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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
7 JulDiedPierre de CanillacBishop of Maguelonne, France
13 JulAppointedAndouin AubertCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia (e Velletri)
62.3DiedPierre Bertrand (Jr.)Cardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia (e Velletri)
18 JulAppointedGiovanni di MagnaviaBishop of Orvieto, Italy
21 JulDiedGilbert de MandegachesBishop of Lodève, France
DiedReginald de MaubernardBishop of Autun, France
31 JulAppointedDomonkos BebekBishop of Csanád, HungaryBishop of Oradea Mare {Gran Varadino, Nagyvárad}, Romania
1 Aug41.5DiedJean de CaramanCardinal-Deacon of San Giorgio in VelabroCardinal,
2 Aug41.5AppointedPierre Aycelin de Montaigut, O.S.B. †Bishop of Nevers, FranceCardinal, Former Administrator of Alet, France
AppointedGuillaume BragoseBishop of Vabres, FranceCardinal, Major Penitentiary of the Apostolic Penitentiary
AppointedDieudonné de Canillac, O.S.B. †Bishop of Maguelonne, France
AppointedFaydit d’Aigrefeuille, O.S.B. †Bishop of Rodez, FranceCardinal-Priest of Santi Silvestro e Martino ai Monti
AppointedJean PeyssoniArchbishop of Aix, France
3 AugDiedGiovanni di Naso, O.P. †Bishop of Bologna, Italy
4 AugAppointedAlfonso de VargasBishop of Ávila, Spain
AppointedWilliam WhittleseyBishop of Rochester, England, Great BritainArchbishop of Canterbury, England, Great Britain
AppointedNicolás Yáñez Gutiérrez de AguilarBishop of Cartagena (en España)
7 Aug55.5DiedBernard de La TourCardinal, Cardinal-Deacon of Sant’Eustachio
8 AugDiedRoberto ViscontiArchbishop of Milano {Milan}, Italy
9 AugDiedBernard de La Tour (Saint-Martial)Bishop of Saint-Papoul, France
AppointedPietro Fabri de Armoniaco, O.F.M. †Archbishop of Novae Patrae (Neopatrassus, Patrajik), Greece
AppointedGiovanni Bishop of Kisamos (Cisamo), GreeceBishop of Orte, Italy
AppointedPietro Masseri, O.F.M. †Bishop of Castro di Puglia, Italy
11 AugAppointedGiovanni MutioBishop of Teano, Italy
13 AugDiedHugues de BarBishop of Verdun, France
18 Aug56.6AppointedPhilippe de CabassoleAdministrator of Cavaillon, FranceCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina
56.6AppointedPhilippe de CabassoleTitular Patriarch of Jerusalem {Gerusalemme}, PalestineCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina
AppointedAymeric Chatti de la JoussacBishop of Bologna, ItalyBishop of Limoges, France
AppointedAymeric d’HuguesBishop of Lodève, France
23 AugAppointedAlfonso Pérez Noya, O.F.M. †Bishop of Orense, Spain
AppointedGuglielmo PusterlaArchbishop of Milano {Milan}, Italy
AppointedGuglielmo PusterlaAdministrator of ConstantinopleArchbishop of Milano {Milan}, Italy
25 AugDiedFrancesco degli AttiCardinal, Cardinal-Priest of San Marco
27 AugAppointedGeoffroi DavidBishop of Autun, France
AppointedGuillaume de La Sudré, O.P. †Bishop of Marseille, FranceCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia (e Velletri)
AppointedGuillaume de RuffecBishop of Fréjus, France
SepOrdained BishopGuillaume de La Sudré, O.P. †Bishop of Marseille, FranceCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia (e Velletri)
1 SepOrdained BishopFriedrich Bishop of Chiemsee, Germany
3 SepAppointedJean de NomayoBishop of Sarsina, Italy
6 SepAppointedJean RoyerBishop of Meaux, France
9 SepDiedMichael NorthburghBishop of London, England, Great Britain
10 SepAppointedEnneco de Alemannia, O.P. †Bishop of Siracusa, Italy
AppointedLewis CharltonBishop of Hereford, England, Great Britain
17 SepAppointedÉtienne Aubert (Jr.)Cardinal-Deacon of Santa Maria in AquiroCardinal, Cardinal-Priest of San Lorenzo in Lucina
Elevated to CardinalÉtienne Aubert (Jr.)Cardinal, Cardinal-Priest of San Lorenzo in Lucina
AppointedGilles Aycelin de MontaigutCardinal-Priest of Santi Silvestro e Martino ai MontiCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Frascati
Elevated to CardinalGilles Aycelin de MontaigutCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Frascati
AppointedJean de Blauzac (Blandiac)Cardinal-Priest of San MarcoCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina
Elevated to CardinalJean de Blauzac (Blandiac)Cardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina
AppointedGuillaume BragoseCardinal-Deacon of San Giorgio in VelabroCardinal, Major Penitentiary of the Apostolic Penitentiary
