop of Tumaco, Colombia
63.6AppointedFrancisco Montecillo PadillaApostolic Nuncio to QatarApostolic Nuncio to Guatemala
56.4Ordained BishopGian Carlo PeregoArchbishop of Ferrara-Comacchio, Italy
7 May85.7DiedThomas Anthony WhiteApostolic Nuncio Emeritus to Fiji, Pacific (Oceania)
9 May84.1DiedBrian James Barnes, O.F.M. †Archbishop Emeritus of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
10 May58.6AppointedJacy Diniz RochaBishop of São Luíz de Cáceres, Mato Grosso, Brazil
51.9AppointedAndré Vital Félix da Silva, S.C.I.Bishop of Limoeiro do Norte, Ceara, Brazil
76.3RetiredJosé Haring, O.F.M.Bishop of Limoeiro do Norte, Ceara, BrazilBishop Emeritus
50.9AppointedLuiz Antônio Lopes RicciAuxiliary Bishop of Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, BrazilBishop of Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
50.9AppointedLuiz Antônio Lopes RicciTitular Bishop of TyndarisBishop of Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
11 May51.1AppointedPierre-Antoine Étienne Marie BozoBishop of Limoges, France
13 May54.4AppointedMichael Wallace BanachApostolic Nuncio to MauritaniaApostolic Nuncio to Sénégal
73.6InstalledPatrick D’Rozario, C.S.C.Cardinal-Priest of Nostra Signora del Santissimo Sacramento e Santi Martiri CanadesiCardinal, Archbishop Emeritus of Dhaka, Bangladesh
59.9CeasedEmmanuel Kofi Fianu, S.V.D.Apostolic Administrator of Keta-Akatsi, GhanaBishop of Ho, Ghana
39.0AppointedEduard Kava, O.F.M. Conv.Auxiliary Bishop of Lviv, Ukraine
39.0AppointedEduard Kava, O.F.M. Conv.Titular Bishop of CilibiaAuxiliary Bishop of Lviv, Ukraine
55.6Ordained BishopJohn Kim Son-TaeBishop of Jeonju {Chonju, Jeon Ju}, Korea (South)
61.1InstalledGabriel Edoe Kumordji, S.V.D.Bishop of Keta-Akatsi, Ghana
60.6Ordained BishopLawrence Sydney NicasioBishop of Belize City-Belmopan, Belize, Antilles
60.4AppointedJude Thaddeus OkoloApostolic Nuncio to Ireland
71.6ResignedValentin Pozaić, S.J.Auxiliary Bishop of Zagreb, CroatiaAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus
50.3Ordained BishopMario Enrique Quirós QuirósBishop of Cartago, Costa Rica
60.7Ordained BishopLászló VargaBishop of Kaposvár, Hungary
14 May81.2InstalledRenato CortiCardinal-Priest of San Giovanni a Porta LatinaCardinal, Bishop Emeritus of Novara, Italy
15 May76.2RetiredJustin Joseph BianchiniBishop of Geraldton, AustraliaBishop Emeritus
89.6DiedThomas Vose DailyBishop Emeritus of Brooklyn, New York, USA
64.6AppointedMichael Henry MorrisseyBishop of Geraldton, Australia
56.4AppointedBernard Edward ("Ned") Shlesinger IIIAuxiliary Bishop of Atlanta, Georgia, USA
56.4AppointedBernard Edward ("Ned") Shlesinger IIITitular Bishop of NaieraAuxiliary Bishop of Atlanta, Georgia, USA
16 May90.7DiedEmilio Lorenzo StehleBishop Emeritus of Santo Domingo de los Colorados, Ecuador
18 May57.9AppointedJorge Eduardo ScheinigAuxiliary Bishop of Mercedes-Luján, ArgentinaArchbishop
57.9AppointedJorge Eduardo ScheinigTitular Bishop of ItaArchbishop of Mercedes-Luján, Argentina
19 May64.9InstalledEnrique Díaz DíazBishop of Irapuato, Guanajuato, México
100.1DiedHubertus Cornelis Antonius ErnstBishop Emeritus of Breda, Netherlands
53.6Ordained BishopRobertus RubiyatmokoArchbishop of Semarang, Indonesia
20 May48.1Ordained BishopCalixto Paulino Esono Abaga ObonoBishop of Evinayong, Equatorial Guinea
52.3AppointedFabio Dal CinPrelate of Loreto, Italy
48.2Ordained BishopJuan Domingo-Beka Esono Ayang, C.M.F.Bishop of Mongomo, Equatorial Guinea
77.6RetiredCamilo Diaz GregorioPrelate of Batanes, PhilippinesPrelate Emeritus
68.5Ordained BishopJohn Gordon MacWilliam, M. Afr.Bishop of Laghouat, Algeria
82.5DiedMiguel Mykycej, F.D.P. †Bishop Emeritus of Santa María del Patrocinio en Buenos Aires (Ukrainian), Argentina
88.7DiedWilliam Clifford NewmanAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Baltimore, Maryland, USA
47.8Ordained BishopMiguel Angel Nguema Bee, S.D.B.Bishop of Ebebiyin, Equatorial Guinea
