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January to June

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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
unknownDiedGiovanni d’Ancona, O.F.M. †Bishop of Senigallia, Italy
DiedDragonet d’Artaud de MontaubanBishop of Gap, France
DiedBartolomé Bishop of Cádiz, Spain
DiedPetrus BeckeBishop of Sirmio (Srijem; Sirmium), Croatia
DiedBertuccio de Citrano, O.F.M. †Bishop of San Marco (Argentano), Italy
DiedFirmin CoquerelBishop of Noyon, France
DiedGiordano Curti, O.F.M. †Archbishop of Messina, Italy
DiedTortstein EirikssonBishop of Bjřrgvin (Bergen), Norway
DiedBernard FournierBishop of Elne, France
AppointedGisbrikt ErlendssonBishop of Bjřrgvin (Bergen), Norway
Ordained BishopGisbrikt ErlendssonBishop of Bjřrgvin (Bergen), Norway
DiedGuglielmo , O.F.M. †Bishop of Scala, Italy
69.0DiedJohannes Hake (Westerhold)Bishop of Freising, Germany
DiedHallvard Bishop of Hamar, Norway
DiedIstván HarcsákiArchbishop of Kalocsa, Hungary
AppointedGyrðir ÍvarssonBishop of Skálholt, Iceland
Ordained BishopGyrðir ÍvarssonBishop of Skálholt, Iceland
AppointedDionizije LackovićBishop of Zagreb (Agram), CroatiaArchbishop of Kalocsa, Hungary
DiedLandolf Bishop of Valva e Sulmona, Italy
DiedLuca Bishop of San Leone, Italy
DiedMariano Bishop of Sulcis, Italy
DiedSenatore MartiranoBishop of Martirano (Martoranum), Italy
AppointedMatteo , O.E.S.A. †Bishop of Lango, Hungary
DiedFrancesco MichielArchbishop of Candia {Crete}, Greece
DiedRaimondo de MontechatenoBishop of Mazara del Vallo, Italy
DiedNiccolň Bishop of Modon (Medone, Methone), Greece
AppointedOlaf Bishop of Hamar, Norway
DiedGuttorm PĺlssonBishop of Stavanger, Norway
DiedPedro PeńarandaBishop of Cartagena (en Espańa)
DiedGiacomo de PiacenzaBishop of Zagreb (Agram), Croatia
DiedPietro Bishop of Lettere (-Gragnano), Italy
59.0AppointedPierre Roger, O.S.B. †Administrator of Avignon, FrancePope (Roma {Rome}, Italy)
AppointedCesaire de RosisAuxiliary Bishop of Canterbury, England, Great Britain
DiedElia Seguini, O.P. †Bishop of Vieste, Italy
AppointedStefano , O.F.M. †Bishop of Ruvo (Ruo)(di Puglia), Italy
DiedCsanád de TelegdiArchbishop of Esztergom, Hungary
AppointedTommaso , O. Praem. †Auxiliary Bishop of Wrocław (Breslau), Poland
AppointedTommaso , O. Praem. †Titular Bishop of SareptaAuxiliary Bishop of Wrocław (Breslau), Poland
AppointedMiklós VásáriArchbishop of Kalocsa, HungaryArchbishop of Esztergom, Hungary
DiedHeinrich von WarendorpBishop of Schleswig, Germany
7 JanAppointedGiacomo de AtriArchbishop of Taranto, Italy
AppointedBertrand de Castronovo (Châteauneuf)Archbishop of Salerno, ItalyBishop of Viviers (Aps), France
27.0AppointedNikolaus von LuxemburgBishop of Naumburg, GermanyPatriarch of Aquileia, Italy
AppointedJean de Révol, O.P. †Bishop of Orange, France
8 JanAppointedAmédée d’AmesinBishop of Belley, France
12 JanAppointedGiacomo da CerretoBishop of Vulturara, ItalyBishop of Telese o Cerreto Sannita, Italy
AppointedRuggero Bishop of Tricarico, Italy
19 JanAppointedBernard d’AlbiCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Porto e Santa Rufina
AppointedNicola d’OfferioBishop of Nola, Italy
23 JanAppointedJean de CojordanBishop of Mirepoix, France
25 JanOrdained BishopStefano , O.F.M. †Bishop of Ruvo (Ruo)(di Puglia), Italy
28 JanAppointedPierre Artaudi, O.P. †Bishop of Sisteron, FranceBishop of Fréjus, France
AppointedBongiovanni Bishop of Fermo, ItalyArchbishop of Patrae Veteres (Patras), Greece
AppointedBertrando Colleti, O.P. †Bishop of Tiflis, GeorgiaBishop of Larino, Italy
AppointedNuńo de FuentesArchbishop of Sevilla {Seville}, Spain
AppointedRodrigo de LaraBishop of Astorga, Spain
AppointedPedro López de Aguiar, O.P. †Bishop of Lugo, Spain
30 JanAppointedBartolomeo Bishop of Trogir (Traů), Croatia
31 JanAppointedDominique Archbishop of Bar (Antivari), Montenegro
17 FebAppointedPierre d’AndréBishop of Cambrai, France
AppointedGuy de VentadourBishop of Vabres, France
