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The Year of Our Lord 1499

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January to June

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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
unknownDiedDomenico Antonio de Pignerolio, O.F.M. †Bishop of Fano, Italy
BornGiovanni Giacomo (Jean Jacques) Barba, O.S.A. †Bishop of Terni, Italy
AppointedJohn Bell, O.F.M. †Auxiliary Bishop of London, England, Great BritainBishop of Mayo, Ireland
ResignedBertrand Bishop of Acqs (Dax), FranceBishop Emeritus
BornTristan de Bizet, O.S.B. †Bishop Emeritus of Saintes, France
DiedAlfonso de Burgos, O.P. †Bishop of Palencia, Spain
DiedGiovanni CandidaBishop of Bovino, Italy
51.0SucceededMartin KarithBishop of Kammin (Camin), Germany
BornGiovanni de CleveArchbishop of Oristano, Italy
DiedLuca de ComitibusBishop of Stefaniaco e Benda, Albania
DiedMatteo DotiBishop of Scala, Italy
DiedNiccolň FrancoBishop of Treviso, Italy
BornNiccolň GaddiCardinal, Cardinal-Priest of Santa Maria in Via Lata
DiedGalcerando , O.F.M. †Bishop of Bisarcio, Italy
DiedGiovanni GaliardiBishop of Valva e Sulmona, Italy
ResignedPietro Gara, O.P. †Bishop of Savona, ItalyBishop Emeritus
DiedMenelao GennariArchbishop of Sorrento, Italy
ResignedGodefroid Greveray, O. Carm. †Bishop of Dagne (Danj), AlbaniaBishop Emeritus
ResignedHartvig Juel (Ivel)Bishop of Ribe, DenmarkBishop Emeritus
BornLouis de LorraineFormer Bishop-Elect of Verdun, France
44.0AppointedJuan LópezAdministrator of Perugia, ItalyCardinal, Archbishop of Capua, Italy
DiedThibaud de La Tour d’AuvergneBishop of Sisteron, France
ResignedRichard MacBrien, O.P. †Bishop of Elphin, IrelandBishop Emeritus
BornGiovanni Dionisio MaccafaniBishop of Marsi, Italy
DiedGiovanni Marques, O.P. †Bishop of Patti, Italy
64.0AppointedBartolomé MartíBishop of Toul, FranceCardinal, Bishop of Segorbe-Albarracin, Spain
DiedOdo , O.F.M. †Auxiliary Bishop of Besançon, France
DiedFrancesco da OlivetoBishop of Monteverde, Italy
BornPietro PetrucciBishop of Bertinoro, Italy
BornJulius von PflugBishop of Naumburg, Germany
49.0Ordained BishopWincenty PrzerębskiBishop of Płock, PolandBishop of Włocławek (Kujawy, Kalisze), Poland
DiedFrancesco Quarti, O.S.A. †Bishop of Bitetto, Italy
DiedChristophe de RagusaBishop of Modruš, Croatia
DiedJean de Rely (Rezy)Bishop of Angers, France
BornVirgilio RosarioCardinal, Bishop of Ischia, Italy
DiedArnold de Roten, O.P. †Auxiliary Bishop of Verden, Germany
SucceededFelino SandeiBishop of Lucca, Italy
BornDomingo de Santo Tomás, O.P. †Bishop of La Plata o Charcas, Bolivia
BornPietro Tagliavia d’AragoniaCardinal, Archbishop of Palermo, Italy
BornVicente Valverde Alvarez, O.P. †Bishop of Cuzco, Peru
DiedJános VitézBishop of Veszprém, Hungary
DiedBenedikt WaldsteinBishop of Kammin (Camin), Germany
JanDiedStefano TavernaBishop of Parma, Italy
8 JanBornJan (Janusz) z Książąt LitewskichBishop of Poznań, Poland
9 JanAppointedLudovico BrunoBishop of Acqui, Italy
AppointedJohannes Gropengeter, O.S.A. †Auxiliary Bishop of Minden, GermanyAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus
AppointedJohannes Gropengeter, O.S.A. †Titular Bishop of BanadosAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Minden, Germany
13 JanOrdained BishopJohannes Gropengeter, O.S.A. †Titular Bishop of BanadosAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Minden, Germany
15 JanBornSamuel MaciejowskiBishop of Kraków, Poland
