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Consistory - 1935

ElevatedNameCurrent Title
16 Dec 1935Alfred-Henri-Marie Cardinal BaudrillartAuxiliary Bishop of Paris, France
16 Dec 1935Peitro Cardinal Boetto, S.J. †Archbishop of Genova, Italy
16 Dec 1935Camillo Cardinal Caccia DominioniPriest of Roma {Rome}, Italy
16 Dec 1935Nicola Cardinal CanaliCardinal-Deacon of S. Nicola in Carcere
16 Dec 1935Federico Cardinal Cattani AmadoriPriest of Modigliana, Italy
16 Dec 1935Santiago Luis Cardinal CopelloChancellor of the Apostolic Chancery
16 Dec 1935Carlo Cardinal CremonesiSecret Almoner Emeritus of the Office of Papal Charities
16 Dec 1935Isidro Cardinal Gomá y TomásArchbishop of Toledo, Spain
16 Dec 1935Domenico Cardinal JorioPrefect of the Congregation of the Discipline of the Sacraments
16 Dec 1935Karel Boromejský Cardinal KasparArchbishop of Praha {Prague}, Czech Republic
16 Dec 1935Vincenzo Cardinal LapumaPrefect of the Congregation of the Affairs of Religious
16 Dec 1935Luigi Cardinal MaglioneSecretary of the Secretariat of State
16 Dec 1935Domenico Cardinal MarianiPresident of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See
16 Dec 1935Francesco Cardinal MarmaggiPrefect of the Congregation of the Council
16 Dec 1935Massimo Cardinal MassimiPrefect of the Apostolic Signatura
16 Dec 1935Carlo Cardinal SalottiPrefect of the Congregation of Rites
16 Dec 1935Enrico Cardinal SibiliaOfficial of the Roman Curia - Other
16 Dec 1935Emmanuel Célestin Cardinal SuhardArchbishop of Paris, France
16 Dec 1935Ignace Gabriel I Cardinal TappouniPatriarch of Antiochia {Antioch} (Syrian), Lebanon
16 Dec 1935Federico Cardinal TedeschiniDatary of the Apostolic Datary


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