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The Year of Our Lord 1443

Bishop Events

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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
unknownDiedJordanes d’AureBishop of (Saint-Lizier de) Couserans (or Conserans), France
DiedAymar (Almeric) de Aureliano, O.F.M. †Bishop of Ceuta, Spain
AppointedErik BirgerssonBishop of Strängnäs (Strengnäs), Sweden
DiedLuigi CertaBishop of Castellammare di Stabia, Italy
BornLeonello ChiericatoBishop of Concordia (Sagittaria), Italy
BornDiego de Deza, O.P. †Archbishop of Sevilla {Seville}, Spain
DiedMatteo ErmolaoBishop of Arbe (Rab), Croatia
DiedJaime ForestaBishop of Terralba, Italy
DiedJean Bishop of Cefalonia e Zante, Greece
AppointedGeorg LembacherBishop of Seckau, Austria
DiedLuca Bishop of Civita Castellana e Orte, Italy
ResignedLanzelot of LusignanBishop of Paphos, CyprusBishop Emeritus
ResignedJean de Malestroit (Châteaugiron)Bishop of Nantes, FranceBishop Emeritus
AppointedGrégoire Mammé (Mammas)PatriarchPatriarch Emeritus
BornAymon di Montfalcon (Montfaucon), O.S.B. †Bishop of Lausanne, Switzerland
BornPierre (de Montfort) de LavalArchbishop of Reims, France
ProfessedHermann Nortorp, O.P. †Member of Order of Friars PreachersAuxiliary Bishop of Bremen (and Hamberg), Germany
DiedFrancesco PiccolpassoArchbishop of Milano {Milan}, Italy
DiedNicolo de PinuBishop of Dolia (Doglia), Italy
DiedJohn PreneArchbishop of Armagh, Ireland
DiedPietro de RosaBishop of Ruvo (Ruo)(di Puglia), Italy
ResignedGiovanni SanfeliceBishop of Muro Lucano, ItalyBishop Emeritus
BornAndrew StewartBishop of Moray, Scotland, Great Britain
41.1AppointedLudovico Trevisano (Scarampi Mezzarota)Administrator of Bologna, ItalyCardinal, Patriarch of Aquileia, Italy
51.0DiedFantino VallaressoArchbishop of Candia {Crete}, Greece
BornWilhelm WestfalBishop of Lübeck, Germany
2 JanDiedKonrad KronBishop of Lebus, Germany
14 JanAppointedUgolino Nacci, O.S.A. †Bishop of Amelia, Italy
21 JanAppointedGiacomo , O.S.B. †Bishop of Satriano, Italy
28 JanAppointedPasquier de VauxBishop of Lisieux, France
DiedThomas SimonssonBishop of Strängnäs (Strengnäs), Sweden
4 Feb93.0DiedBranda CastiglioneCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina
6 FebAppointedAntonio Bono (Bon)Bishop of Equilio (Jesolo), Italy
15 FebAppointedJean MiletBishop of Soissons, France
17 MarAppointedBartholomaeus SawijerweBishop of Dorpat (Tartu), Estonia
18 MarAppointedGiacomo BodiniBishop of Nemosia (Limasol), Greece
22 MarAppointedGuillermo SiscarBishop of Huesca, Spain
12 Apr81.2DiedHenry ChicheleyArchbishop of Canterbury, England, Great Britain
May42.9AppointedDomenico CapranicaCardinal-Priest of Santa Croce in GerusalemmeCardinal, Administrator of Fermo, Italy
9 May68.3DiedBl. Niccolò Albergati, O. Cart. †Cardinal, Bishop of Bologna, Italy
13 MayAppointedJohn StaffordArchbishop of Canterbury, England, Great Britain
30 MayDiedHans LaxmandArchbishop of Lund, Sweden
