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St. Pius V, pope (Opt. Memorial)

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1344Diocese of Praha, Czechia Territory LostDiocese of Litomyšl, Czechia Erected
1344Diocese of Praha, Czechia ElevatedArchdiocese of Praha {Prague}, Czechia Elevated
1344Diocese of Olomouc (Olmütz), Czechia (from Mainz) Metropolitan Changed
1782Diocese of Ibiza, Spain Erected
1850Vicariate Apostolic of Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago, Antilles Territory LostDiocese of Roseau, Dominica, Antilles Erected
1850Prefecture Apostolic of West Indies, Antilles Territory LostArchdiocese of Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Antilles Erected
1850Eparchy of Ispahan {Esfáan} (Armenian), Iran Erected
1850Diocese of Erzerum (Garin) (Armenian) Erected
1850Diocese of Artuin degli Armeni (Armenian), Turkey Erected
1887Hijos de la Sagrada Familia Decretum Laudis
1919Instituto Español de San Francisco Javier para Misiones Extranjeras Approbation
1920Diocese of Senj (-Modruš), Croatia Territory LostApostolic Administration of Fiume / Rijeka, Croatia Erected
1921Diocese of Prince-Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada Name ChangedDiocese of Prince-Albert-Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada Name Changed
1954Diocese of Mobile, Alabama, USA Name ChangedDiocese of Mobile-Birmingham, Alabama, USA Name Changed
1960Diocese of Ponce, Puerto Rico
Diocese of San Juan de Puerto Rico
Territory LostDiocese of Arecibo, Puerto Rico Erected
1960Diocese of San Juan de Puerto Rico Territory LostTerritorial Prelature of Virgin Islands, USA Erected
1960Diocese of San Juan de Puerto Rico ElevatedArchdiocese of San Juan de Puerto Rico Elevated
1960Archdiocese of México, Federal District Territory LostDiocese of Texcoco, México, México Erected
1960Diocese of Aracajú, Brazil Territory LostDiocese of Estância, Sergipe, Brazil
Diocese of Propriá, Sergipe, Brazil
1960Diocese of Aracajú, Brazil ElevatedArchdiocese of Aracajú, Sergipe, Brazil Elevated
1960Archdiocese of La Serena, Chile
Diocese of San Felipe, Chile
Territory LostTerritorial Prelature of Illapel, Chile Erected
1962Diocese of Colima, México
Diocese of Tacámbaro, Michoacán, México
Territory LostDiocese of Apatzingán, Michoacán, México Erected
1962Archdiocese of Monterrey, Nuevo León, México Territory LostDiocese of Linares, Nuevo León, México Erected
1966Diocese of Barquisimeto, Venezuela ElevatedArchdiocese of Barquisimeto, Venezuela Elevated
1966Diocese of Maracaibo, Venezuela ElevatedArchdiocese of Maracaibo, Venezuela Elevated
1968Diocese of Zacapa, Guatemala Territory LostApostolic Administration of Izabal, Guatemala Erected
1979Archdiocese of Capua, Italy ElevatedArchdiocese of Capua, Italy (became a suffragan) Elevated
1979Diocese of Foggia, Italy ElevatedArchdiocese of Foggia, Italy Elevated
1979Archdiocese of Manfredonia (e Vieste), Italy (no longer a Metropolitan) Elevated
1979Archdiocese of Sorrento, Italy (no longer a Metropolitan) Elevated
1988Archdiocese of Bombay, India Territory LostDiocese of Kalyan (Syro-Malabar), India Erected
1990Vicariate Apostolic of Istmina, Colombia ElevatedDiocese of Istmina-Tadó, Colombia Elevated
1990Vicariate Apostolic of Quibdó, Colombia Territory LostDiocese of Quibdó, Colombia Erected
1991Territorial Prelature of Jinotega, Nicaragua ElevatedDiocese of Jinotega, Nicaragua Elevated
1991Territorial Prelature of Juigalpa, Nicaragua ElevatedDiocese of Juigalpa, Nicaragua Elevated


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