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The Year of Our Lord 1557

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January to June

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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
unknownDiedPierre de AffatatisBishop of Minori, Italy
BornPaweł Albert von SitschBishop-Elect of Wrocław (Breslau), Poland
DiedFriedrich von AmptenBishop of Reval (Rewel), Estonia
ResignedBlaz de Barros, O.S.H. †Bishop of Leiria, PortugalBishop Emeritus
AppointedMartin de BeauneBishop of Le Puy-en-Velay, FranceFormer Bishop-Elect
ResignedMartin de BeauneBishop-Elect of Le Puy-en-Velay, FranceFormer Bishop-Elect
BornFilippo Bigli (Bili), C.R. †Bishop of Cagli, Italy
DiedPietro BovioBishop of Ostuni, ItalyBishop Emeritus
DiedGiambattista Caracciolo PisquiziBishop of Venafro, Italy
27.0Ordained BishopCarlo Cicala (Cicada)Bishop of Albenga, ItalyBishop Emeritus
DiedAntonio Codina, O.S.A. †Auxiliary Bishop of Barcelona, Spain
BornGiovanni Vincenzo Cansachi (Consacco)Bishop of San Marco (Argentano), Italy
BornMarco Cornaro (Corner)Bishop of Padova {Padua}, Italy
DiedLudovico de Cotes, O.S.A. †Bishop of Ampurias e Civita, Italy
DiedAgostino GonzagaArchbishop of Reggio Calabria, Italy
BornGiovanni Maria Guanzelli, O.P. †Bishop of Polignano (Polinianum), Italy
BornAlessandro Guidiccioni (Jr.)Bishop of Lucca, Italy
BornJerónimo Herrera SalazarBishop of Guadix, Spain
BornJean de La Croix de ChevrièresBishop of Grenoble, France
BornLuigi LollinoBishop of Belluno, Italy
AppointedJean Lunel (Lunelli), O. Cist. †Auxiliary Bishop of Chartres, France
BornAlfonso Márquez de PradoBishop of Segovia, Spain
DiedGiacomo de Medro, O.F.M. †Bishop of Dulcigno (Olcini, Olgun), Montenegro
BornDiego Ordóñez, O.F.M. †Bishop of Salamanca, Spain
30.0SelectedMikołaj PacBishop of Kyiv (Kijów), Ukraine
BornGiovanni Luigi Pasolini, O.S.B. †Bishop Emeritus of Segni, Italy
DiedGiovanni Maria PisauroBishop of Paphos, Cyprus
BornRaffaele Rastelli, C.R. †Bishop of Capri, Italy
BornFrancisco Rodríguez, S.J. †Archbishop of Cranganore (Angamala), India
DiedMarino RuffinoBishop of Melfi e Rapolla, Italy
SucceededAlessandro RuffinoBishop of Melfi e Rapolla, Italy
24.5Ordained PriestGiulio Antonio SantorioPriestCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Palestrina
DiedFrançois de SarcusBishop of Le Puy-en-Velay, France
DiedFilippo Angelo Seragli, O.S.B. †Bishop of Alife, Italy
DiedGiovanni SimonettaBishop of Lodi, Italy
DiedGiovanni Lucio StafileoBishop of Šibenik (Knin), Croatia
BornDiego Torres Altamirano, O.F.M. †Bishop of Cartagena, Colombia
53.0ResignedAlfonso TornabuoniBishop of Sansepolcro (Borgo San Sepolcro), ItalyBishop Emeritus
43.0ResignedAntonio Trivulzio (Jr.)Apostolic Nuncio to Venice, ItalyCardinal, Bishop of Toulon, France
Ordained PriestStanisław Żelisławski, O. Cist. †Priest of Order of CisterciansBishop of Chelmno (Culma, Kulm), Poland
8 JanAppointedAgostino LippomanoCoadjutor Bishop of Verona, ItalyBishop
AppointedAgostino LippomanoTitular Bishop of MaiorenBishop of Verona, Italy
11 JanAppointedGirolamo Michele Nichesola, O.P. †Bishop of Teano, Italy
19 Jan54.0DiedAntonio de Fonseca, O.S.A. †Bishop Emeritus of Pamplona, Spain
25 Jan46.0EnteredBl. Paolo (Scipione) Burali d’Arezzo, C.R. †Member of Congregation of Clerics RegularCardinal, Archbishop of Napoli {Naples}, Italy
7 Feb77.0DiedReinhold Buschoveden (Buxhoeveden)Bishop Emeritus of Ösell (Oesell) [Saare-Lääne], Estonia
13 Mar64.1DiedLouis de Bourbon de Vendôme (II)Cardinal, Bishop Emeritus of Laon, France
15 Mar75.2Elevated to CardinalJean BertrandCardinal, Administrator of Sens, France
16.6Elevated to CardinalAlfonso CarafaCardinal, Archbishop of Napoli {Naples}, Italy
66.2Elevated to CardinalGiovanni Battista ConsiglieriCardinal, Cardinal-Deacon of San Nicola in Carcere
55.7Elevated to CardinalClemente d’Olera, O.F.M. Obs. †Cardinal, Bishop of Foligno, Italy
37.1Elevated to CardinalTaddeo GaddiCardinal, Archbishop of Cosenza, Italy
53.1Elevated to CardinalSt. Antonio (Michele) Ghislieri, O.P. †Pope (Roma {Rome}, Italy)
58.2Elevated to CardinalVirgilio RosarioCardinal, Bishop of Ischia, Italy
33.2Elevated to CardinalLorenzo StrozziCardinal, Archbishop of Aix, France
43.2Elevated to CardinalAntonio Trivulzio (Jr.)Cardinal, Bishop of Toulon, France
26.2Elevated to CardinalVitellozzo VitelliCardinal, Bishop Emeritus of Città di Castello, Italy