7 JunAppointedTuve NielsenArchbishop of Lund, Sweden
8 JunDiedKonrad von ReisbergBishop of Seckau, Austria
14 JunAppointedGuillaume de MalestroitBishop of Nantes, FranceBishop Emeritus
30 JunOrdained BishopMatteo da Gimara, O.F.M. †Bishop of Agrigento (Girgenti), ItalyBishop Emeritus
5 JulAppointedSisinnio Bishop of Ampurias, ItalyBishop of Bisarcio, Italy
11 JulDiedDaniel Rampi ScotoBishop of Concordia (Sagittaria), Italy
19 JulAppointedGiovanni Battista Legname de PaduaBishop of Concordia (Sagittaria), Italy
24 Jul53.5AppointedThomas BeckingtonBishop of Bath and Wells, England, Great Britain
AppointedAndrea da Durazzo, O.F.M. †Bishop of Senj, Croatia
AppointedNicola da Zara, O.P. †Bishop of Arbe (Rab), Croatia
AppointedAntonio Presto, O.P. †Bishop of Sulcis, Italy
12 AugAppointedFrancesco de Oliveto, O.S.B. †Bishop of Valva e Sulmona, ItalyBishop of Rapolla, Italy
13 AugDiedNikodemus della ScalaBishop of Freising, Germany
17 AugBornThilo von TrothaBishop of Merseburg, Germany
26 AugAppointedJohn MeyArchbishop of Armagh, Ireland
AppointedBarnaba de MolinaBishop of Muro Lucano, Italy
27 Aug53.6AppointedEnrico RampiniCardinal, Archbishop of Milano {Milan}, Italy
SepDiedLodovico Barbo, O.S.B. †Bishop of Treviso, Italy
6 SepAppointedJuan Anadon, O.F.M. †Bishop of Dolia (Doglia), ItalyBishop Emeritus
AppointedGiacomino BenedettiBishop of Orvieto, ItalyBishop of Penne e Atri, Italy
AppointedBartolomeo de MicheliBishop of Nocera de’ Pagani, Italy
12 SepAppointedHeinrich SchlickBishop of Freising, GermanyFormer Bishop-Elect
4 OctDiedLouis de LuxembourgArchbishop of Rouen, France
11 Oct44.7AppointedJuan de CarvajalBishop of Coria, SpainCardinal, Bishop of Plasencia, Spain
13 Oct53.7Ordained BishopThomas BeckingtonBishop of Bath and Wells, England, Great Britain
16 Oct33.7AppointedErmolao Barbaro (Sr)Bishop of Treviso, ItalyBishop of Verona, Italy
AppointedJan von DeherBishop of Lebus, Germany
39.7AppointedGottfried Schenk von LimpurgBishop of Würzburg, Germany
20 Oct48.8DiedGiovanni di Ragusa, O.P. †Bishop of Ardjisch (Arges; Argesch), Romania
30 OctAppointedAntonio de Fontanis, O.F.M. †Bishop of Civita (Tempio), ItalyBishop Emeritus
17 NovOrdained BishopJohann Krewel, O.T. †Bishop of Ösell (Oesell) [Saare-Lääne], Estonia
Ordained BishopMichael Padrolo, O.P. †Bishop of Nemosia (Limasol), Greece
5 DecBornGiuliano della RoverePope (Roma {Rome}, Italy)
11 DecAppointedCristoforo de San Pietro, O.F.M. †Bishop of Ruvo (Ruo)(di Puglia), Italy
AppointedRaymond de Tullio, O.P. †Bishop of (Saint-Lizier de) Couserans (or Conserans), FranceBishop Emeritus
16 DecAppointedAntonio PaoliBishop of Civita Castellana e Orte, Italy
17 DecDiedGeorg von StubaiBishop of Brixen {Bressanone}, Italy
20 Dec31.9AppointedThomas BourchierBishop of Ely, England, Great BritainCardinal, Archbishop of Canterbury, England, Great Britain
44.6AppointedJohn CarpenterBishop of Worcester, England, Great BritainBishop Emeritus


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