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1534Diocese of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Territory LostDiocese of Santiago de Guatemala Erected
1857Brothers of Our Lady of Mercy Approbation
1911Prefecture Apostolic of Uélé / Wellé, Congo (Dem. Rep.) Territory LostPrefecture Apostolic of Eastern Uélé {Uélé Orientale}, Congo (Dem. Rep.) Erected
1911Prefecture Apostolic of Uélé / Wellé, Congo (Dem. Rep.) Name ChangedPrefecture Apostolic of Western Uélé {Uélé Occidental}, Congo (Dem. Rep.) Name Changed
1937Cardinal Titular Church of Santa Maria in Vallicella Established
1937Cardinal Titular Church of San Tommaso in Parione Territory Added
1943Archdiocese of San Salvador, El Salvador Territory LostDiocese of San Vicente, El Salvador Erected
1944Diocese of Ayacucho o Huamanga (Guamanga), Peru Territory LostDiocese of Huancavélica, Peru Erected
1944Diocese of Huánuco, Peru Territory LostDiocese of Huancayo, Peru Erected
1944Archdiocese of Arequipa, Peru Territory LostDiocese of Tacna, Peru Erected
1956Diocese of Natchez, Mississippi, USA Name ChangedDiocese of Natchez-Jackson, Mississippi, USA Name Changed
1965Vicariate Apostolic of Bangkok, Thailand ElevatedArchdiocese of Bangkok, Thailand Elevated
1965Archdiocese of Bangui, Central African Republic Territory LostDiocese of Bambari, Central African Republic Erected
1965Vicariate Apostolic of Chantaburi, Thailand ElevatedDiocese of Chantaburi, Thailand Elevated
1965Prefecture Apostolic of Chieng-Mai, Thailand ElevatedDiocese of Chieng-Mai, Thailand Elevated
1965Vicariate Apostolic of Nakhorn-Rajasima, Thailand ElevatedDiocese of Nakhorn-Rajasima, Thailand Elevated
1965Prefecture Apostolic of Saint-Louis du Sénégal Territory LostDiocese of Nouakchott, Mauritania Erected
1965Vicariate Apostolic of Rajaburi, Thailand ElevatedDiocese of Bangnokhuek, Thailand Elevated
1965Vicariate Apostolic of Thare and Nonseng, Thailand ElevatedArchdiocese of Thare and Nonseng, Thailand Elevated
1965Vicariate Apostolic of Ubon, Thailand ElevatedDiocese of Ubon, Thailand Elevated
1965Prefecture Apostolic of Udonthani, Thailand ElevatedDiocese of Udonthani, Thailand Elevated
1972Diocese of Kandy, Sri Lanka Territory LostDiocese of Badulla, Sri Lanka Erected
1972Diocese of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ElevatedArchdiocese of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Elevated
1972Archdiocese of Malacca-Singapore SplitDiocese of Malacca-Johor, Malaysia
Archdiocese of Singapore
1972Territorial Abbey of Ndanda, Tanzania ElevatedDiocese of Mtwara, Tanzania Elevated
1972Apostolic Administration of Okinawa and the Southern Islands (Ryukyus), Japan ElevatedDiocese of Naha, Japan Elevated
1989Prefecture Apostolic of Balasore, India ElevatedDiocese of Balasore, India Elevated
1993Archdiocese of Panamá Territory LostDiocese of Penonomé, Panama Erected
2004Diocese of Bangassou, Central African Republic Territory LostDiocese of Alindao, Central African Republic Erected
2009Eparchy of Van Nuys (Ruthenian), California, USA Name ChangedEparchy of Holy Protection of Mary of Phoenix (Ruthenian), Arizona, USA Name Changed
2010Diocese of Tilarán, Costa Rica Name ChangedDiocese of Tilarán-Liberia, Costa Rica Name Changed


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