24 JanAppointedMarian Lulia, O.P. †Auxiliary Bishop of Kraków, Poland
AppointedMarian Lulia, O.P. †Titular Bishop of Laodicea in PhrygiaAuxiliary Bishop of Kraków, Poland
AppointedFrancesco RiccardiBishop of Ostuni, ItalyBishop of Pesaro, Italy
1 FebAppointedPaolo de Monelia, O.P. †Bishop of Chios (Scio), Greece
15 FebAppointedPatrick Condon, O. Cist. †Bishop of Cork and Cloyne, IrelandFormer Bishop-Elect
27 FebAppointedFilippo de VillanovaAuxiliary Bishop of Modena, Italy
AppointedFilippo de VillanovaTitular Bishop of SidonAuxiliary Bishop of Modena, Italy
3 MarDiedJean NeveuBishop of Senlis, France
14 Mar49.2ConfirmedFrançois BusleidenArchbishop of Besançon, France
17 MarDiedGeorg Antworter, O.F.M. †Auxiliary Bishop of Würzburg, Germany
18 MarAppointedPierre PellicierBishop of Maguelonne, FranceBishop Emeritus
63.8ResignedRaymond Pérault, O.S.A. †Administrator of Maguelonne, FranceCardinal, Bishop Emeritus of Gurk, Austria
19 MarAppointedMauro de SinibaldiBishop of Ugento, Italy
20 MarAppointedJohann Buxhoevden von RoppaBishop of Dorpat (Tartu), Estonia
31 MarBornGiovanni Angelo de’ MediciPope (Roma {Rome}, Italy)
8 AprAppointedArnaud de BoyrieBishop of Acqs (Dax), France
15 AprDiedOsvald ThuzBishop of Zagreb (Agram), Croatia
16 AprAppointedGeorge BrannBishop of Elphin, IrelandBishop Emeritus
AppointedFrancesco OricellariBishop of Pesaro, Italy
17 AprAppointedVentura BufaliniBishop of Terni, Italy
29.2ResignedFrancisco Lloris y de BorjaBishop of Terni, ItalyCardinal, Archbishop of Trani, Italy
29.2AppointedIver MunkBishop of Ribe, DenmarkBishop Emeritus
AppointedGiulio VitelliBishop of Cittŕ di Castello, ItalyBishop Emeritus
24 AprAppointedGiovanni de Almodonari, O.F.M. †Bishop of Stefaniaco e Benda, Albania
29 AprAppointedMikuláš Csáky (de Bačka)Bishop of Sirmio (Srijem; Sirmium), CroatiaBishop of Csanád, Hungary
63.9AppointedRaymond Pérault, O.S.A. †Cardinal-Priest of San VitaleCardinal, Bishop Emeritus of Gurk, Austria
63.9AppointedRaymond Pérault, O.S.A. †Cardinal-Priest of Santa Maria NuovaCardinal, Bishop Emeritus of Gurk, Austria
MayResignedPatrick Condon, O. Cist. †Bishop-Elect of Cork and Cloyne, IrelandFormer Bishop-Elect
10 MayAppointedAntonio FabregasBishop of Venosa, Italy
AppointedGiovanni Battista GagliardiBishop of Bovino, Italy
43.1AppointedSigismondo PappacodaBishop of Tropea, Italy
AppointedGilles Van Der Heyden (Merica), O. Carm. †Auxiliary Bishop of Cambrai, France
AppointedGilles Van Der Heyden (Merica), O. Carm. †Titular Bishop of BerytusAuxiliary Bishop of Cambrai, France
15 MayAppointedLaurent Bureau, O. Carm. †Bishop of Sisteron, France
44.4ResignedCarlo Domenico del CarrettoAdministrator of Angers, FranceCardinal, Bishop Emeritus of Cahors, France
JunResignedGerald FitzgeraldBishop of Cork and Cloyne, IrelandBishop Emeritus
3 JunAppointedBalthasar de Bernesio, O.S.B. †Auxiliary Bishop of Belley, France
AppointedBalthasar de Bernesio, O.S.B. †Titular Bishop of Laodicea in PhrygiaAuxiliary Bishop of Belley, France
66.4DiedPierre de FontenayBishop of Nevers, France
18.7AppointedCesare RiarioAdministrator of Pisa, ItalyAdministrator of Málaga, Spain
38.0ResignedRaffaele Sansoni RiarioAdministrator of Pisa, ItalyCardinal, Bishop of Ostia (-Velletri), Italy
14 JunAppointedThomas JaneBishop of Norwich, England, Great Britain
19 JunAppointedFernando de Almeida (Cotignus)Bishop of Nevers, France
26 Jun27.4AppointedJohn Edmund FitzgeraldBishop of Cork and Cloyne, Ireland
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