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Diocese of Rondonópolis - Guiratinga

Dioecesis Rondonopolitana - Guiratingensis

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General Information

  • Type of Jurisdiction: Diocese
  • Name Changed: 25 June 2014
  • Metropolitan: Archdiocese of Cuiabá
  • Rite: Latin (or Roman)
  • State: Mato Grosso
  • Country: Brazil
  • Square Kilometers: 53,405 (20,627 Square Miles)
  • Description: Alto Araguaia, Alto Garças, Alto Taquari, Dom Aquino, Guiratinga, Itiquira, Jaciara, Juscimeira, Pedra Preta, Rondonópolis, São José do Povo, São Pedro da Cipa, and Tesouro.
  • Conference Region: Oeste 2
  • Official Web Site:
  • Mailing Address: Curia Diocesana, C.P. 150, 78700-970 Rondonopolis; Av. Frei Servacio 393, 78710-750 Rondonopolis, MT, Brazil
  • Telephone: (066)3426-6757

Historical Details

Past and Present Ordinaries

Historical Summary

Territorial Prelature of Chapada
13 July 1940ErectedDiocese of Corumbá
Archdiocese of Cuiabá
Territorial Prelature of Registro do Araguaia
Territorial Prelature of Chapada (erected)
15 June 1957Territory LostTerritorial Prelature of Chapada (Northern part of Corumbá) Diocese of Corumbá
19 May 1958Territory AddedTerritorial Prelature of Registro do Araguaia (Itiquira and Rondonópolis) Territorial Prelature of Chapada
Territorial Prelature of Rondonópolis
25 November 1961Name ChangedTerritorial Prelature of Chapada Territorial Prelature of Rondonópolis
15 April 1982Territory AddedTerritorial Prelature of Rondonópolis (Ji-Paraná, Cocoal, Espigão d'Oeste, Jarú, Ouro Prêto do Oeste, Pimenta Bueno, Presidente Medid, and Vilhena (in Mato Grosso do Norte) and part of Vila Bela)
Diocese of Rondonópolis
15 February 1986ElevatedTerritorial Prelature of Rondonópolis Diocese of Rondonópolis
23 December 1997Territory LostDiocese of Barra do Garças
Diocese of Rondonópolis
Diocese of Sinop
Territorial Prelature of Paranatinga (erected) (Paranatinga, Nova Brasilândia, Planalto da Serra, Campinápolis, Novo Sao Joaquim, and Gaucha do Norte)
25 June 2014Territory LostDiocese of Guiratinga (suppressed) (Primavera do Leste, Poxoréu, and Jarudoré)
Territorial Prelature of Paranatinga
Diocese of Rondonópolis (Campo Verde and Chapada dos Guimarães)
Diocese of Primavera do Leste-Paranatinga
Diocese of Rondonópolis - Guiratinga
25 June 2014Name ChangedDiocese of Guiratinga (suppressed) (Alto Araguaia, Alto Garças, Alto Taquari, Dom Aquino, Tesouro, and Guiratinga)
Diocese of Rondonópolis
Diocese of Rondonópolis - Guiratinga


YearCatholicsTotal PopulationPercent CatholicDiocesan PriestsReligious PriestsTotal PriestsCatholics Per PriestPermanent DeaconsMale ReligiousFemale ReligiousParishesSource
Territorial Prelature of Chapada
Territorial Prelature of Rondonópolis
Diocese of Rondonópolis
Diocese of Rondonópolis - Guiratinga

Note: Any changes in boundaries over time are not indicated in the above table.

Affiliated Bishops, Living

Affiliated Bishops, Deceased


  • Territorial Prelature of Chapada
    • Acta Apostolicae Sedis, Volume 33, Page 414, to Page 417
    • Acta Apostolicae Sedis, Volume 50, Page 709, and Page 710
  • Territorial Prelature of Rondonópolis
    • Acta Apostolicae Sedis, Volume 74, Page 724, and Page 725
  • Diocese of Rondonópolis
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  • Diocese of Rondonópolis - Guiratinga
    • Acta Apostolicae Sedis, Volume 106, Page 817, and Page 818


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