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1252Diocese of Atri, Italy
Diocese of Penne, Italy
UnitedDiocese of Penne e Atri, Italy United
1853Vicariate Apostolic of Verapoly, India Territory LostVicariate Apostolic of Quilon, India Erected
1887Territorial Abbey of Saints Nicholas and Benedict ElevatedDiocese of Monaco Elevated
1892Prefecture Apostolic of Denmark ElevatedVicariate Apostolic of Denmark Elevated
1923Vicariate Apostolic of Costa d’Oro {Gold Coast}, Ghana (Quittait and Tripoli (Denu))
Vicariate Apostolic of Togo (Area subject to English rule)
Territory LostVicariate Apostolic of Volta Inferiore, Ghana Erected
1923Vicariate Apostolic of Diégo-Suarez, Madagascar (Western part) Territory LostVicariate Apostolic of Majunga, Madagascar Erected
1923Vicariate Apostolic of Victoria-Nyanza, Tanzania (Bussambiro) Territory LostVicariate Apostolic of Unianyembé, Tanzania Territory Added
1927Vicariate Apostolic of Athabaska, Alberta, Canada (East of 113 longitude) Territory LostVicariate Apostolic of Mackenzie, Northwest Territories, Canada Territory Added
1927Vicariate Apostolic of Athabaska, Alberta, Canada Name ChangedVicariate Apostolic of Grouard, Alberta, Canada Name Changed
1936Nunciature to Guatemala (to Nunciature) Elevated
1939Prefecture Apostolic of Buéa, Cameroon ElevatedVicariate Apostolic of Buéa, Cameroon Elevated
1939Prefecture Apostolic of Malang, Indonesia ElevatedVicariate Apostolic of Malang, Indonesia Elevated
1939Prefecture Apostolic of Swaziland ElevatedVicariate Apostolic of Swaziland Elevated
1939Prefecture Apostolic of Tefé, Brazil (Saint Philip) Territory LostTerritorial Prelature of Juruá, Acre, Brazil Territory Added
1939Vicariate Apostolic of Kirin [Jilin], China (Tung-peh and Lung-chen) Territory LostPrefecture Apostolic of Qiqihar [Tsitsihar], China Territory Added
1939Vicariate Apostolic of Miarinarivo, Madagascar (Ankavandra) Territory LostPrefecture Apostolic of Morondava, Madagascar Territory Added
1950Delegation to Indonesia ElevatedNunciature to Indonesia (as Internunciature) Elevated
1979Prefecture Apostolic of Awasa, Ethiopia ElevatedVicariate Apostolic of Awasa, Ethiopia Elevated
1989Archdiocese of São Paulo, Brazil (Itapecerica da Serra, Embú, Embú-Guacú, Juquitiba, and Taboäo da Serra along with São Lucas (in Lapa) and São Pedro and São Paulo (in Centro)) Territory LostDiocese of Campo Limpo, Sao Paulo, Brazil Erected
1989Archdiocese of São Paulo, Brazil (Osasco, Barueri, Carapicuíba, Cotia, Itapeví, Ibiúna, Jandira, Mairinque, São Roque, and Vargem Grande Paulista along with San Antonio (in Lapa)) Territory LostDiocese of Osasco, Sao Paulo, Brazil Erected
1989Archdiocese of São Paulo, Brazil Territory LostDiocese of Santo Amaro, Sao Paulo, Brazil Erected
1989Archdiocese of São Paulo, Brazil Territory LostDiocese of São Miguel Paulista, Sao Paulo, Brazil Erected
1999Diocese of Tacna y Moquegua, Peru (San Ignacio de Loyola de Ichuna (in Departamento de Moquegua)) Territory LostDiocese of Puno, Peru Territory Added
2000Archdiocese of Ujung Pandang, Indonesia Name ChangedArchdiocese of Makassar, Indonesia Name Changed
2016Diocese of Buéa, Cameroon (Ndian, Meme, and part of Kupe-Manenguba) Territory LostDiocese of Kumba, Cameroon Erected


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