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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
4 JulAppointedAlonso Cristóbal ArguelladaAuxiliary Bishop of Jaén, SpainAuxiliary Bishop of Sigüenza, Spain
AppointedAlonso Cristóbal ArguelladaTitular Bishop of BethleemAuxiliary Bishop of Sigüenza, Spain
51.5AppointedPál BornemisszaBishop of Veszprém, HungaryBishop of Nitra, Slovakia
AppointedFernando de Uranga (Urango)Bishop of Santiago de CubaBishop of Santiago de Cuba
AppointedPál Gregoriancz (Gregorianci)Bishop of Zagreb (Agram), CroatiaBishop of Győr (Raab), Hungary
AppointedGeorg NeumannAuxiliary Bishop of Mainz, Germany
AppointedGeorg NeumannTitular Bishop of SidonAuxiliary Bishop of Mainz, Germany
57.4AppointedMiklós OláhBishop of Eger, HungaryArchbishop of Esztergom, Hungary
AppointedAgostino SbardelattiBishop of Vác, Hungary
AppointedFerenc ThurzóBishop of Nitra, SlovakiaBishop-Elect
AppointedGyörgy TompaBishop of Pécs, Hungary
AppointedMátyás ZabergyeiBishop of Knin (Tinin), CroatiaBishop of Oradea Mare {Gran Varadino, Nagyvárad}, Romania
14 JulAppointedGaspare CaprisBishop of Asti, Italy
48.5ConfirmedNikolaus von CarlowitzBishop of Meißen (Meissen), Germany
AppointedDiego Enríquez de AlmansaBishop of Coria, Spain
24.3AppointedNiccolň Caetani di SermonetaAdministrator of Quimper, FranceCardinal, Administrator of Capua, Italy
15 Jul50.0AppointedFederico CesiAdministrator of Vulturara e Montecorvino, ItalyCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Porto e Santa Rufina
17 JulAppointedFrancisco de Santa María Benavides Velasco, O.S.H. †Bishop of Mondońedo, SpainBishop of Segovia, Spain
18 JulDiedJean de LustracBishop of Périgueux (Vesuna), France
20 JulOrdained BishopPál Gregoriancz (Gregorianci)Bishop of Zagreb (Agram), CroatiaBishop of Győr (Raab), Hungary
21 JulAppointedJohn Meehray (MacGrath), O.F.M. Obs. †Bishop of Waterford and Lismore, Ireland
BornSilvio SavelliCardinal, Cardinal-Priest of Santa Maria in Via
25 JulOrdained PriestHector d’OssunPriestBishop of (Saint-Lizier de) Couserans (or Conserans), France
27 JulOrdained BishopHector d’OssunBishop of (Saint-Lizier de) Couserans (or Conserans), France
31 Jul56.7DiedFrancesco SfondratiCardinal, Bishop of Cremona, Italy
AugDiedMiles Baron Fitzgerald, O.S.A. †Bishop of Ossory, Ireland
DiedJean-Louis de BouliersBishop-Elect of Riez, France
DiedPedro Gil FalcónAuxiliary Bishop of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
6 AugBornEnrico CaetaniCardinal, Chamberlain (Camerlengo) of the Apostolic Chamber
17 AugDiedPierre Quiqueran de BeaujeuBishop-Elect of Senez, France
25 Aug62.6DiedGeorges d’Amboise (II)Cardinal, Archbishop of Rouen, France
SucceededPhilibert de RyeBishop of Genčve {Geneva}, Switzerland
DiedLouis de Rye, O. Cist. †Bishop of Genčve {Geneva}, Switzerland
27 Aug40.6ConfirmedJean MilesAbbot of Saint-Maurice, Switzerland
27.6AppointedLattanzio RoverellaBishop of Ascoli Piceno, Italy
31 AugOrdained BishopGeorg NeumannTitular Bishop of SidonAuxiliary Bishop of Mainz, Germany
SepDiedGiulio GonzagaTitular Patriarch-Elect of Alexandria {Alessandria}
