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Recent Bishop Events

DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
26 May 201254.1AppointedDieudonné Espoir AtanganaBishop of Nkongsamba
42.8AppointedAbraham Boualo KomeBishop of Bafang
14 Jul 201254.3Ordained BishopDieudonné Espoir AtanganaBishop of Nkongsamba
15 Jul 201243.0Ordained BishopAbraham Boualo KomeBishop of Bafang
3 Nov 201275.3RetiredFélix del Blanco PrietoAlmoner of the Office of Papal CharitiesAlmoner Emeritus
10 Jul 201347.8AppointedAndrew Nkea FuanyaCoadjutor Bishop of MamfeBishop
29 Jul 201357.1AppointedJean MbargaApostolic Administrator of YaoundéArchbishop
66.3ResignedSimon-Victor Tonyé BakotArchbishop of YaoundéArchbishop Emeritus
23 Aug 201347.9Ordained BishopAndrew Nkea FuanyaCoadjutor Bishop of MamfeBishop
14 Sep 201376.4RetiredGabriel SimoAuxiliary Bishop of BafoussamAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus
25 Jan 201448.4SucceededAndrew Nkea FuanyaBishop of Mamfe
75.0RetiredFrancis Teke LysingeBishop of MamfeBishop Emeritus
9 Feb 201483.7DiedPius Suh AwaBishop Emeritus of Buéa
5 Apr 201449.3AppointedBruno Ateba Edo, S.A.C.Bishop of Maroua-Mokolo
77.0RetiredPhilippe Albert Joseph Stevens, P.F.E.Bishop of Maroua-MokoloBishop Emeritus
17 May 201449.4Ordained BishopBruno Ateba Edo, S.A.C.Bishop of Maroua-Mokolo
4 Jun 201452.1DiedJoseph Befe AtebaBishop of Kribi
31 Oct 201458.4AppointedJean MbargaArchbishop of Yaoundé
6 Jan 201569.7DiedJoseph Djida, O.M.I. †Bishop of Ngaoundéré
10 Jan 201545.4AppointedEmmanuel AbboApostolic Administrator of NgaoundéréBishop
7 Nov 201550.9AppointedDamase Zinga AtanganaBishop of Kribi
8 Dec 201550.9Ordained BishopDamase Zinga AtanganaBishop of Kribi
15 Mar 201646.6AppointedEmmanuel AbboBishop of Ngaoundéré
52.0AppointedAgapitus Enuyehnyoh NfonBishop of Kumba
30 Apr 201646.7Ordained BishopEmmanuel AbboBishop of Ngaoundéré
15 Jul 201683.4DiedJérôme Owono-MimboeBishop Emeritus of Obala
22 Oct 201648.7AppointedPhilippe Alain MbargaBishop of Ebolowa
52.2AppointedFaustin Ambassa Ndjodo, C.I.C.M.Archbishop of Garoua
76.4RetiredAntoine NtalouArchbishop of GarouaArchbishop Emeritus
7 Nov 201649.2AppointedEmmanuel Dassi Youfang, Comm. l'Emm.Auxiliary Bishop of Bafoussam
49.2AppointedEmmanuel Dassi Youfang, Comm. l'Emm.Titular Bishop of OescusAuxiliary Bishop of Bafoussam
8 Dec 201648.8Ordained BishopPhilippe Alain MbargaBishop of Ebolowa
27 Dec 201659.0AppointedJoseph-Marie Ndi-OkallaBishop of Mbalmayo
77.4RetiredAdalbert NdzanaBishop of MbalmayoBishop Emeritus
28 Dec 201681.2RetiredSantos Abril y CastellóArchpriest of the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore {Saint Mary Major Basilica}Cardinal, Archpriest Emeritus
7 Jan 201749.4Ordained BishopEmmanuel Dassi Youfang, Comm. l'Emm.Titular Bishop of OescusAuxiliary Bishop of Bafoussam
24 Jan 201745.4AppointedMichael Miabesue BibiAuxiliary Bishop of Bamenda
45.4AppointedMichael Miabesue BibiTitular Bishop of AmudarsaAuxiliary Bishop of Bamenda
18 Feb 201759.2Ordained BishopJoseph-Marie Ndi-OkallaBishop of Mbalmayo
25 Mar 201745.6Ordained BishopMichael Miabesue BibiTitular Bishop of AmudarsaAuxiliary Bishop of Bamenda
25 Apr 201777.3RetiredEugeniusz Juretzko, O.M.I.Bishop of YokadoumaBishop Emeritus
53.6AppointedPaul Lontsié-KeunéBishop of YokadoumaBishop-Elect


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