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The Year of Our Lord 1428

Bishop Events

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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
unknownDiedNicolò de AntonioBishop of Lacedonia, Italy
DiedAimon de ChisséBishop of Nice, France
DiedSilvestro della CasaBishop of Faenza, Italy
DiedGiovanni Ferrer, O.F.M. †Bishop of Galtelli, Italy
BornPaolo Fregoso (Campofregoso)Cardinal, Archbishop of Genova, Italy
BornJohn Frisel (Fraser)Bishop of Ross (Rosemarkie, Fortrose), Scotland, Great Britain
DiedAndreas GalliciAuxiliary Bishop of Padova {Padua}, Italy
BornGiovanni Battista de Giudici, O.P. †Archbishop Emeritus of Amalfi, Italy
BornOtto von KönigsmarckBishop of Havelberg, Germany
DiedPietro MarcelliBishop of Padova {Padua}, Italy
DiedGiovanni da OmessaBishop of Mariana, France
DiedJan PellaBishop of Włocławek (Kujawy, Kalisze), Poland
DiedJean Petit, O.E.S.A. †Titular Archbishop of Tarsus
DiedVasco PetriBishop of Évora, Portugal
DiedPierre , O.S.B. †Bishop of Sapë, Albania
BornLeonhard PilhamerAuxiliary Bishop of Eichstätt, Germany
ResignedLaurent Pinon, O.P. †Titular Bishop of BethleemBishop of Auxerre, France
ResignedAngelo Scardoni, O.E.S.A. †Bishop of Todi, ItalyBishop Emeritus
BornJaime Serra i CauCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Palestrina
13.0ProfessedBenedikt Sibenhirter, O.S.B. †Member of Order of Saint BenedictAuxiliary Bishop of Passau, Germany
DiedPietro Santo, O.S.A. †Bishop of Castro [del Lazio], Italy
DiedNiccolò da Spalato, O.F.M. †Bishop of Scardona (Skradin), Italy
BornHernando de Talavera, O.S.H. †Archbishop of Granada, Spain
BornMichel de ToldBishop of Bosnia (Bosna, Diacovar, Diakovar), Croatia
DiedGiovanni degli UbertiBishop of Mantova, Italy
DiedMarco Viaro, O.F.M. †Bishop of Trabzon, Turkey
DiedSimone de’ Vigilanti, O.E.S.A. †Bishop of Senigallia, Italy
ResignedHeinrich vom SeeBishop of Schleswig, GermanyBishop Emeritus
10 Jan78.0DiedAnslem von NenningenBishop Emeritus of Augsburg, Germany
19 JanAppointedLorenzo Venier, O.P. †Archbishop of Zadar (Zara), Croatia
29 JanAppointedUlrich PutschBishop of Brixen {Bressanone}, Italy
23 FebAppointedMarino de’ Bernardini, O.S.A. †Bishop of Modon (Medone, Methone), GreeceArchbishop of Corfù, Greece
AppointedAngelo CavazzaBishop of Arbe (Rab), CroatiaBishop of Trogir (Traù), Croatia
AppointedFrancesco Servandi, O.P. †Bishop of Capodistria (Capo d’Istria)(Koper), Slovenia
1 MarAppointedCicco Bishop of Lettere (-Gragnano), Italy
5 MarAppointedGuglielmo da Morana, O.F.M. †Bishop of Galtelli, Italy
AppointedRobert Portland, O.F.M. †Bishop of Emly, Ireland
10 MarAppointedLouis Badat, O.S.B. †Bishop of Nice, France
11 MarDiedEskill Archbishop of Nidaros (Trondheim), Norway
15 MarAppointedGuillaume EderBishop of Saint-Brieuc, France
1 AprDiedJohann von StreitbergBishop of Regensburg, Germany
14 AprAppointedFrancisco AguilónBishop of Segorbe-Albarracin, Spain
AppointedEttore Antonio, O.P. †Bishop of Santa Giusta (Othoca), Italy
19 AprAppointedDomenico da OrbetelloBishop of Mariana, France
57.2SelectedKonrad von SoestBishop of Regensburg, Germany
26 AprAppointedAntonio da Tivoli, O.F.M. †Bishop of Asolo, Italy
May65.3SelectedJan SzafraniecBishop of Włocławek (Kujawy, Kalisze), Poland
3 MayBornPedro González de MendozaCardinal, Archbishop of Toledo, Spain