1 Sep65.6AppointedMatteo Bandello, O.P. †Bishop of Agen, FranceBishop Emeritus
51.4AppointedGiovanni Angelo de’ MediciCardinal-Priest of Sant’AnastasiaPope (Roma {Rome}, Italy)
35.6AppointedSimon de Maillé de BrézéBishop of Viviers (Aps), FranceArchbishop of Tours, France
9 SepBornBartholomäus SchollAuxiliary Bishop of Freising, Germany
11 Sep75.8ResignedBartolomé de las Casas (Casaus), O.P. †Bishop of Chiapas (Ciudad Real de Chiapas), MéxicoBishop Emeritus
14 SepOrdained BishopJohannes KridtTitular Bishop of Acre (or Ptolomais)Auxiliary Bishop of Münster, Germany
OctOrdained BishopOttaviano GuascoBishop of Alessandria (della Paglia), Italy
3 Oct27.0AppointedCharles Bourbon de VendômeCardinal, Archbishop of Rouen, France
AppointedTommaso Caselli, O.P. †Bishop of Cava (de’ Tirreni), Italy
AppointedGiulio ParisaniBishop of Rimini, Italy
AppointedVincenzo SpinelliBishop of Oppido Mamertina, ItalyBishop Emeritus
8 OctBornAntonio Zapata y CisnerosCardinal, Archbishop Emeritus of Burgos, Spain
14 OctBornFerdinand de RyeArchbishop of Besançon, France
20 OctAppointedRaymund Burke, O.F.M. Obs. †Bishop of Emly, Ireland
66.8AppointedCristoforo Guidalotti Ciocchi del MonteTitular Patriarch of Alexandria {Alessandria}Cardinal, Bishop of Cagli, Italy
33.2ResignedOdet de Coligny de ChâtillonAdministrator of Toulouse, France
AppointedFrançois de FauconBishop of Orléans, FranceBishop of Carcassonne, France
AppointedCharles de MarillacBishop of Vannes, FranceArchbishop of Vienne, France
AppointedGeoffroi de PompadourBishop of Périgueux (Vesuna), France
57.8ResignedAntoine Sanguin de MeudonBishop of Orléans, FranceCardinal, Bishop Emeritus
23 Oct42.8AppointedLancelot de ClareBishop of Riez, France
70.3DiedTiedemann Bartłomiej GieseBishop of Warmia (Ermland), Poland
25 OctBornCarlo Bescapč, B. †Bishop of Novara, Italy
60.8DiedGeorg von BlumenthalBishop of Lebus, Germany
26 OctOrdained BishopAngelo Bragadino, O.P. †Bishop of Vicenza, Italy
51.7DiedSamuel MaciejowskiBishop of Kraków, Poland
2 NovDiedNiccolň di Antonio Ugolini (Monterchiis)Bishop of Viterbo e Tuscania, Italy
5 NovAppointedGeorges AlbinusAuxiliary Bishop of Vilnius, Lithuania
AppointedGeorges AlbinusTitular Bishop of MethoneAuxiliary Bishop of Vilnius, Lithuania
AppointedVincenzo FerreriBishop of Montepeloso, ItalyBishop of Umbriatico (Umbriaticum), Italy
7 Nov66.8DiedJan ArasonBishop of Hólar, Iceland
11 NovBornHeinrich von Sachsen-LauenburgArchbishop-Elect of Bremen (and Hamburg), Germany
22 NovDiedLuis Cabeza de VacaBishop of Palencia, Spain
28 NovAppointedJacques de BrouillatArchbishop of Arles, FranceFormer Archbishop-Elect
2 DecDiedAntoine FilholArchbishop of Aix, France
16 Dec44.4ResignedGiovanni GrimaniPatriarch of Aquileia, Italy
17 DecAppointedBalduino de BalduinisBishop of Mariana, FranceBishop of Aversa, Italy
36.8AppointedDaniele Matteo Alvise BarbaroPatriarch of Aquileia, ItalyPatriarch-Elect
AppointedThéodore Jean de ClermontBishop of Senez, France
31 Dec26.9Ordained BishopBartolomeo SiringiBishop of Castellaneta, ItalyBishop Emeritus


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