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The Year of Our Lord 1394

Bishop Events

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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
unknownAppointedAngelo Bishop of Civita Castellana, Italy
DiedJohn Aubrey, O.P. †Bishop of Ardagh (and Clonmacnois), Ireland
Elevated to CardinalGilles Aycelin de BellèmereCardinal, Bishop of Avignon, France
ResignedJohannes BrunonisBishop of Kammin (Camin), GermanyBishop Emeritus
AppointedGiacomo Bustini, O.F.M. †Auxiliary Bishop of Tournai {Doornik}, BelgiumBishop of Asolo (Cittanova; Eraclea), Italy
DiedSimone CalaberBishop of Oppido Mamertina, Italy
DiedGiacomo Castelli, O.F.M. Conv. †Bishop of Nicastro, Italy
DiedJános CzudarBishop of Zagreb (Agram), Croatia
DiedPedro DíazBishop of Orense, Spain
DiedDiego de los RoelesBishop of Ávila, Spain
AppointedGiovanni FaitaniBishop of Senigallia, Italy
DiedMartino de FerrariBishop of Luni, Italy
AppointedAfonso FerrazBishop of Guarda, Portugal
DiedAlfonso de FríasBishop of Segovia, Spain
AppointedGerardo Bishop of Cerenzia, ItalyArchbishop of Santa Severina, Italy
AppointedPietro Giovanni de Paludibus, O.F.M. †Archbishop of Acerenza e Matera, ItalyBishop of Cefalonia e Zante, Greece
DiedBeno Henrici KorpBishop of Västerås (Westeraes), Sweden
DiedJan Bishop of Seret, Moldova
AppointedJohn Bishop of Garðar, Greenland
DiedVasco de Lamego, O. Cist. †Bishop of Guarda, Portugal
BornAndrew MacBradaighBishop of Kilmore, Ireland
AppointedNicola Bishop of Tricarico, ItalyBishop Emeritus of Rossano, Italy
AppointedPietro Bishop of Scala, ItalyBishop of Termoli, Italy
BornBl. Alerino RembaudiBishop of Alba (Pompea), Italy
RemovedRiccardo Archbishop of Otranto, ItalyArchbishop Emeritus
DiedAntonio RoceresBishop of Galtelli, Italy
DiedJohn RossBishop of Down, Ireland
ResignedAntonio di Sarno, O.F.M. †Bishop of Sant’Agata de’ Goti, ItalyBishop Emeritus
41.0Ordained PriestPaolo di Santa MaríaPriestBishop Emeritus of Burgos, Spain
DiedAntonio VialeBishop of Savona, Italy
ResignedRichard Wye, O. Carm. †Bishop of Cloyne, IrelandBishop Emeritus
14 JanAppointedDietrich Schenk, O.F.M. †Auxiliary Bishop of Münster, Germany
AppointedDietrich Schenk, O.F.M. †Titular Bishop of AthyraAuxiliary Bishop of Münster, Germany
23 JanAppointedPedro Fernández de FríasAdministrator of Osma, SpainCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina
Elevated to CardinalPedro Fernández de FríasCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina
AppointedWilhelm von RaronBishop of Sion {Sitten}, Switzerland
26 JanAppointedMartino da Gemona (Franceschini)Bishop of Ceneda, Italy
AppointedGonçalo GonçalvesBishop of Lamego, Portugal
34.0AppointedJan KropidłoArchbishop (Personal Title) of Poznań, PolandBishop of Włocławek (Kujawy, Kalisze), Poland
39.0AppointedDobrogost z Nowego DworuArchbishop of Gniezno, Poland
AppointedMarco PorriBishop of Nusco, Italy
28 JanAppointedJuan García ManriqueAdministrator of Tuy, SpainArchbishop of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
AppointedGonzalo Mena RoelasArchbishop of Sevilla {Seville}, Spain
AppointedJuan Ramírez de GuzmánBishop of Calahorra y La Calzada, SpainBishop of Ávila, Spain
AppointedJuan de VillacrecesBishop of Burgos, Spain
31 JanAppointedNiccolò GuinigiBishop of Lucca, Italy
4 FebAppointedGergely Szeri PósafiBishop of Sirmio (Srijem; Sirmium), CroatiaBishop of Csanád, Hungary
6 FebDiedFrancesco Moricotti Prignani ButilloCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Palestrina
11 FebAppointedAlberto di San Giorgio, O.F.M. †Bishop of Belluno e Feltre, Italy
13 FebAppointedGerardo Bishop of Rossano, ItalyArchbishop of Santa Severina, Italy
AppointedGuglielmo Bishop of Cerenzia, Italy
16 FebAppointedNicola Baziae de Vegla, O.F.M. †Bishop of Caorle, ItalyBishop Emeritus
AppointedAndrea Bon, O.P. †Bishop of Pedena, AustriaBishop of Canea (Cydonia, Egée), Greece
1 MarDiedFoulgues de Chanac, O.S.B. †Bishop of Orléans, France
9 MarAppointedHenry Bishop of Orkney (Kirkwall), Scotland, Great Britain
AppointedPino OrdelaffiBishop of Cervia, Italy
15 MarAppointedGiorgio , O.E.S.A. †Bishop of Ardjisch (Argeș; Argesch), Romania
16 MarAppointedGerald Canton, O.E.S.A. †Bishop of Cloyne, Ireland
30 MarAppointedPietro de GiorgiBishop of Tortona, ItalyArchbishop of Genova, Italy