18 FebAppointedPierre d’AigrefeuilleBishop of Clermont, FranceBishop of Avignon, France
23 FebDiedAnthelme de ClermontBishop of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, France
2 MarAppointedGuillaume LamyTitular Patriarch of Jerusalem {Gerusalemme}, Palestine
AppointedGuillaume LamyAdministrator of Fréjus, FranceTitular Patriarch of Jerusalem {Gerusalemme}, Palestine
AppointedLouis de VaucemainBishop of Chartres, France
16 MarAppointedGiacomo Gioia, O.F.M. †Bishop of Lettere (-Gragnano), Italy
18 MarAppointedAmedeo di Savoia-AcaiaBishop of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, France
20 MarAppointedThomas de Brakenberg, O.F.M. †Bishop of Leighlin, Ireland
DiedGuillaume MahéBishop of Saint-Malo, France
AppointedPietro Porta, O. Cist. †Archbishop of Messina, Italy
22 MarOrdained BishopBerenguer CruillesBishop of Gerona, Spain
Ordained BishopJean Jourens (Joffevry, Jouffroi)Bishop of Riez, FranceBishop of Le Puy-en-Velay, France
Ordained BishopJean de Révol, O.P. †Bishop of Orange, France
29 MarOrdained BishopPedro Amariz (Clasquerin)Bishop of Huesca, SpainArchbishop of Tarragona, Spain
30 MarOrdained BishopThomas de Brakenberg, O.F.M. †Bishop of Leighlin, Ireland
AppointedOrso DelfinoArchbishop of Candia {Crete}, GreeceCardinal, Patriarch of Grado, Italy
AppointedLudovico della TorreBishop of Olena, GreecePatriarch of Aquileia, Italy
AppointedMatteo Bishop of Monteverde, Italy
AppointedAntonio NegriBishop of Trieste, ItalyArchbishop of Candia {Crete}, Greece
AprResignedJean de Conflans, O.S.B. †Bishop of Orléans, FranceBishop Emeritus
DiedNicola d’OfferioBishop of Nola, Italy
8 AprDiedGuglielmo Dulcini de Monte Albano, O.P. †Bishop of Lucca, Italy
10 AprDiedBartolomeo de’ Bardi, O.E.S.A. †Bishop of Spoleto, Italy
18 AprDiedGarsias de FabriBishop of Aire, France
21 AprDiedGuido da BaisioBishop of Ferrara, Italy
22 AprAppointedWilliam Russel, O. Cist. †Bishop of Sodor and Man, Scotland, Great Britain
27 AprAppointedPhilippe de Conflans, O.S.B. †Bishop of Orléans, FranceBishop-Elect
3 May24.3Ordained BishopBienheureux Aldobrandino d’EsteBishop of Adria, ItalyBishop of Ferrara, Italy
11 MayAppointedGuillaume OuvrouinBishop of Saint-Pol-de-Léon, FranceBishop Emeritus
AppointedHenri de PoitiersBishop of Gap, FranceBishop of Troyes, France
AppointedSimon de Rossoman, O.P. †Bishop of Clonmacnoise, IrelandBishop of Derry, Ireland
18 MayAppointedBarnaba , O.S.B.I. †Bishop of Oppido Mamertina, Italy
AppointedRamón GiletBishop of Sulcis, Italy
AppointedGiovanni Bishop of San Marco (Argentano), Italy
AppointedGiovanni de Rupella, O. Carm. †Bishop of Trebinje, Bosnia and HerzegovinaBishop of Potenza, Italy
AppointedGiovanni Savelli, O.F.M. †Bishop of Martirano (Martoranum), ItalyBishop of Bisignano, Italy
20 MayDiedJohn de UffordArchbishop-Elect of Canterbury, England, Great Britain
25 MayAppointedAntonio de Alexandria, O.F.M. †Archbishop of Durrës (Durazzo), Albania
AppointedJuan Bishop of Badajoz, Spain
AppointedFrancesco RufoloBishop of Nola, Italy
AppointedSancho Bishop of Cádiz, Spain
13 JunDiedJean des PrezBishop of Tournai {Doornik}, Belgium
15 JunAppointedGuglielmo MonstrioBishop of Mazara del Vallo, ItalyArchbishop Emeritus of Monreale, Italy
16 JunAppointedBartolomeo Bishop of Marsico Nuovo, Italy
17 JunDiedFolignus CarboniBishop of Fiesole, Italy
AppointedRaimond d’Aigrefeuille, O.S.B. †Bishop of Rodez, France
AppointedDauphin de MarquefaveBishop of Aire, France
AppointedNicola , O.F.M. †Bishop of Vieste, Italy
19 JunAppointedThomas BradwardinArchbishop of Canterbury, England, Great Britain
22 JunAppointedRemigio de Florentia, O.E.S.A. †Bishop of Comacchio, ItalyBishop Emeritus of Pistoia, Italy
23 Jun69.3DiedPierre Bertrand (Sr.)Cardinal, Cardinal-Priest of San Clemente
AppointedGiacomo Sersale, O.P. †Bishop of Scala, ItalyBishop Emeritus
25 JunAppointedUgolin de Malabranca, O.S.B. †Archbishop of Split (Spalato), CroatiaArchbishop Emeritus
27 JunAppointedGiovanni ScarlattiArchbishop of Pisa, Italy
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