Elevated to CardinalGuillaume BragoseCardinal, Major Penitentiary of the Apostolic Penitentiary
AppointedPierre ItierCardinal-Priest of Santi Quattro CoronatiCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Albano
Elevated to CardinalPierre ItierCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Albano
56.7AppointedAndroin de La Roche, O.S.B. †Cardinal-Priest of San MarcelloCardinal,
56.7Elevated to CardinalAndroin de La Roche, O.S.B. †Cardinal,
AppointedHugues de Saint-MartialCardinal, Cardinal-Deacon of Santa Maria in Portico (Octaviae)
Elevated to CardinalHugues de Saint-MartialCardinal, Cardinal-Deacon of Santa Maria in Portico (Octaviae)
66.7AppointedFontanier de Vassal, O.F.M. †Cardinal-PriestCardinal, Patriarch of Grado, Italy
66.7Elevated to CardinalFontanier de Vassal, O.F.M. †Cardinal, Patriarch of Grado, Italy
20 SepAppointedAdam HoughtonBishop of Saint David’s, Wales, Great Britain
23 SepDiedPierre de CrosCardinal, Cardinal-Priest of Santi Silvestro e Martino ai Monti
24 SepAppointedHélie de SalignacArchbishop of Bordeaux, France
AppointedAustence de Sainte-Colombe, O.F.M. †Bishop of Sarlat, France
3 OctOrdained BishopLewis CharltonBishop of Hereford, England, Great Britain
6 OctDiedAimery de BeaufortBishop of Arras, France
9 OctDiedJean de CojordanBishop of Mirepoix, France
11 OctDiedJohn PaschalBishop of Llandaff, Wales, Great Britain
16 Oct66.7DiedFontanier de Vassal, O.F.M. †Cardinal, Patriarch of Grado, Italy
22 OctAppointedBl. Aymeric (Emerico) di QuartBishop of Aosta, Italy
AppointedSimon SudburyBishop of London, England, Great BritainArchbishop of Canterbury, England, Great Britain
25 OctAppointedLaurent D’AlbiarsBishop of Tulle, France
AppointedNiels JensenArchbishop of Lund, Sweden
29 OctAppointedÉtienne de DigneBishop of Vence, France
AppointedAntonio da RipariaBishop of Massa Marittima, ItalyBishop of Lucca, Italy
AppointedMilo SweetmanArchbishop of Armagh, Ireland
NovDiedPietro dell’AquilaBishop of Trivento, Italy
3 Nov19.8AppointedRobert de GenèveBishop of Thérouanne, FranceCardinal, Bishop
4 NovAppointedRaymond de Canilhac, C.R.S.A. †Cardinal-Bishop of PalestrinaCardinal,
5 NovAppointedOrso DelfinoCardinal, Patriarch of Grado, Italy
AppointedOrso DelfinoAdministrator of Candia {Crete}, GreeceCardinal, Patriarch of Grado, Italy
AppointedBertrand de La Tour d’AuvergneBishop of Le Puy-en-Velay, France
8 NovAppointedFeo Archbishop of Manfredonia, Italy
AppointedAntonio di Pecorano, O.F.M. †Bishop of Guardialfiera (Guardia), Italy
AppointedFrancesco de Ruberto (Marchesi)Bishop of Trivento, Italy
AppointedJohn de Tatenhalk, O.P. †Bishop of Ossory, Ireland
10 NovAppointedPietro Capello, O.P. †Bishop of Cremona, Italy
AppointedGiovanni Bishop of Alife, Italy
15 NovAppointedJean de VienneArchbishop (Personal Title) of Metz, FranceBishop of Basel, Switzerland
17 NovAppointedNicola de CesisBishop of Troia, Italy
AppointedCristoforo Bishop of Vieste, Italy
AppointedGerard de DainvilleBishop of Arras, FranceBishop of Cambrai, France
AppointedLouis de MontbéliardArchbishop of Besançon, France
AppointedRiccardo Tedaldi, O.P. †Bishop of Carinola (Calina), Italy
19 NovAppointedPedro Raimundo de Barrière, C.R.S.A. †Bishop of Toul, FranceCardinal, Bishop Emeritus of Autun, France
41.8AppointedPierre d’Estaing, O.S.B. †Bishop of Saint-Flour, FranceCardinal-Bishop of Ostia (e Velletri)
AppointedPedro de Uxua, O.F.M. †Bishop of León, Spain
20 NovDiedRalph Kelly, O. Carm. †Archbishop of Cashel, Ireland
21 NovOrdained BishopMilo SweetmanArchbishop of Armagh, Ireland
DecDiedElzéar de Pontevès, O.F.M. †Bishop of Apt, France
10 DecAppointedBernardo Bishop of Ploaghe, ItalyArchbishop of Cagliari, Italy
DiedReginald BrianBishop of Worcester, England, Great Britain
AppointedLorenzo PérezBishop of Osma, Spain
15 DecAppointedRoger Cradock, O.F.M. †Bishop of Llandaff, Wales, Great Britain
AppointedEmanuele di Famagosta, O.F.M. †Archbishop of Colosses {Rhodes}, Greece
AppointedUgo de Scuria, O.F.M. †Archbishop of Dubrovnik (Ragusa), CroatiaBishop of Ostuni, Italy
17 DecAppointedNicolò CasottiBishop of Trogir (Traù), Croatia
AppointedArnaud de VillarsBishop of Mirepoix, FranceBishop of Alet, France
22 DecAppointedNicola Bishop of Policastro, Italy


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