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Archdiocese of Cosenza-Bisignano

Archidioecesis Cosentina-Bisinianensis

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  • Giovanni Checchinato, Archbishop
  • Salvatore Nunnari, Archbishop Emeritus

Suffragan Dioceses

General Information

  • Type of Jurisdiction: Archdiocese
  • Name Changed: 30 September 1986
  • Metropolitan See
  • Rite: Latin (or Roman)
  • Country: Italy
  • Square Kilometers: 2,537 (979 Square Miles)
  • Conference Region: Calabria
  • Official Web Site:
  • Mailing Address: Arcivescovado, Piazza A.G. Parrasio 16, 87100 Cosenza, Italia
  • Telephone: 0984.68.77.21
  • Fax: 0984.25.883

Historical Details

Past and Present Ordinaries

Historical Summary

Diocese of Cosenza
7th CenturyErectedDiocese of Cosenza (erected)
1094Territory AddedDiocese of Amantea (suppressed) Diocese of Cosenza
Archdiocese of Cosenza
1150ElevatedDiocese of Cosenza Archdiocese of Cosenza
16 December 1963Territory AddedDiocese of Nicotera e Tropea (Aiello Calabro, Serra d'Aiello, Amantea, S. Pietro in Amantea, Belmonte Calabro, Cleto, Falconara Albanese, Fiumefreddo Bruzio and Longobardi plus Laghitelli and Terrati) Archdiocese of Cosenza
21 November 1973Territory AddedDiocese of Nicastro (Scigliano with the village of Lupia, Pedivigliano with the village of Pittarella, Golosimi with the villages of Covaci and Rizzuti, Bianchi and Panettieri) Archdiocese of Cosenza
Archdiocese of Cosenza e Bisignano
4 April 1979UnitedArchdiocese of Cosenza
Diocese of San Marco e Bisignano
Archdiocese of Cosenza e Bisignano
Archdiocese of Cosenza-Bisignano
29 January 1980Territory LostArchdiocese of Cosenza-Bisignano (San Giacomo) Diocese of San Marco Argentano-Scalea
30 September 1986Name ChangedArchdiocese of Cosenza e Bisignano Archdiocese of Cosenza-Bisignano
18 November 1989Territory LostArchdiocese of Cosenza-Bisignano (S. Carlo Borromeo in Panettieri)
Archdiocese of Crotone-Santa Severina (San Michele Arcangelo in Cuturella)
Diocese of Lamezia Terme (Spirito Santo in Castagna)
Diocese of Locri-Gerace (-Santa Maria di Polsi) (S. Maria del Carmine and S Maria delle Grazie, both in Fabrizia)
Archdiocese of Catanzaro-Squillace
18 November 1997Territory LostArchdiocese of Cosenza-Bisignano (Sant'Andrea Apostolo (Guardia Piemontese), Santa Maria del Rifugio (Acquappesa), and Santa Teresa V. (Intavolata di Acquappesa)) Diocese of San Marco Argentano-Scalea
30 January 2001ElevatedArchdiocese of Cosenza-Bisignano (became a Metropolitan)


YearCatholicsTotal PopulationPercent CatholicDiocesan PriestsReligious PriestsTotal PriestsCatholics Per PriestPermanent DeaconsMale ReligiousFemale ReligiousParishesSource
Archdiocese of Cosenza
Archdiocese of Cosenza e Bisignano
Archdiocese of Cosenza-Bisignano

Note: Any changes in boundaries over time are not indicated in the above table.

Affiliated Bishops, Living

Affiliated Bishops, Deceased


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