24 Mar16.6InstalledAlfonso CarafaCardinal-Deacon of San Nicola in CarcereCardinal, Archbishop of Napoli {Naples}, Italy
66.2InstalledGiovanni Battista ConsiglieriCardinal-Deacon of Santa Lucia in SeptisolioCardinal, Cardinal-Deacon of San Nicola in Carcere
55.7AppointedClemente d’Olera, O.F.M. Obs. †Cardinal-Priest of Santa Maria in Ara CoeliCardinal, Bishop of Foligno, Italy
37.1InstalledTaddeo GaddiCardinal-Priest of San Silvestro in CapiteCardinal, Archbishop of Cosenza, Italy
AppointedLeandro Garuffi Rotelli de PiisCoadjutor Bishop of Sarsina, ItalyBishop
53.1InstalledSt. Antonio (Michele) Ghislieri, O.P. †Cardinal-Priest of Santa Maria sopra MinervaPope (Roma {Rome}, Italy)
AppointedCharles de MarillacArchbishop of Vienne, France
55.2AppointedOwen OglethorpeBishop of Carlisle, England, Great Britain
AppointedErasmus PagendorferAuxiliary Bishop of Passau, Germany
AppointedErasmus PagendorferTitular Bishop of Symbalia (Cembalo, Balaclawa)Auxiliary Bishop of Passau, Germany
AppointedDavid Poole (Pole)Bishop
58.2InstalledVirgilio RosarioCardinal-Priest of San Simeone ProfetaCardinal, Bishop of Ischia, Italy
58.3AppointedGiovanni Michele SaraceniCardinal-Priest of Sant’AnastasiaCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina
26.2AppointedVitellozzo VitelliCardinal-Deacon of Santi Sergio e BaccoCardinal, Bishop Emeritus of Città di Castello, Italy
AppointedThomas WatsonBishop of Lincoln, England, Great BritainBishop Emeritus
25 MarBornCharles de Saint SixteBishop of Riez, France
28 MarOrdained BishopJacques Marie SalaBishop of Viviers (Aps), FranceBishop Emeritus
38.2Ordained DeaconGiovanni Antonio SerbelloniDeacon of Foligno, ItalyCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia (e Velletri)
30 MarAppointedJean Du MarBishop of Dol, FranceBishop-Elect
31 MarSelectedBurchard ObergBishop of Hildesheim, Germany
5 AprAppointedGiovanni Antonio CarafaBishop of Venafro, Italy
38.2Ordained PriestGiovanni Antonio SerbelloniPriest of Foligno, ItalyCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia (e Velletri)
9 Apr16.7AppointedAlfonso CarafaCardinal, Archbishop of Napoli {Naples}, Italy
15 Apr16.7Ordained DeaconAlfonso CarafaDeaconCardinal, Archbishop of Napoli {Naples}, Italy
40.0Ordained DeaconCarlo CarafaCardinal-Deacon of Santi Vito, Modesto e CrescenziaCardinal, Cardinal-Deacon of San Nicola in Carcere
66.2Ordained DeaconGiovanni Battista ConsiglieriCardinal-Deacon of Santa Lucia in SeptisolioCardinal, Cardinal-Deacon of San Nicola in Carcere
26.2Ordained DeaconVitellozzo VitelliDeaconCardinal, Bishop Emeritus of Città di Castello, Italy
MayBornRené BreslayBishop of Troyes, France
5 May27.3SucceededRobert de BerghesBishop of Liège, BelgiumBishop Emeritus
53.3DiedJorge de AustriaBishop of Liège, Belgium
7 MayAppointedPierre BertrandBishop of Cahors, France
AppointedJohn ChristophersonBishop of Chichester, England, Great Britain
58.1ResignedGiovanni Angelo de’ MediciBishop of Foligno, ItalyPope (Roma {Rome}, Italy)
36.5ResignedAlessandro Farnese (Jr.)Bishop of Cahors, FranceCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia (e Velletri)
75.3DiedGiovanni Pietro FerrettiBishop Emeritus of Lavello, Italy
38.3AppointedGiovanni Antonio SerbelloniBishop of Foligno, ItalyCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia (e Velletri)
20 MayDiedPietro Gazino, C.R.L. †Bishop of Aosta, Italy
31 May71.4DiedJuan Martínez SilíceoCardinal, Archbishop of Toledo, Spain
6 Jun35.2Ordained BishopDaniel Brendel von HomburgArchbishop of Mainz, Germany
Ordained BishopAgostino LippomanoTitular Bishop of MaiorenBishop of Verona, Italy
7 Jun57.4DiedJacques d’AnnebautCardinal, Bishop of Lisieux, France
14 Jun57.4AppointedMarcantonio BobbaBishop of Aosta, ItalyCardinal, Bishop Emeritus
74.4Elevated to CardinalWilliam Peto, O.F.M. Obs. †Cardinal, Bishop of Salisbury, England, Great Britain
18 Jun38.4ResignedWilhelm von KettelerBishop-Elect of Münster, GermanyFormer Bishop-Elect
21 Jun39.4AppointedSébastien de L’AubespineBishop of Vannes, FranceBishop of Limoges, France
AppointedDonato LaurentiBishop of Minori, ItalyBishop of Ariano, Italy
AppointedGiacomo Lomellino del CantoBishop of Guardialfiera (Guardia), ItalyArchbishop of Palermo, Italy
AppointedJean Peroni, O.P. †Auxiliary Bishop of Lausanne, Switzerland
AppointedJean Peroni, O.P. †Titular Bishop of HebronAuxiliary Bishop of Lausanne, Switzerland
25 Jun52.4DiedJan DrohojowskiBishop of Włocławek (Kujawy, Kalisze), Poland
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