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The Year of Our Lord 1880

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July to September

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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
Jul27.4Ordained PriestAgostino CattaneoPriest of Crema, ItalyBishop of Guastalla, Italy
1 Jul65.8DiedBernardo Conde y Corral, O. Praem. †Bishop of Zamora, Spain
4 Jul25.5Ordained PriestMarie-Félix Choulet, M.E.P. †Priest of La Société des Missions EtrangèresVicar Apostolic Emeritus of Southern Manchuria {Manciuria Meridionale}, China
23.7Ordained PriestThomas Francis DoranPriest of Providence, Rhode Island, USAAuxiliary Bishop
24.4Ordained PriestJohann Baptist HierlPriest of Regensburg, GermanyAuxiliary Bishop
25.2Ordained PriestPaul-Marie Ramond, M.E.P. †Priest of La Société des Missions EtrangèresVicar Apostolic Emeritus of Hung Hoá, Viet Nam
7 Jul59.1DiedFrancesco LatoniBishop of Senigallia, Italy
11 JulBornAnton Theodor Fortunatus Spruit, O.F.M. †Vicar Apostolic of Luanfu, China
13 Jul55.9InstalledGirolamo VolpeBishop of Alife, Italy
14 Jul24.7Ordained PriestThomas Francis BrennanPriest of Erie, Pennsylvania, USAAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Saint John’s, Newfoundland, Canada
19 JulBornAndrea CesaranoArchbishop of Manfredonia (e Vieste), Italy
23 JulDiedPietro MashadTitular Archbishop of Apamea in Syria dei Maroniti
25 Jul29.9EnteredLouis Couppé, M.S.C. †Priest of Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of JesusVicar Apostolic Emeritus of New Pomerania, Papua New Guinea
38.0Ordained BishopAlphonse-Hilarion Fraysse, S.M. †Titular Bishop of Abila LysaniaeVicar Apostolic of Nouvelle-Calédonie (New Caledonia), Pacific (Oceania)
BornJean NissanBishop of Zaku (Chaldean), Iraq
28.9Ordained PriestHugh SingletonPriest of Shrewsbury, England, Great BritainBishop
26 JulBornFrancesco PetronelliArchbishop of Trani e Barletta (e Nazareth e Bisceglie), Italy
27 Jul61.3AppointedFrancis Kerril AmherstTitular Bishop of Sozusa in PalaestinaBishop Emeritus of Northampton, England, Great Britain
61.5AppointedJean-Yves-Marie Coadou, M.E.P. †Vicar Apostolic of Mysore, IndiaBishop of Mysore, India
61.5AppointedJean-Yves-Marie Coadou, M.E.P. †Titular Bishop of Chrysopolis in ArabiaBishop of Mysore, India
22.6Ordained PriestAndrea KarlinPriest of Ljubljana, SloveniaBishop of Lavant, Slovenia
BornJoseph Louis Adhémar Lapierre, P.M.E. †Bishop of Siping [Szepingkai], China
49.3AppointedPatrick ManogueCoadjutor Bishop of Grass Valley, California, USABishop of Sacramento, California, USA
49.3AppointedPatrick ManogueTitular Bishop of CeramusBishop of Sacramento, California, USA
29 JulBornFerenc RogácsBishop of Pécs, Hungary
30 Jul73.3DiedFrancesco Saverio Maria ApuzzoCardinal, Archbishop of Capua, Italy
1 Aug22.3Ordained PriestPietro Andrea (Pierre-André) Viganò, S.J. †Priest of Pontifical Institute for Foreign MissionsBishop Emeritus of Hyderabad, India
2 AugBornGiovanni Battista GirardiBishop of Pavia, Italy
4 AugBornIstván BreyerBishop of Győr (Raab), Hungary
BornGiovanni CostantiniBishop Emeritus of Luni o La Spezia, Sarzana e Brugnato, Italy
8 Aug29.2Ordained PriestArmand Olier, S.M. †Priest of Society of MaryVicar Apostolic of Central Oceania, Tonga
36.1Ordained BishopJohn Ambrose WattersonBishop of Columbus, Ohio, USA
12 Aug45.9AppointedGaetano BlandiniPrelate of Santa Lucia del Mela, ItalyBishop of Agrigento (Girgenti), Italy
13 Aug54.8ResignedRaffaele MezzettiBishop of Livorno, ItalyBishop Emeritus
