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Patriarch Grégoire III (Loutfi) Laham, B.S.

Patriarch Emeritus of Antiochia {Antioch} (Melkite Greek), Syria


15 Dec 1933 Born
15 Aug 194915.6Simple VowsMember of Arrouhbaniat Albassiliat Almoukhalissiat (Melkite Greek)
20 Jan 195218.0Perpetual VowsMember of Arrouhbaniat Albassiliat Almoukhalissiat (Melkite Greek)
15 Feb 195925.1Ordained PriestPriest of Arrouhbaniat Albassiliat Almoukhalissiat (Melkite Greek)
1975²41.0AppointedPatriarchal Vicar of Jerusalem {Gerusalemme} (Melkite Greek), Palestine
9 Sep 198147.7AppointedTitular Archbishop of Tarsus dei Greco-Melkiti
27 Nov 198147.9Ordained BishopTitular Archbishop of Tarsus dei Greco-Melkiti
1992²58.0AppointedPatriarchal Exarch of Jerusalem {Gerusalemme} (Melkite Greek), Palestine
1998²64.0AppointedProtosyncellus of Jerusalem {Gerusalemme} (Melkite Greek), Palestine
29 Nov 200066.9SelectedPatriarch of Antiochia {Antioch} (Melkite Greek), Syria
29 Nov 200066.9SelectedBishop of Damas (Melkite Greek), Syria
5 Dec 200066.9ConfirmedPatriarch of Antiochia {Antioch} (Melkite Greek), Syria
5 Dec 200066.9ConfirmedBishop of Damas (Melkite Greek), Syria
23 Jun 200773.5AppointedPatriarchal Administrator of Iraq (Melkite Greek)
6 May 201783.3RetiredPatriarch of Antiochia {Antioch} (Melkite Greek), Syria
6 May 201783.3RetiredBishop of Damas (Melkite Greek), Syria
6 May 201783.3RetiredPatriarchal Administrator of Iraq (Melkite Greek)

Note(s): ² Month Uncertain

MicroData Summary for Grégoire III (Loutfi) Laham
(VIAF: 81427018; WikiData: Q544296)
Patriarch Grégoire III (Loutfi) Laham B.S. (born ) Patriarch Emeritus of Antiochia {Antioch}

Birth PlaceDaraya, Archdiocese of Damas (Melkite Greek)
Ordained BishopCathedral, Damas, Archdiocese of Damas (Melkite Greek)

Please contact the Patriarch through the Patriarchate of Antiochia {Antioch} (Melkite Greek).

  • a priest for years
  • a bishop for years
Episcopal Lineage / Apostolic Succession:

  • r: Bollettino, 6 May 2017
  • simp/c1: CB, 11 Jul 2017
  • ob/c2: Le Petit Episcopologe, Issue 71, Number 5,680
  • ob/c2+: Le Petit Episcopologe, Issue 72, Number 5,775


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