48.3InstalledOrlando Olave VillanobaBishop of Tumaco, Colombia
62.8InstalledManoel Delson Pedreira da Cruz, O.F.M. Cap.Archbishop of Paraíba, Brazil
73.4CeasedJulio Enrique Prado BolañosApostolic Administrator of Tumaco, ColombiaBishop Emeritus of Pasto, Colombia
52.4AppointedAndrzej PrzybylskiAuxiliary Bishop of Częstochowa, Poland
52.4AppointedAndrzej PrzybylskiTitular Bishop of Hortanum (Horta)Auxiliary Bishop of Częstochowa, Poland
78.0RetiredPeter RemigiusBishop of Kottar, IndiaBishop Emeritus
79.1CeasedGenival Saraiva de FrançaApostolic Administrator of Paraíba, BrazilBishop Emeritus of Palmares, Pernambuco, Brazil
54.1AppointedNazarene SoosaiBishop of Kottar, India
75.4RetiredGiovanni TonucciPrelate of Loreto, ItalyPrelate Emeritus
54.9AppointedDanilo Bangayan UlepPrelate of Batanes, Philippines
21 May48.1InstalledCalixto Paulino Esono Abaga ObonoBishop of Evinayong, Equatorial Guinea
23 May78.5DiedOlivier Jean-Marie Michel de Berranger, Ist. del Prado †Bishop Emeritus of Saint-Denis, France
24 May47.8InstalledMiguel Angel Nguema Bee, S.D.B.Bishop of Ebebiyin, Equatorial Guinea
26 May63.3AppointedAngelo De DonatisCardinal, Vicar General of Roma {Rome}, Italy
63.3AppointedAngelo De DonatisTitular Archbishop of MotulaCardinal, Vicar General of Roma {Rome}, Italy
63.3AppointedAngelo De DonatisArchpriest of the Arcibasilica di San Giovanni in Laterano {Saint John Lateran Basilica}Cardinal, Vicar General of Roma {Rome}, Italy
77.1RetiredAgostino ValliniVicar General of Roma {Rome}, ItalyCardinal, Vicar General Emeritus
77.1RetiredAgostino ValliniArchpriest of the Arcibasilica di San Giovanni in Laterano {Saint John Lateran Basilica}Cardinal, Vicar General Emeritus of Roma {Rome}, Italy
27 May46.5Ordained BishopVicente de Paula Ferreira, C.SS.R.Titular Bishop of Castra NovaAuxiliary Bishop of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil
52.3Ordained BishopAndrzej JózwowiczTitular Archbishop of LauriacumApostolic Nuncio to Iran
62.0AppointedPedro Sergio de Jesús Mena DíazAuxiliary Bishop of Yucatán, México
62.0AppointedPedro Sergio de Jesús Mena DíazTitular Bishop of Iulium CarnicumAuxiliary Bishop of Yucatán, México
56.7AppointedReinhold NannPrelate of Caravelí, Peru
28 May46.7Ordained BishopMartin DavidTitular Bishop of Thucca in NumidiaAuxiliary Bishop of Ostrava-Opava, Czechia
48.8Ordained BishopMatthäus KarrerTitular Bishop of TunnunaAuxiliary Bishop of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, Germany
59.7Ordained BishopOscar Nkolo Kanowa, C.I.C.M.Bishop of Mweka, Congo (Dem. Rep.)
60.4Ordained BishopHéctor Luis Zordán, M.SS.CC.Bishop of Gualeguaychú, Argentina
29 May49.9AppointedWilliam Albert Wack, C.S.C.Bishop of Pensacola-Tallahassee, Florida, USA
30 May94.0DiedDaniel William Kucera, O.S.B. †Archbishop Emeritus of Dubuque, Iowa, USA
86.9DiedJosé Carlos Melo, C.M. †Archbishop Emeritus of Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil
31 May56.9AppointedJosé Mário Scalon AngoneseBishop of Uruguaiana, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
58.0DiedJean-Marie Benoît BallaBishop of Bafia, Cameroon
50.9AppointedHilary Nanman Dachelem, C.M.F.Bishop of Bauchi, Nigeria
68.2AppointedFranz Josef GebertAuxiliary Bishop of Trier, Germany
68.2AppointedFranz Josef GebertTitular Bishop of Vegesela in ByzacenaAuxiliary Bishop of Trier, Germany
65.1AppointedHansjörg HoferAuxiliary Bishop of Salzburg, Austria
65.1AppointedHansjörg HoferTitular Bishop of AbziriAuxiliary Bishop of Salzburg, Austria
84.2DiedLubomyr Husar, M.S.U. †Cardinal, Major Archbishop Emeritus of Kyiv-Halyč {Kiev} (Ukrainian), Ukraine
46.3AppointedAlexandre Awi Mello, P. SchönstattSecretary of the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life
55.1Ordained BishopDaniel Henry MueggenborgTitular Bishop of TulliaBishop of Reno, Nevada, USA
61.8Ordained BishopDominic Nguyên Văn ManhCoadjutor Bishop of Ðà Lạt, Viet NamBishop
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