15 Aug21.0Solemn VowsPacifico Celso Carletti, O.F.M. Cap. †Member of Order of Friars Minor CapuchinBishop of Albenga, Italy
10.6First VowsJoseph Nicholas Dinand, S.J. †Member of Society of JesusVicar Apostolic of Giamaica o Jamaica, Antilles
23.1Perpetual VowsAugustin Dontenwill, O.M.I. †Member of Oblates of Mary ImmaculateArchbishop Emeritus of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
BornGiovanni Battista PinardiAuxiliary Bishop of Torino {Turin}, Italy
16 Aug24.8Ordained DeaconEvaristo BlancoDeaconBishop of Nueva Pamplona, Colombia
18 Aug66.5DiedRaffaele GagliardiBishop of Sessa Aurunca, Italy
19 AugBornDavid O’Leary, O.M.I. †Vicar Apostolic Emeritus of Transvaal, South Africa
20 Aug36.2AppointedGaetano Bacile di CastiglioneBishop of Castellaneta, ItalyBishop Emeritus
52.5AppointedIgnazio BartoliBishop of Senigallia, Italy
55.6AppointedLéon Jules Marie BélouinoAuxiliary Bishop of Port-au-Prince, HaïtiAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus
55.6AppointedLéon Jules Marie BélouinoTitular Bishop of Hierapolis in IsauriaAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Port-au-Prince, Haïti
56.5AppointedAlfonso Capecelatro (di Castelpagano), C.O. †Cardinal, Archbishop of Capua, Italy
56.7AppointedJuan María Ambrosio Huerta GalvánBishop of Arequipa, Peru
41.0AppointedRomán LoveraBishop of Mérida, Venezuela
54.9AppointedRaffaele MezzettiTitular Bishop of EvariaBishop Emeritus of Livorno, Italy
60.5AppointedRemigio PaciniBishop of Livorno, Italy
55.0AppointedGiovanni Battista PorratiBishop of Bobbio, Italy
67.1AppointedPedro José Tordoya MontoyaTitular Bishop of AradusBishop Emeritus of Cuzco, Peru
60.5AppointedPeregrini TofoniBishop of Assisi, Italy
21 AugBornFranciszek BardaBishop of Przemyśl, Poland
24 Aug39.0Ordained BishopMarie-Antoine-Louis Caspar, M.E.P. †Titular Bishop of CanathaVicar Apostolic Emeritus of Northern Cochin {Cocincina Settentrionale}, Viet Nam
25 Aug18.2ProfessedAmando Agosto Bahlmann, O.F.M. †Member of Order of Friars MinorPrelate of Santarém, Para, Brazil
BornMiho PušicBishop Emeritus of Hvar (-Brac e Vis), Croatia
27 Aug58.9DiedJohn Baptist ScandellaVicar Apostolic of Gibraltar
28 AugBornLuis Felipe Contardo PalmaEcclesiastical Governor (Vicar General) of Chillán, Chile
24.5Solemn VowsThomas Louis Heylen, O. Praem. †Member of Order of the Canons Regular of Premontre; NorbertinesBishop of Namur {Namen}, Belgium
29 Aug36.2Ordained BishopGaetano Bacile di CastiglioneBishop of Castellaneta, ItalyBishop Emeritus
52.5Ordained BishopIgnazio BartoliBishop of Senigallia, Italy
41.8Ordained BishopJuan Estévanes y Seminario, O.F.M. Disc. †Bishop of Puno, Peru
23.3Ordained PriestPietro Pacifici, C.R.S. †Priest of Clerks Regular of SomascaArchbishop of Spoleto, Italy
60.5Ordained BishopRemigio PaciniBishop of Livorno, Italy
55.0Ordained BishopGiovanni Battista PorratiBishop of Bobbio, Italy
60.5Ordained BishopPeregrini TofoniBishop of Assisi, Italy
30 AugBornKonrad von Preysing Lichtenegg-MoosCardinal, Bishop of Berlin, Germany
31 Aug65.2AppointedJean-Pierre-Ignace Galfione, O.F.M. Cap. †Titular Bishop of Aureliopolis in LydiaVicar Apostolic of Seychelles
65.2AppointedJean-Pierre-Ignace Galfione, O.F.M. Cap. †Vicar Apostolic of Seychelles
Sep38.2AppointedJean-Baptiste-Frézal Charbonnier, M. Afr. †Vicar General of Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers)Vicar Apostolic of Tanganyika, Tanzania
22.1EnteredVictor Roelens, M. Afr. †Member of Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers)Vicar Apostolic Emeritus of Baudouinville, Congo (Dem. Rep.)
