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Angelo Cardinal Di Pietro


Datary of the Apostolic Datary

Cardinal-Priest of San Lorenzo in Lucina

Prefect of the Congregation of Bishops and Regulars

Official of the Roman Curia - Other


22 May 1828Born
20 Dec 185123.5Ordained PriestPriest of Tivoli, Italy
25 Jun 186638.0AppointedAuxiliary Bishop of Velletri e Segni, Italy
25 Jun 186638.0AppointedTitular Bishop of Nyssa
1 Jul 186638.1Ordained BishopTitular Bishop of Nyssa
28 Dec 187749.5AppointedTitular Archbishop of Nazianzus
18 Jan 187849.6AppointedApostolic Delegate to Paraguay
30 Sep 187951.3AppointedApostolic Internuncio to Brazil
21 Mar 188253.8AppointedApostolic Nuncio to Germany
23 May 188759.0AppointedApostolic Nuncio to Spain
16 Jan 189364.6Elevated to Cardinal
15 Jun 189365.0AppointedCardinal-Priest of Santi Bonifacio ed Alessio
20 Jun 189365.0AppointedPrefect of the Congregation of the Council
18 Mar 189566.8AppointedOfficial of the Roman Curia - Other
20 Jul 190274.1AppointedPrefect of the Congregation of Bishops and Regulars
27 Nov 190274.5AppointedDatary of the Apostolic Datary
22 Jun 190375.0AppointedCardinal-Priest of San Lorenzo in Lucina
5 Dec 191486.5DiedDatary of the Apostolic Datary

MicroData Summary for Angelo Di Pietro (VIAF: 3648886)
Angelo Cardinal Di Pietro (born , died ) Datary of Apostolic Datary

Birth PlaceVivaro Romano, Diocese of Tivoli, Italy
Ordained PriestTivoli, Diocese of Tivoli, Italy
Ordained BishopSte Catherine de Sienne, Roma, Diocese of Roma {Rome}, Italy
Death PlaceRoma, Diocese of Roma {Rome}, Italy
Buried Place (Original)Chapel of the Canons of St. Peter's Basilica, Cemetery, Campo Verano, Diocese of Roma {Rome}, Italy

  • a priest for 62.9 years
  • a bishop for 48.4 years
  • a cardinal for 21.8 years
Episcopal Lineage / Apostolic Succession:

  • b/c2: Hierarchia Catholica, Volume 8, Page 404, and Page 422
  • b: Hierarchia Catholica, Volume 8, Page 47, and Page 49
  • b: The Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church, 16 Jan 1893
  • b/c2+: Les Ordinations Épiscopales, Year 1866, Number 15


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