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The Year of Our Lord 1950

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10 JulVicariate Apostolic of Isole della Piccola Sonda, Indonesia (Islands of Bali and Lombok) Territory LostPrefecture Apostolic of Denpasar, Indonesia Erected
11 JulArchdiocese of Siracusa e Ragusa, Italy (Giarralana) Territory LostDiocese of Noto, Italy Territory Added
11 JulDiocese of Noto, Italy (Buccheri, Ferla, Gassaro, Buscemi, and Palatolo Acreide) Territory LostArchdiocese of Siracusa e Ragusa, Italy Territory Added
11 JulVicariate Apostolic of Ipamu, Congo (Dem. Rep.) (Boundaries adjusted)
Vicariate Apostolic of Koango o Kwango, Congo (Dem. Rep.) (Boundaries adjusted)
Territory Added
12 JulPrefecture Apostolic of Zenshu, Korea (South) Name ChangedPrefecture Apostolic of Chonju, Korea (South) Name Changed
12 JulVicariate Apostolic of Kanko o Hamheung, Korea (North) Name ChangedVicariate Apostolic of Hamheung, Korea (North) Name Changed
12 JulPrefecture Apostolic of Kwoszu, Korea (South) Name ChangedPrefecture Apostolic of Kwangju, Korea (South) Name Changed
12 JulVicariate Apostolic of Heijo, Korea (North) Name ChangedVicariate Apostolic of Pyong-Yang, Korea (North) Name Changed
12 JulVicariate Apostolic of Seul, Korea (South) Name ChangedVicariate Apostolic of Seoul, Korea (South) Name Changed
12 JulVicariate Apostolic of Taiku, Korea (South) Name ChangedVicariate Apostolic of Taiku, Korea (South) Name Changed
12 JulTerritorial Abbey of Tokugen o Tokwon, Korea (North) Name ChangedTerritorial Abbey of Tŏkwon {Tokugen}, Korea (North) Name Changed
14 JulPrefecture Apostolic of Pilcomayo, Paraguay ElevatedVicariate Apostolic of Pilcomayo, Paraguay Elevated
14 JulPrefecture Apostolic of Lusaka, Zambia ElevatedVicariate Apostolic of Lusaka, Zambia Elevated
14 JulDiocese of Buéa, Cameroon
Prefecture Apostolic of Jos, Nigeria
Prefecture Apostolic of Oturkpo, Nigeria
Territory LostPrefecture Apostolic of Yola, Nigeria (Adamctwa and parts of Bomu) Erected
15 JulDiocese of Dacca, Bangladesh ElevatedArchdiocese of Dacca, Bangladesh Elevated
15 JulDiocese of Karachi, Pakistan ElevatedArchdiocese of Karachi, Pakistan Elevated
15 JulDiocese of Multan, Pakistan (from Delhi and Simla) Metropolitan Changed
15 JulDiocese of Lahore, Pakistan (from Delhi and Simla) Metropolitan Changed
15 JulDiocese of Rawalpindi, Pakistan (from Delhi and Simla) Metropolitan Changed
15 JulDiocese of Dinajpur, Bangladesh (from Calcutta) Metropolitan Changed
15 JulDiocese of Chittagong, Bangladesh (from Calcutta) Metropolitan Changed
16 JulPrefecture Apostolic of Shunsen, Korea (South) Name ChangedPrefecture Apostolic of Chunchon, Korea (South) Name Changed
17 JulDelegation to Pakistan Established
25 JulEparchy of Changanacherry (Syro-Malabar), India (Palai, Muttuchira, Kuravilangatt, Anacallu, and Uamapuram) Territory LostDiocese of Palai (Syro-Malabar), India Erected
5 AugMilitary Ordinariate of Spain, Military Erected
10 AugPrefecture Apostolic of Kaohsiung, Taiwan (Taiohungense) Territory LostPrefecture Apostolic of Taichung, Taiwan Erected
11 AugPrefecture Apostolic of Alto Solimões, Brazil ElevatedTerritorial Prelature of Alto Solimões, Amazonas, Brazil Elevated
11 AugPrefecture Apostolic of Tefé, Brazil Territory LostTerritorial Prelature of Tefé, Amazonas, Brazil Erected
11 AugDiocese of Zamboanga, Philippines (Cotabato and Sulu) Territory LostTerritorial Prelature of Cotabato and Sulu, Philippines Erected
15 SepDiocese of Mazara del Vallo, Italy (Aloamo, Galatafimi, Castellammare del Golfo, and Borgo Fazio Communis Drepanensis) Territory LostDiocese of Trapani, Italy Territory Added
15 SepDiocese of Trapani, Italy (Cossura island (Pantelleria)) Territory LostDiocese of Mazara del Vallo, Italy Territory Added
21 OctPrefecture Apostolic of Jubbulpore, India Name ChangedPrefecture Apostolic of Jabalpur, India Name Changed
21 OctDiocese of Madura, India Name ChangedDiocese of Madurai, India Name Changed
21 OctDiocese of Trichinopoly, India Name ChangedDiocese of Tiruchirapalli, India Name Changed
21 OctDiocese of Vizagapatnam, India Name ChangedDiocese of Visakhapatnam, India Name Changed
21 OctDiocese of Bezwada, India Name ChangedDiocese of Vijayawada, India Name Changed
6 NovMilitary Ordinariate of Brazil, Military Erected
30 NovDiocese of Tuguegarao, Philippines (Islands of Batanes, Babuyan, and Fuga) Territory LostTerritorial Prelature of Batanes and the Babuyan Islands, Philippines Erected
1 DecVicariate Apostolic of Nilo Equatoriale, Uganda Name ChangedVicariate Apostolic of Gulu, Uganda Name Changed
8 DecMilitary Ordinariate of Philippines, Military Erected
12 DecTitular See of Sion ElevatedTitular See of Sion Elevated
21 DecVicariate Apostolic of Brazzaville, Congo (Alima, Sanga-Likouala, and Likouala) Territory LostVicariate Apostolic of Fort-Rousset, Congo Erected
21 DecVicariate Apostolic of Laos (Gammon, Savannakhet, Saravane, and Bassac) Territory LostPrefecture Apostolic of Thakhek, Laos Erected
21 DecVicariate Apostolic of Laos Name ChangedVicariate Apostolic of Thare, Thailand Name Changed


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