AprDiedPietro da Fano, O.E.S.A. †Bishop of Fano, ItalyBishop of Massa Marittima, Italy
11 AprAppointedBenedetto Bishop of Castro [del Lazio], Italy
15 AprAppointedTideman de WinchcombBishop of Llandaff, Wales, Great BritainBishop of Worcester, England, Great Britain
19 AprDiedNicolas de BignesBishop of Belley, France
4 MayAppointedRoberto MazzaBishop of Nicastro, ItalyBishop Emeritus
24 MayAppointedAngelo Vecchio, O.F.M. †Bishop of Lesina, Italy
3 JunAppointedGiannino MalataccaBishop of Oppido Mamertina, Italy
AppointedStefano di Napoli, O. Carm. †Archbishop of Durrës (Durazzo), Albania
5 JunAppointedHeinrich Schatzmeister aus OrlamündeBishop of Merseburg, GermanyBishop Emeritus
8 JunAppointedStefan Martini, O.P. †Bishop of Seret, Moldova
11 JunDiedGuy di PranginsBishop of Lausanne, Switzerland
13 JunAppointedGuy de PruneléBishop of Orléans, France
24 JunAppointedAimone de SéchalAdministrator of Lausanne, SwitzerlandTitular Patriarch of Jerusalem {Gerusalemme}, Palestine
28 JunDiedRuprecht von BergBishop of Paderborn, Germany
4 JulAppointedNicolas Antonio, O.P. †Bishop of Lucera, ItalyBishop of Salpi (Salapia), Italy
17 JulAppointedJaroslaus de Bezmyrz, O.F.M. †Titular Bishop of Sarepta
AppointedJoannes Zacow, O.F.M. †Titular Bishop of Christopolis
31 JulAppointedGiovanni , O.E.S.A. †Bishop of Nona (Nin), Croatia
34.5AppointedJan KropidłoArchbishop (Personal Title) of Kammin (Camin), GermanyBishop of Włocławek (Kujawy, Kalisze), Poland
7 AugAppointedFrancesco de AielloBishop of Cava (de’ Tirreni), ItalyArchbishop of Bari (-Canosa), Italy
AppointedLigorio Maiorino, O.S.B. †Archbishop of Salerno, ItalyArchbishop of Colosses {Rhodes}, Greece
AppointedGuillaume de MenthonyBishop of Lausanne, Switzerland
AppointedAimone de SéchalAdministrator of Belley, FranceTitular Patriarch of Jerusalem {Gerusalemme}, Palestine
23 AugOrdained BishopGuillaume de MenthonyBishop of Lausanne, Switzerland
7 SepAppointedJohann von HoyaBishop of Paderborn, GermanyBishop Emeritus of Hildesheim, Germany
AppointedPetar Petra Telikona, O.F.M. †Bishop of Duvno, Bosnia and Herzegovina
AppointedFrancesco di Pietro, O. Cist. †Bishop of Lezhë {Lesh, Alessio}, Albania
60.6DiedAdolf von der MarkArchbishop Emeritus of Köln {Cologne}, Germany
9 SepAppointedNicolo Berruti (Berruto), O.P. †Bishop of Massa Marittima, ItalyArchbishop of Oristano, Italy
AppointedGiovanni GabrielliArchbishop of Pisa, Italy
AppointedLorenzo GambacortaArchbishop (Personal Title) of Treviso, ItalyBishop
AppointedRobert ReadeBishop of Waterford and Lismore, IrelandBishop of Chichester, England, Great Britain
16 SepAppointedJohn Donegan, O.S.B. †Bishop of Down, Ireland
52.7DiedRobert de GenèveBishop Emeritus of Cambrai, FranceCardinal, Bishop
AppointedJean de La Grange, O.S.B. †Cardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Frascati
AppointedJohn O’MachanBishop of Derry, Ireland
19 SepDiedJoão d’AngoultArchbishop of Aix, France
3 Oct66.7Ordained PriestPedro Martínez de Luna y Pérez de GotorPriestCardinal, Bishop
11 Oct66.7Ordained BishopPedro Martínez de Luna y Pérez de GotorCardinal, Bishop
12 OctDiedJan SoběslavPatriarch of Aquileia, Italy
14 OctAppointedGiovanni , O.P. †Bishop of Fano, Italy
AppointedPaolo de Roma, O.F.M. †Bishop of Galtelli, Italy
21 OctConfirmedJohn TrevorBishop of Saint Asaph, Wales, Great BritainBishop Emeritus
23 OctDiedChristian von WitzlebenBishop of Naumburg, Germany
24 OctDiedArnaud de La TrémoilleBishop of Mirepoix, France
26 OctAppointedGiacomo PapaBishop of Sant’Agata de’ Goti, Italy
AppointedHenry Tyrlaw (Twillow), O.F.M. †Bishop of Annaghdown (Enach Dune), Ireland
29 OctAppointedGiovanni Firmoni (Grimaldi)Bishop of Savona, ItalyBishop of Fermo, Italy
4 NovAppointedAlfonso CorreaBishop of Segovia, Spain
AppointedJuan Gonzalez Fernandez de IllescasBishop of Orense, SpainBishop of Sigüenza, Spain
AppointedBertrand de MaumontBishop of Mirepoix, FranceBishop Emeritus of Tulle, France
15 NovAppointedGiovanni , O.F.M. †Bishop of Lavello, ItalyBishop of Ales (Uselli), Italy
12 DecAppointedTommaso Bishop of Acerra, Italy
23 DecAppointedGiovanni de AchilloBishop of Caserta, Italy
DiedThomas BrentinghamBishop of Exeter, England, Great Britain


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