5 MayAppointedAndré Dias de Escobar, O.S.B. †Titular Bishop of MegaraBishop Emeritus of Ajaccio, France
ResignedAndré Dias de Escobar, O.S.B. †Bishop of Ajaccio, FranceBishop Emeritus
AppointedAngelo de Narnia, O.F.M. †Bishop of Paphos, Cyprus
10 MayOrdained BishopUlrich PutschBishop of Brixen {Bressanone}, Italy
21 MayAppointedMatteo Boniperti, O.P. †Bishop of Mantova, Italy
46.3AppointedStanisław Ciołek z ZelechowaBishop of Poznań, Poland
AppointedIvan Bishop of Knin (Tinin), Croatia
AppointedGiacomo da Venezia, O.F.M. †Bishop of Tinos and Mykonos, Greece
26 MayAppointedFrancesco Mellini, O.E.S.A. †Bishop of Senigallia, Italy
7 Jun39.4AppointedJohann Christiani von Schleppegrell, O.S.A. †Auxiliary Bishop of Hildesheim, Germany
39.4AppointedJohann Christiani von Schleppegrell, O.S.A. †Auxiliary Bishop of Münster, GermanyAuxiliary Bishop of Hildesheim, Germany
39.4AppointedJohann Christiani von Schleppegrell, O.S.A. †Auxiliary Bishop of Minden, GermanyAuxiliary Bishop of Hildesheim, Germany
39.4AppointedJohann Christiani von Schleppegrell, O.S.A. †Titular Bishop of Missene (Mysia)Auxiliary Bishop of Hildesheim, Germany
16 JunAppointedPietro Donà (Donato)Bishop of Padova {Padua}, Italy
AppointedFrancesco Malipiero, O.S.B. †Archbishop (Personal Title) of Castello, ItalyBishop of Vicenza, Italy
57.4AppointedKonrad von SoestBishop of Regensburg, Germany
5 JulAppointedStefano Ardizone, O. Cist. †Bishop of Sorres (Sorra), Italy
16 JulAppointedWilliam Prendergast, O.F.M. †Bishop of Mayo, IrelandBishop Emeritus
AppointedBartolomeo ZabarellaArchbishop of Split (Spalato), CroatiaArchbishop of Firenze {Florence}, Italy
21 Jul88.5DiedAngelo d’Anna de Sommariva, O.S.B. †Cardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Palestrina
23 JulAppointedPietro Mattia PribissaBishop of Sarda, Albania
29 Aug46.6Ordained BishopStanisław Ciołek z ZelechowaBishop of Poznań, Poland
30 AugAppointedSimon RozgonyiBishop of Veszprém, HungaryBishop of Eger, Hungary
10 Sep65.6ConfirmedJan SzafraniecBishop of Włocławek (Kujawy, Kalisze), Poland
11 OctAppointedAntonio de CozzaBishop of Lacedonia, Italy
AppointedMichele PaoliBishop of Drivasto (Drivost), Albania
25 OctAppointedGiovanni Corona (Carepa), O.E.S.A. †Bishop of Scardona (Skradin), Italy
Nov65.8Ordained BishopJan SzafraniecBishop of Włocławek (Kujawy, Kalisze), Poland
5 NovAppointedGiovanni da Faenza, O.F.M. Conv. †Bishop of Faenza, Italy
6 Nov80.8DiedGuillaume FillastreCardinal, Cardinal-Priest of San Marco
DiedNiccolò VivariBishop of Chieti, Italy
29 NovAppointedBarthélemy Bishop of Orange, France
AppointedEgidio von Byderborch, O. Carm. †Auxiliary Bishop of Strasbourg, France
AppointedEgidio von Byderborch, O. Carm. †Titular Bishop of RhosusAuxiliary Bishop of Strasbourg, France
AppointedGuillaume ChyurliaBishop of Cassano all’Jonio, Italy
AppointedVital de MauléonPatriarch of Alexandria {Alessandria}
AppointedVital de MauléonAdministrator of Saint-Pons-de-Thomières, FrancePatriarch of Alexandria {Alessandria}
3 DecAppointedJean de La Roche, O.F.M. †Titular Bishop of BethleemBishop of Cavaillon, France
9 DecDiedArns JohannesBishop of Strängnäs (Strengnäs), Sweden
10 DecAppointedJames O’LonerganBishop of Annaghdown (Enach Dune), IrelandBishop Emeritus of Killaloe, Ireland
31 DecDiedPaolo CapranicaArchbishop of Benevento, Italy


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