5 SepBornDomenico del BuonoBishop of Ruvo e Bitonto, Italy
30.4Ordained BishopBernardo Agusto Thiel Hoffman, C.M. †Bishop of San José de Costa Rica
9 SepBornManuel Borras y FerréAuxiliary Bishop of Tarragona, Spain
10 Sep55.3ResignedJames DugganBishop of Chicago, Illinois, USA
51.0AppointedPatrick Augustine FeehanArchbishop of Chicago, Illinois, USA
51.3AppointedJohn Joseph HoganBishop of Kansas City, Missouri, USA
51.3AppointedJohn Joseph HoganApostolic Administrator of Saint Joseph, Missouri, USABishop of Kansas City, Missouri, USA
56.9AppointedJohannes Henricus Schaap, C.SS.R. †Vicar Apostolic of Dutch Guyana-Suriname, Antilles
56.9AppointedJohannes Henricus Schaap, C.SS.R. †Titular Bishop of Etalonia (Hetalonia)Vicar Apostolic of Dutch Guyana-Suriname, Antilles
11 SepBornPietro CapizziBishop Emeritus of Caltagirone, Italy
55.3ResignedFidelis Johann Georg Dehm, O.F.M. Conv. †Apostolic Visitor (Visitator) of MoldaviaApostolic Visitor (Visitator) Emeritus
13 SepBornGeorges-Alexandre CourchesneArchbishop of Rimouski, Québec, Canada
16 SepBornLeopoldo Díaz y EscuderoBishop of Chilapa, Guerrero, México
BornNicola Maria di GirolamoBishop of Caiazzo, Italy
BornJohn Henry KingBishop of Portsmouth, England, Great Britain
18 Sep23.3Ordained PriestGiuseppe GambaPriestCardinal, Archbishop of Torino {Turin}, Italy
25.0Ordained PriestAdauto Aurélio de Miranda HenriquesPriestArchbishop of Paraíba, Brazil
34.0Ordained PriestJules Prosper París, S.J. †Priest of Society of JesusVicar Apostolic of Nanking [Nanjing], China
27.3Ordained PriestHeladio Posidio Perlaza RamírezPriest of Popayán, ColombiaBishop Emeritus of Cali, Colombia
19 Sep65.3Ordained BishopJean-Pierre-Ignace Galfione, O.F.M. Cap. †Titular Bishop of Aureliopolis in LydiaVicar Apostolic of Seychelles
BornAlberto RomitaBishop of Boiano-Campobasso, Italy
22 Sep68.7SelectedTomás Belestá y CambesesBishop of Zamora, Spain
25 SepBornDomenico ArgnaniBishop of Macerata e Tolentino, Italy
26 Sep23.7Ordained PriestJean-Claude Combaz, M.E.P. †Priest of La Société des Missions EtrangèresBishop of Nagasaki, Japan
27 SepBornSalvatore Ballo GuercioBishop Emeritus of Mazara del Vallo, Italy
54.4AppointedPaul Tosi, O.F.M. Cap. †Vicar Apostolic of Punjab, IndiaVicar Apostolic Emeritus
29 Sep41.4DiedFrançois-Charles-Marie GillardBishop-Elect of Constantine (-Hippone), Algeria
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