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Seniority by Bishop Ordination

YearsNameCurrent Title
Most Senior
16 Jul 1961 Nasrallah Pierre Cardinal SfeirPatriarch Emeritus of Antiochia {Antioch}, Lebanon
14 May 1967 Bishop Chucrallah HarbBishop Emeritus of Jounieh, Lebanon
23 Aug 1975 Bishop Roland AboujaoudéAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Antiochia {Antioch}, Lebanon
12 Nov 1977 Bishop Georges Abi-Saber, O.L.M.Bishop Emeritus of Saint-Maron de Montréal, Canada
12 Nov 1977 Bishop Georges ScandarBishop Emeritus of Zahleh, Lebanon
18 May 1986 Archbishop Joseph Mohsen BécharaArchbishop Emeritus of Antélias, Lebanon
12 Jul 1986 Béchara Boutros Cardinal Raï, O.M.M.Patriarch of Antiochia {Antioch}, Lebanon
12 Jul 1986 Bishop Paul-Emile SaadéBishop Emeritus of Batrun, Lebanon
11 Sep 1988 Archbishop Boutros GemayelArchbishop Emeritus of Cipro, Cyprus
16 Sep 1989 Bishop Joseph DerghamBishop Emeritus of Le Caire {Cairo}, Egypt
12 Aug 1990 Bishop Guy-Paul NoujaimAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Joubbé, Sarba e Jounieh, Lebanon
2 Dec 1990 Bishop Charbel Georges Merhi, M.L.Bishop Emeritus of San Charbel en Buenos Aires, Argentina
Most Junior
28 Sep 2013 Bishop Abdallah Elias Zaidan, M.L.Bishop of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles, California, USA
25 May 2013 Bishop Antoine Tarabay, O.L.M.Bishop of Saint Maron of Sydney, Australia
25 May 2013 Bishop Habib Chamieh, O.M.M.Apostolic Administrator of San Charbel en Buenos Aires, Argentina
26 Jan 2013 Bishop Paul-Marwan Tabet, M.L.Bishop of Saint-Maron de Montréal, Canada
30 Aug 2012 Bishop Maroun Nasser GemayelBishop of Notre-Dame du Liban de Paris, France
28 Jul 2012 Bishop Paul Rouhana, O.L.M.Auxiliary Bishop of Joubbé, Sarba e Jounieh, Lebanon
28 Jul 2012 Bishop Joseph Emile MouawadBishop of Zahleh, Lebanon
28 Jul 2012 Archbishop Moussa El-Hage, O.A.M.Archbishop of Haifa and the Holy Land {Haifa e Terra Santa}, Israel
28 Jul 2012 Bishop Georges ChihaneBishop of Le Caire {Cairo}, Egypt
28 Jul 2012 Bishop Maroun AmmarAuxiliary Bishop of Joubbé, Sarba e Jounieh, Lebanon
25 Feb 2012 Bishop Elias Khoury SlemanBishop Emeritus of Lattaquié {Laodicea}, Syria
25 Feb 2012 Bishop Mounir KhairallahBishop of Batrun, Lebanon


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