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1562Diocese of Lanciano, Italy ElevatedArchdiocese of Lanciano, Italy Elevated
1592Diocese of Loreto, Italy
Diocese of Recanati, Italy
UnitedDiocese of Recanati e Loreto, Italy United
1901Vicariate Apostolic of Nouvelle-Calédonie (New Caledonia), Pacific (Oceania) Territory LostPrefecture Apostolic of New Hebrides {Isole Nouve Ebridi}, Vanuatu, Pacific (Oceania) Erected
1925Diocese of Regensburg, Germany (Poetzling) Territory LostArchdiocese of München und Freising {Munich}, Germany Territory Added
1938Mission "Sui Iuris" of Beni nel Congo Belga {Belgian Congo} ElevatedVicariate Apostolic of Beni nel Congo Belga {Belgian Congo} Elevated
1938Vicariate Apostolic of Suifu [Yibin], China (Loshan (Kiating)) Territory LostVicariate Apostolic of Yachow, China Territory Added
1938Prefecture Apostolic of Wuchow [Wuzhou], China (Kweilin, Ghuanchow, Kuanyang, Rsingugan, Lungsheng, Lingchuan, Yining, Peshou or Kuhwa, Yungfu, Ydngso, Lipo, Pinglo, Kungeheng, Fuchuan, Vhungshan, Fluhnsien, along with Kwangsi) Territory LostPrefecture Apostolic of Guilin [Kweilin], China Erected
1938Mission "Sui Iuris" of Weihaiwei [Weihai], China ElevatedPrefecture Apostolic of Weihai [Weihaiwei], China Elevated
1938Vicariate Apostolic of Moukden, China (Chinchow along with Chin-Hsien, Kin-Si, Hing-Ch'eng, Sui-Chung, and I-Hsien) Territory LostVicariate Apostolic of Jehol [Jinzhou], China Territory Added
1938Vicariate Apostolic of Yachow, China Name ChangedVicariate Apostolic of Kiating [Leshan], China Name Changed
1946Diocese of Rimouski (St. Germain of), Québec, Canada ElevatedArchdiocese of Rimouski, Québec, Canada Elevated
1946Diocese of Golfe St-Laurent, Québec, Canada (from Québec)
Diocese of Gaspé, Québec, Canada (from Québec)
Vicariate Apostolic of Labrador, Québec, Canada (from Québec)
Metropolitan Changed
1959Diocese of Berbérati, Central African Republic (Bossangoa, Bouca, Batanfago, and Paoua) Territory LostPrefecture Apostolic of Bossangoa, Central African Republic Erected
1959Diocese of Bathurst in Canada, New Brunswick (Miramichi (Indian Mission of Burnt Church)) Territory LostDiocese of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada Territory Added
1967Archdiocese of Bangkok, Thailand (Tak, Sukkotai, Phitsanulok, Kamphenghet, Pichit, Pechabum, Nakhorn-Sawan, Uthaithani, Chainat, Singbury, Lopbury, and Sarabury) Territory LostDiocese of Nakhorn-Sawan, Thailand Erected
1968Ordinariate of Argentina, Faithful of the Eastern Rites Territory LostArchiepiscopal Exarchate of Argentina (Ukrainian) Erected
1984Diocese of Palmas, Brazil (General Carneiro and Bituruna) Territory LostDiocese of União da Vitória, Parana, Brazil Territory Added
1999Diocese of Jhansi, India (Gwalior, Bhind, Morena, Shivpuri, Datia, and Sheopur) Territory LostDiocese of Gwalior, India Erected
1999Diocese of Buéa, Cameroon (Manyu, Lebiale, and Kupe-Manenguba) Territory LostDiocese of Mamfe, Cameroon Erected
1999Diocese of Gweru, Zimbabwe (Bikita, Chiredzi, Chivi, Gutu, Masvingo, Mwenezi, and Ndanga along with part of Gwanda and Beitbridge) Territory LostDiocese of Masvingo, Zimbabwe Erected
2000Diocese of Jaboticabal, Sao Paulo, Brazil (Ariranha, Palmares Paulista, Paraíso, and Santa Adélia)
Diocese of Rio Preto, Sao Paulo, Brazil (Catanduva, Catiguá, Elisário, Ibirá, Nováis, Pindorama, Tabapuá, and Urêpes)
Diocese of São Carlos, Sao Paulo, Brazil (Irapua, Itajobi, Marapoama, Novo Horizonte, and Sales)
Territory LostDiocese of Catanduva, Sao Paulo, Brazil Erected
2009Archdiocese of Avignon (-Apt, Cavaillon, Carpentras, Orange, e Vaison), France Name ChangedArchdiocese of Avignon, France (Secondary Titles Lost) Name Changed
2011Diocese of Lilongwe, Malawi ElevatedArchdiocese of Lilongwe, Malawi Elevated
2011Diocese of Dedza, Malawi (from Blantyre) Metropolitan Changed
2011Diocese of Mzuzu, Malawi (from Blantyre) Metropolitan Changed
2011Diocese of Karonga, Malawi (from Blantyre) Metropolitan Changed


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