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Consistory - 1911

ElevatedNameCurrent Title
27 Nov 1911Enrique Cardinal Almaraz y SantosArchbishop of Toledo, Spain
27 Nov 1911Léon-Adolphe Cardinal AmetteArchbishop of Paris, France
27 Nov 1911Franziskus von Sales Cardinal BauerArchbishop of Olomouc, Czech Republic
27 Nov 1911António Cardinal Mendes Bello † ***Patriarch of Lisboa, Portugal
27 Nov 1911Father Louis Billot, S.J. †Priest of Society of Jesus
27 Nov 1911Gaetano Cardinal BisletiPresident of the Roman Curia - Other
27 Nov 1911Francis Alphonsus Cardinal BourneArchbishop of Westminster, England, Great Britain
27 Nov 1911José María Cardinal Cos y MachoArchbishop of Valladolid, Spain
27 Nov 1911François-Marie-Anatole Cardinal de Rovérié de CabrièresBishop of Montpellier (, Lodève, Béziers, Agde, e Saint-Pons-de-Thomières), France
27 Nov 1911François-Virgile Cardinal DubillardArchbishop of Chambéry, France
27 Nov 1911Diomede Angelo Raffaele Gennaro Cardinal Falconio, O.F.M. †Prefect of the Congregation of the Affairs of Religious
27 Nov 1911John Murphy Cardinal FarleyArchbishop of New York, New York, USA
27 Nov 1911Gennaro Cardinal Granito Pignatelli di BelmontePrefect of the Congregation of Ceremonies
27 Nov 1911Giovanni Battista Cardinal LugariPriest of Roma {Rome}, Italy
27 Nov 1911Franz Xavier Cardinal NaglArchbishop of Wien {Vienna}, Austria
27 Nov 1911William Henry Cardinal O'ConnellArchbishop of Boston, Massachusetts, USA
27 Nov 1911Basilio Cardinal PompiljAuxiliary Bishop of Roma {Rome}, Italy
27 Nov 1911Antonio Cardinal VicoPrefect of the Congregation of Rites
27 Nov 1911Willem Marinus Cardinal van Rossum, C.SS.R. †Prefect of the Congregation for Propagation of the Faith
*** these Cardinal(s) were held In Pectore.


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